Is Kogel trailer better than the other trailers ?


Kogel trailer can be identified from the following numbers:

Location : Kögel trailer  identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the Kögel trailer type plate (factory plate)


Kogel trailer identification number:

Location of Kogel trailer vin

Curtainsided and container

Kögel trailer
The stamped, 17-character VIN is on the front end on the right, on the frame


Refrigerated container unit

On the frame, at the rear, on the right behind the rear axle of Kögel trailer

Kögel trailer Kögel trailer


Kogel trailer  has the cooler units made in France by CHEREAU. It can therefore happen (as shown in this example) that the word CHEREAU will appear on the side of the container.

Kogel trailer vin Lettering

 Until the end of 2005 it was stamped on by hand

Kögel trailer
afterwards other use for vehicles made in Poland

From the beginning of 2006 till the end of April, 2008 by machine introduced (needle punching)

Kögel trailer
Thereafter it became possible for vehicles assembled in the Czech Republic
Before painting the VIN was covered with a sticker, which was then removed.

From May, 2008 for vehicles made in Germany (stamped)

Kögel trailer

Kogel trailer vin breakdown

Breakdown of Kögel trailer vin until roughly the end of September 2004

Breakdown of Kögel trailer vin from about October 2004


Kogel trailer Type Plate:

Location of Kogel trailer type plate

Kögel trailer
At the front end, on the right

Composition and appearance of the type plate in Kogel trailer

From May 2000 adhesive foil with the company name “Kogel AG“
(can be read out with a barcode scanner)
From 1 July 2004 the company name only appears as “Kogel”