Large crossover Volkswagen Talagon will be released in late 2020

Volkswagen will present a large talagon crossover

The volkswagen is preparing to present its new crossover Talagon.

The seven-seat version of the car was developed in cooperation with engineers of the Chinese FAW auto brand.

The company German car Volkswagen has built a new product depends on the MQB platform, which we plan to use also to establish new business relationship.

Show the developed SUV plane only at the end of this year, however, some technical issues have already become known vehicle characteristics.

It is assumed that first the car delivered to dealers in the middle Kingdom.

There the car will be released under named Tanlang and Tanlv.

Under the hood of the Talagon crossover will be the power unit Volkswagen Touron 2.0 T or 2.5 t. The output will be 186 or 299 HP. accordingly.

Volkswagen will present a large talagon crossover

The pair will offer a 7-speed “robot” with double-clutch operation.

Top-level builds will be available for an additional fee get all-wheel drive as an option.
While the cost of the vehicle, as well as external ones characteristics unknown. The data may appear before you exit new products on sale.

Source: Social media