Volkswagen Talagon 2021 the most significant crossover in the brand’s range

Volkswagen Talagon 2021

Shortly, the Volkswagen Teramont crossover will transfer the largest car’s status in its class to a new branded analog-the Volkswagen Talagon 2021. Created based on the Volkswagen SMV concept, the new seven-seat cross-country model is focused on the specific needs of the Chinese market.
Motorists of the middle Kingdom should appreciate the higher level of landing and road comfort of the novelty and the operational characteristics of two variants of gasoline internal combustion engines.

“Talagon” sample 2021 is of interest as a roomy front-wheel-drive “family car” or a vehicle with a decent off-road potential for all types of outdoor activities.

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 exterior design 

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 Exterior

The new crossover body, supplemented by the company design works, effectively demonstrates the standard layout solutions «Teramont» There is a harmonious combination of brand style and Chinese analogs of decorative chromium.

The most stylish, expressive, and presentable Volkswagen Talagon 2021 looks on photos and promotional videos in the foreground. In view:

  • Panoramic front glazing and ribbed longitudinal bonnet profiles;
  • A block assembly of large-cell radiator grille and compact LED headlamps enclosed in a chrome-chrome frame;
  • massive silvery perimeters of pentagonal diffusers and grates of a ventilation air duct.

The characteristic feature of the body design is the absence of aggressive relief elements, nominal for its class of aerodynamics of the chuck and the body as a whole.

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 Exterior Design

In the side projection of the novelty of the company, assortment looks less bright, and positive perception is formed:

  • The combination of chrome railings and the top window half-perimeter with a black gloss of the window lining;
  • Large door openings
  • a protective-decorating elastic lining on the lower trim of the body.

Attention is also drawn to the large volume of wheel arches, the off-road clearance, and the twin-colored drawing of 18-inch wheels copied from turbine wheels.

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 Exterior Design

In the rear side’s structural and design features – stop illumination of the decorative spoiler visor, monoblock arrangement of lanterns and wide LED jumper, a ribbed configuration of trunk door and bumper.

The lower aft segment is provided with a full-width anti-fog backlight plaque and a protective panel with two large-caliber exhaust cutouts. The décor is represented by chrome plating of badges and brand symbols and a large number of stepped reliefs.

According to experts, future restylers can complement practical and functional exterior appearance only in minor details.

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 interior design

The crossover will have a fabric, skin, or leather interior with decorative plastic and polished metal inserts in different modifications.

  • The front panel assembly comprises a computer-equipped analog-digital panel, supplemented by deflectors and mechanical activators of electronic options by a media and command display.
  • The steering wheel’s multifunctional status confirms the presence of several command buttons on the upper plane of the side spokes.
  • The lower part of the central console carries the consoles of the cabin microclimate and multimedia complex.

The new products include new developments in the field of technical equipment and automotive electronics.

The tunnel construction consists of a mechanical platform with a transmission switching lever, a standard set of organizers, a navigation mode selection washer, and access to the volume of a cooling chamber of a bivalve armrest.

The front seat seating service offers several options for electrified adjustments, transverse support elements, and seat heating. The seat of the second row can be tilted. The third row with two seats compensates for the lack of extra comfort with ample personal space.

Owing to the increased dimensions, the luggage compartment’s minimum and maximum capacity for folded seats can vary from 590 to 2800 liters.

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 technical specifications

The crossover’s outer dimensions concerning the SMV prototype are increased in proportional ratios of 5153 mm 2002 and 1795 mm. The basis for the Volkswagen Talagon 2021 model is an extended modular MQB platform, which makes it possible to use the advantages of front and four-wheel drive.

The chassis with a base of 2980 mm, combined, very comfortable for a cross-section, suspension, 203 mm clearance, is equipped with a cross-lateral stability stabilizer, disc brakes, and modern track safety systems.

The certificate states a primary two-liter petrol turbine with parameters 186 or 220 hp, which works in tandem with an automatic eight-step or variable transmission.

The test drive is implemented on all parameters, but the results will be published at the beginning of the spring season.

Volkswagen Talagon 2021 prices

The new Volkswagen Talagon of the 2021 model year is promised in the essential and topical modifications, costing from 35314.98 to the US $45778.68 in the first generation, equivalent to 46369.52 to 60108.64 Australian dollars, equal to 44425.89 to 57589.12 Canadian dollars, similar to 25535.05 to 33101 Sterling pounds, equivalent to 38944.01 to 30042.52 Euro, compared to the price of the dollar today at the time of publishing the report Prices will be updated at the time of their announcement.

Price is formed by the power of drive, type of power transmission, and available unique options.