What is The Volkswagen Factory Plate

Volkswagen Factory Plate

The Volkswagen Factory Plate is a small but important feature of every Volkswagen vehicle, providing valuable information about the car’s history and specifications. By understanding the significance of the Factory Plate and knowing how to identify a genuine plate, car buyers and collectors can ensure that they are purchasing an authentic and high-quality Volkswagen vehicle. […]

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Volkswagen VIN Number

Volkswagen VIN Number

Volkswagen vehicles can be identified from the following numbers: Volkswagen VIN Number – stamped on the vehicle- on the type plate- on the technical service sticker/Production Identification Number (PKN)- on the type plate- inside the vehicle- on the technical service sticker- on various stickers in the vehicle/Engine Number- on the engine block- on a sticker

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Volkswagen Engine Number

Volkswagen engine number Volkswagen Engine Number Location The Volkswagen engine number is stamped with a NC-steered machine by a stable gouge. With earlier construction years the engine number with a needle was stamped. If this needle broke off, the incomplete in Volkswagen engine number was polished away and by hand new smashed. The Volkswagen engine

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