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In General:

Lexus car vehicles can be identified from the following numbers:

Vehicle identification number – stamped on the vehicle
– on the type plate
– on different parts with adhesive labels (only new models)
Engine Number – on the engine block


1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

the Lexus GS / LS; Lexus SC; Lexus IS 200 (from 2006):
In the engine compartment on the power pack bulkhead, partially hidden by a plastic covering
Lexus RX:
In front of the front passenger’s seat (on the underbody crossmember beneath a plastic flap or beneath a carpet flap)

1.2 Appearance of the stamped VIN3

The VIN in all Lexus vehicles exported to Europe has 17 characters. For vehicles exported to Arab or Asian countries the VIN normally has 12 characters. This “short form” VIN is composed of the model code and the 7-digit serial number.

Up to model year 2000, the 12-digit VIN was also punched in vehicles destined for the North American market, while the visible VIN and the type plate (referred to as “Federal Safety Certification Label“ in the U.S.A. and as “Compliance Label“ in Canada) comprised the complete VIN. Since model year 2001, the 17-digit VIN has also been punched in vehicles destined for the North American market.

An example of a 12-character VIN:

The numbers are generally stamped on.

As a rule, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is stamped in a straight line, with equal spaces between each character. The characters are all 8 mm high and 6 mm wide. The distance between the individual letters or numbers should be 8.3mm, measured from the central point of each. The european VIN has a wavy line at both ends.

Figures and letter forms:


Images showing examples of stamped VINs:

Lexus IS 220d
Lexus LS 400
RX 350
Lexus SC 430

1.3 VIN breakdown

1.3.1 Breakdown of the VIN on the Lexus old version

1.3.2 Breakdown of the VIN for Lexus from MY 2000

1.3.3 Visible-VIN

Pursuant to the regulations in the relevant countries some models of Lexus have a visible VIN. This is above the dashboard, behind the front windshield at the bottom left. The shape and form of this visible VIN (the material of the data carrier and the way the number is applied) can vary according to model, year of manufacture and works.

The following models (also on RoW/European vehicles) normally have a visible VIN:

  • the Lexus RX 300 / 400 from MY 2001
  • vin Lexus LS 430 as of the 8/2004 Facelift version
  • car Lexus GS300 / GS430 from the new 2005 model.
  • Lexus IS 200 new
Location of the visible VIN
New type of visible VIN with Toyota written on a riveted metal platelet.
(The VIN can only be identified with difficulty)

US-Labels („Component parts marking labels“)

In vehicles destined for the U.S.A., 14 vehicle parts (12 parts in 2/3-door vehicles) have to be provided with the complete VIN, height of characters: at least 2.4 mm, since 1987 according to U.S. regulations.

For Lexus vehicles are used to adhesive-labels, except the VIN also the stroke Toyota have printed.

With newer Lexus vehicles become black ones Sticker (49 x 12 mms) uses, which instead of the Toyota stroke this Lexus logo show as well as, in addition, the 3-figure color code contain.

These adhesive labels are mandatory (provided that no freeing exists) on the following vehicle parts:

 1. Engine
2. Transmission
3. – 6. all wings
7. Bonnet
8. – 11. all doors
12. – 13. Front and rear bumpers
14. Boot cover or rear hatch



Lexus RX 300
Example Fender
Lexus GS
Example under the engine hood
Lexus GS
Example right front seat passenger’s door
Lexus IS 200
Example right back door

2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate

Since approx. MY 2000, the VIN plate in Lexus cars has been made of an adhesive foil and is usually attached to the left B-pillar.

Example: Top of the left B-pillar
Example: On the left B-spar below

2.2 Form and appearance of the factory plate

2.2.1 Sticker

As from February 2002, black adhesive plates with white writing have been used for Lexus cars.
On all LEXUS adhesive VIN plates, “kg“ is doubly lasered and thus emphasized in bold type. All LEXUS cars are made in Japan.


vehicle Lexus IS 250
car Lexus GS 450h
the Lexus LS 600h (here still without the Certification number/Check No)
Lexxus RX 350

Provided that a spare types sign becomes necessary, can do this about the general importer with the Toyota-European headquarters in Brussels are reordered. These spare types signs correspond optically to the original plates.
Because this order way is protracted, nevertheless, and cost-intensive, become Spare types signs of the traders often with free suppliers/ Sign producers ordered
(Remark: In Germany the type sign must not go compelling from Kfz manufacturers are delivered, merely the necessary registrations are prescribed legally.)

3. Engine Number:

With a complete engine number, the general importer who imported the vehicle will have no problem in providing an identification. For vehicles exported into another country, the corresponding general importer will have to forward the request to Japan. In such cases it takes about 2 – 3 weeks to receive an answer.

3.1 Location of the engine number

3UZ-FE – engine (LS/GS 430)
2JZ-GE – engine (GS 300)
3GR-FSE-engine (Lexus GS 300)
1UR-FE and 1UR-FSE V8 engine (Lexus LS 460)
2UR-GSE (Lexus IS-F)
2UR-FSE (Lexus LS600h Hybrid)
Number internal combustion engine and electric motor
2GR-FSE (Lexus LS450h Hybrid)
Number internal combustion engine and electric motor

3.2 Appearance of the engine number

On Lexus vehicles the engine number is stamped on the engine block, on a smoothly ground surface.

On the Lexus since 2007 the complete engine number has also been on the engine covering in the area of the engine compartment bulkhead on the right, as seen in the direction of travel. It is easy to see.

Example Lexus LS 460

On some vehicles the engine number is also found on the engine covering (the plastic part) or on a sticker on the engine.


3UZ-FE = Lexus GS300 / LS 400 / LS 430 / SC 430

On some vehicles the engine number is also found on the engine covering (the plastic part) or on a sticker on the engine.
3UZ-FE = Lexus GS300 / LS 400 / LS 430 / SC 430

3.3 Breakdown of the engine number

The engine number consists of an engine designation and the serial number. The engine type designation can be in front of the serial number or behind the serial number.

The following engine type designations are in use (the list is not exhaustive)

Engine type list

Engine type list
Lexus IS 200 1G-FE
Lexus IS-F 200 2UR-GSE
Lexus IS 220d(from 2006) 2AD-FHV
Lexuss IS 250 (from 2006) 4GR-FSE
Leexus IS 250C (from 2009) 4GR-FSE
Lexus IS 300 (from 2007) 3GR-FE
Lexus ES 350 2GR-FE
Lexus GS 300 2JZ-GE




Lexus GS 430 3UZ-FE
Lexuus GS 450h 2GR-FSE
Lexus GX 460 1UR-FE
Lexus LS 400 1UZ-FE
Lexus LS 430 3UZ-FE
Lexus LS 460 / LS 460L (from 2007) 1UR-FE


Lexus car LS 600h / LS 600hL (from 2007) 2UR-FSE
Lexus LX 470 2UZ-FE
Lexus LX 570 3UR-FE
Lexus car RX 300 1MZ-FE
Leexus RX 350 (from 2006) 2GR-FE
Lexus carRX   400h(from 2006) 3MZ-FE
Lexus RX 450h 2GR-FXE
Lexus SC 430 3UZ-FE


4. Vehicle Keys:

Vehicle keys of the brand Lexus car  are not selectable, i.e., the VIN is not deposited in the key electronically

The Learning of a spare key occur by means of diagnosis device and one of the original keys. Provided that nobody Original key more exists, becomes a new one Anti-theft device control device needs.


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