In General:

Maserati vehicles can be identified from the following data:

Vehicle identification number – stamped on the vehicle
– on the type plate
Engine Number – on the engine block
Gearbox Number – on the gear unit


1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

Stamped onto the vehicle floor, on the front passenger’s side
139 Quattroporte
145 Gran Turismo

1.2 VIN Lettering

The VIN, which is located on the floor in front of the front passenger’s seat is etched on in Modena after painting. It is bounded with stars.

Example Gran Turismo and Quattroporte

1.3 Visible VIN

The Gran Turismo and Quattroporte also have a second VIN behind the windscreen (a so-called ‘visible VIN’). It is placed onto a small metal plate.

1.4 VIN breakdown

2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate

On the B-spar on the driver’s side, beneath the door check
Driver’s side left
Driver’s side right
Vehicles destined for the American market also have a barcode sticker with the complete VIN

2.2 Composition of the type plate (identification plate)

Example for Europe
Example for America

Colour:           silver, with black offset printing

Rivets:            two-piece black constructions consisting of a pin and head

The following data appear on the factory plate:

A – Name of the manufacturer
B – The EU or ABE [Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis – general road circulation certificate] approval number, where applicable
D – Maximum authorised weight
E – Authorised axle load, front axle
F – Authorised axle load, rear axle
G – Engine type
H – Version


Vehicle checks possible using the type plate:
Using the type plate it is possible to check for the presence of falsifications or complete forgeries, as the chassis number, engine number and the version listed on the plate correspond with one another.

The data tables for the individual models can be seen via the following links.

Versions of Maserati models

3. Engine Number:

3.1 Location of the engine number

The engine number is stamped onto a smoothly ground spot on the underside of the starter motor.
Quattroporte and Gran Turismo

3.2 Form and appearance of the engine number

The engine number is stamped in three lines e.g. 1st Part: Manufacturer 2nd Part: Engine type 3rd Part: Production serial number


4. Gearbox number:

4.1 Location of the gearbox number

The engine number is stamped onto the gear unit, on a smoothly ground surface. It can only be seen from below. The gearbox number can also be found on a sticker on the gearbox housing.

Gran Turismo

4.2 Form and Appearance

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