In General:

Maybach car vehicles can be identified from the following numbers:

Vehicle identification number – etched
– on the type plate
Production Number – on the vehicle data plate
Engine Number – on the engine block
Gearbox Number – on the gearbox
Radio number (when fitted at the plant) – on the radio


During business hours it is possible to identify Maybach vehicles on the Daimler Chrysler Data System (VEDOK) available at any Daimler Chrysler establishment (but not dealerships). The following information can be found by means of the VEDOK system:

– Vehicle Identification Number
– Production Number
– Engine Number
– Gearbox Number
– Radio serial number
– KFZ-Brief [Vehicle registration document] number
– Order Number

1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

In the boot, on the right-hand longeron (under the carpet)

1.2 Appearance of the stamped VIN

The VIN has been roller burnished (etched on) since production began.

1.3 VIN breakdown
1.3.1 Breakdown of the VIN
1.3.2 Breakdown of the so-called USA VIN

2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate
Stuck onto the bottom of the B-spar on the front passenger’s side.

2.2 Form and appearance of the factory plate

The type plates corresponds to the plates used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles in its shape and appearance.


The Mercedes star and script have been replaced by the Maybach symbol and script. It is possible to see the symbol/script in the basic foil if it is viewed in a slanting light. The basic foil is also used for the other sticker plates.

The corners of the sticker must go precisely be around lasered, on the other hand: Forgery suspicion!

3. Vehicle Data Plate:

The vehicle data plate in general

The vehicle data plate is identical to the type plate in the way it is produced and the material used.

3.1 Location of the vehicle data plate

It is stuck to the underside of the bonnet and is visible from below.

3.2 Form and appearance of the vehicle data plate

As with Mercedes Benz vehicles, starting in March 2005, instead of a vehicle data plate a production plate will be stuck beneath the bonnet.

Example (here taken from a Mercedes Benz)

4. Engine Number:

4.1 Location of the engine number

The engine number on all engines is on the right, viewed in the direction of travel, on a smooth surface on the transition to the bell housing.

4.2 Appearance of the engine number

The engine number is placed on a smooth surface on the engine block.

4.3 Breakdown of the engine number

285 950 4 0 000048 ? 10,4
1 2 3 4 5 6


1 = Engine type number (must correspond to the type of engine)

see model designations

2 = Steering and engine plant codes

4 = Berlin engine plant

3 = Transmission codes

0 = Automatic transmission
(Only available with automatic transmission)

4 = Serial number

5 = Special symbol(s)

6 = Compression

5. Gearbox number:

5.1 Location of the gearbox number

The vehicle is only available with automatic transmission

The gearbox number is located on a smoothly ground spot on the left

5.2 Breakdown of the gearbox number

2032700100 722699 0 2366427
Parts Number Model Number Serial number


6. Radio / Navigation Unit Number:

The number for the radio / navigation and control system is on a sticker above the unit. It is also stored in the unit’s memory.

The radio / navigation unit number is made up in the same way as the number for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

7. Vehicle Keys:

The vehicle is issued with 2 sets of keys

8. Model Designations:

Model Designations (Type)

  Information cut off date: April 2010
Model Codes Model Engine model
MAYBACH car 57 S (Saloon) 240.077 285.950 ME
MAYBACH 57 (Saloon) 240.078 285.950 ME
MAYBACH 57 S (Saloon) 240.079 285.950 ME
MAYBACH car  62 S (Saloon long) 240.177 285.950 ME
MAYBACH 62 (Saloon long) 240.178 285.950 ME
MAYBACH car  62 S (Saloon long) 240.179 285.950 ME
MAYBACH 62 S (Landaulet) 240.179 285.950 ME