Lexus supercupe

Lexus LC in the Japanese police fleet

Lexus LC in the Japanese police fleet

A modified car will help ensure road safety
Toyota presented the highway police of the Japanese island of Honshu with a new patrol car based on the updated Lexus LC500.
A two-door coupe will help law enforcement officers ensure road safety.
The rear-wheel drive Lexus LC500 equipped with a five-liter atmospheric V8 with a power of 477 horsepower (540 Nm).
The coupe unit paired with a ten-band automatic transmission.
In addition the car is equipped with an intelligent electronic stabilization system
which allows you to more confidently pass turns at high speeds.
Lexus supercupe
Lexus supercupe
Additionally the patrol special version paint in the traditional blue-and-white livery
of the japanese police,as well as equipped with flashing beacons and special technical devices.
The coupe will be in demand by traffic control services, as well as when ensuring
safety on public roads.
Lexus supercupe
Lexus supercupe

The cost of the police modification Lexus LC500 is 14.4 million yen (approximately 12.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

At the end of July, the first image of the updated police special versions of the Dodge

Durango SUV and the Dodge Charger Pursuit sedan appeared on the network.

The models will help the American concern increase the supply of cars to law enforcement agencies.

Source: Car Watch

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  1. This is inaccurate, the car is donated not presented by Toyota.

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