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AMA Vehicle Registration

Since its launch on 02/05/2016, the AMA Vehicle Registration Renewal Service has been a success among its members. Thousands of members have already signed up for AMA to automatically renew their vehicle registration, a regular (but so easily paid) annual transaction each year.
AMA already offered electronic reminders and online renewals in one go, but this meant that he had to come to the center or register online. AMA decided to help its members even more by reminding them every year.
AMA is the first automatic renewal system for vehicle registration in Canada. A simple, safe and convenient online service that automates your vehicle registration renewals every year.
AMA members can log into the online website within a few minutes by providing their membership number, credit card number, some vehicle details such as your license plate, and AMA will ensure that your vehicle is registered on time and for as long as they need it each time. Members can also register at any AMA center in the province.
said Don Smitten, President and CEO of AMA. “We have improved our online features to better support members. Families can already automatically renew their AMA membership, so it was a natural extension for us to automatically renew their vehicle registration,” He also said “We will give you an early warning before processing your AMA vehicle registration renewal payment every year, and then send you your license plate stickers, that’s that easy.”
This service not only provides more comfort to members, but also protects them from receiving a driving ticket with an expired registration, which is associated with a fine of 310 $.
“We will continue to push the envelope forward to protect the things that are most dear to our members,” says Smitten. “We are innovating with our automatic renewal services and other products, such as our AMA Road Reporter mobile traffic app and an industry-leading online travel booking engine, supported by a team of experienced travel consultants in Alberta. We strive to care for our family of AMA members in a convenient and useful way for them.

About AMA Vehicle Registration

The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is one of Alberta’s largest member organizations and represents more than 985,000 members. As a leading advocate for road safety, travel and consumer protection, and crime prevention, AMA represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis industry and at all levels of government and helps protect the things that matter most to them.