Truck Volkswagen details and information


Truck Volkswagen can be identified from the following numbers:

 Locationi identification number , stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate . Engine Number– on the type plate– on a sticker on the engine . Truck Volkswagen Gearbox number from MY 1997– on the gearbox


Truck Volkswagen identification number:

 Location of the Truck Volkswagen vin 

Truck Volkswagen
LT 2
In the front right wheel housing
Truck Volkswagen
LT 3 (Crafter)

Truck Volkswagen vin lettering

Truck Volkswagen
Appearance of the VIN on the LT 2
Truck Volkswagen
Appearance of the VIN on the Crafter

Truck Volkswagen vin breakdown

Truck Volkswagen type plate:

Location of the type plate of Truck Volkswagen

Vw truck
LT 2
On the radiator yoke of vw truck
LT 3 Crafter
In the entry on the driver’s side, beneath the drivers seat of vw truck

Composition of the type plate in Truck Volkswagen (old version)

Volkswagen pickup

Length: 89 mm, width: 44 mm

The plates  in Volkswagen pickup consist of blackened or browned aluminium, with the lettering ‘burned on’ by laser. Replacement plates are exclusively manufactured at the Hanover plant, using a laser.
Tear-off edge: On each genuine Volkswagen pickup  type plate in the ‘raw state’ there is a small plate on the right (see No 7 for an explanation), on which the key number is engraved. This small plate is broken off before it is installed, producing a sharp edge.
Notch: Every genuine type plate has a notch in its bottom edge (approx. 0.5 – 1 mm deep).

Production line number: The small, one digit number must always be present. It may, however, be partly hidden.
7-digit production identification number.
Sort number: The sort number has four characters. It may be missing from genuine plates, but this is seldom the case.
Key tag: (see also No. 2).
2.3 New version of the type plate (adhesive plate)
This type plate consists of a black adhesive foil. This goes out of shape while departing. A 7-character production identification number is located on the right edge on the LT 2.

Volkswagen pickup truck
VW pickup truck LT 2
Crafter (No production identification number !!)

Truck Volkswagen production identification number:

 Productions Identifications Number LT2


The vw pickup truck production identification number is an internal control number stamped onto the body shell before it comes to the assembly line.

The Volkswagen pick up production identification number contains 7 characters broken down as follows:

e.g.: 42-5-0087

42 = Week of the year

5 = Day of the week

0087 = Serial number

Week of year:

The 1st and 2nd digits of the Volkswagen rabbit truck production identification number represent the week of the current year (not the week of the model year). Numbers higher than 52 are found on duplicate plates.

Another difference is found in specially manufactured cars. In this case, the vw rabbit truck production identification number begins with “59-0-….”.

Day of the week:

1 = Monday until 6 = Saturday

0 = Exact production day not given

7 = Vehicle planned at a later stage

The year of construction cannot be deduced from the production identification number.


Truck Volkswagen engine number:

 Location of the Truck Volkswagen engine number


Crafter and LT:

On the left, towards the middle, beneath the cylinder head

Truck Volkswagen Gearbox Number:

Location of the Truck Volkswagen  gearbox number


Manual transmission
In On the right in the direction of travel
Automatic transmission
On the left in the direction of travel

The Crafter is equipped with DaimlerChrysler gearboxes. The gearbox number can therefore be identified via DaimlerChrysler

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