Volvo engine is the powerful one between all the trucks

In general Volvo engine  lorries can be identified from the following numbers:

Location : Volvo truck  identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate (factory plate) . Engine Number– on the engine block . Gearbox Number– on the gearbox


Volvo Engine Number:

Location of Volvo engine number

Volvo engine

Volvo engine
Engine numbers are stamped onto the left of the engine block.

Appearance of the Volvo engine number

Volvo engine
The engine number can be applied using the dot-matrix process or just punched on.

Breakdown of the Volvo engine number

The Volvo engine number breaks down into:

D13 = Volvo  Engine type (Capacity)
135204 = Serial number

Volvo truck identification number:

Location of the Volvo truck vin


In the wheel housing, at the front, on the right, on the main frame

 Volvo 240 turbo

 Volvo truck vin Lettering

The Volvo truck has an asterisk at both ends

Volvo v60 t8 Volvo v60 t8

 Volvo truck vin breakdown

Volvo truck Factory Plate:

Location of the type plate in Volvo truck

Volvo v8
The FH and NH series Volvo v8
Under the front cover, in the middle, on the floor panel
Volvo 740 Turbo
The FL and FM series Volvo 940 turbo
On the inner side of the passenger door

Form and appearance of the type plate in Volvo truck

 For the FH up to the 2000 model


Xc60 polestar

For all models as of the 40th week of 1994, except for the FH volvo diesel

V60 t8

For the FM and FH from MY 2001 

for the FL and FE only as of the 26th week of 2006

Volvo truck gearbox number:

 Location and appearance of the gearbox number in Volvo truck

The gearbox number in Volvo truck is needle-punched onto a plate and riveted from above onto the bell housing. The type designation and the gearbox number should always be given when making enquires to the VOLVO works.

Volvo turbo

Transmission types

4HP590 SR1701
T600A SR02000
5-VXL R800
5-VXLCR SR1900
T700 SR2400
ST700 SR02400
ST500 M45
AT1706PT FD51
S6-36 K4
G8-MGS S4-18/3
R1700RE S5-24/3
SR1700RE S5-35-2
T600B S5-35-6
R1402 MT41
SR1401 MT643