Best Car Hire Company In United States

Best Car Hire Company In United States

Car Hire Company in United States: become a rental car is important to many travelers around the world whether it is in the vacations leisure or business trips, or even those who return to their countries to spend their annual leave, where the cost of transporting the car from one state to another and also deprives the tenant of the trouble of the constant search for means of suitable transport to get around, whether in business or to visit attractions and entertainment in the country you are visiting, and that is why we have compiled for you the most famous and best car rental companies which have branches in most parts of the world and in the USA so you can choose what suits you best.

Best Car rental companies:

Company Dollar

dollar rent a car

The company was founded in 1965 by Henry Caruso in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, and merged with the company of thrifty, broke her back in 1990. Currently has more than 647 branches around the world in 53 countries, mostly concentrated in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, and specializes in the Dodge dealerships and Jeep in the United States and other brands such as Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, and subject to stress and get away from the brands Thrifty traditional.

Company Sixt

Sixt rental car

It’s a global company Rent a car has more than 2000 branches in 100 countries around the world, 60% of which is owned by a family of six and stock sales. The company continues to grow internationally and is considered a pioneer in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc., the client has the luxury of unlimited and well-being of unspeakable, and since 2007 he entered the world of leasing across the internet to improve the welfare of the biggest customers.

Company Thrifty

Thrifty car rental

Founded in 1958, and in 1981-1989 belong to the group of investment Thrifty Automotive, and in 1987 it was converted to a Joint Stock Company, and in 1989 was acquired by the Chrysler Corporation to merge with the company Dollar Corporation, but they were also separated in 1997. It has currently 1030 locations in 68 countries, most of which offers a program of Blue Chip Express to accelerate the process of renting cars for business travelers.

Company National

national rental car

It’s a leading company in the field of car rental based in Clayton, Missouri, and was founded in 1947, and currently has 2,000 locations around the world, priced at offers in circles the world by more than a million dollars, and you fully in the work of rental cars in Canada and currently manages the company Cerberus Capital Management Company.

Company Europcar

europcar rental car

Is a French company Rent a car was founded in 1949 in Paris, and operates in 140 different countries, covering Europe, North America and the Middle East, Africa and Latin America and the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and since 2006 it has become a part of Europe Car Eurazio which is considered one of the largest ETFs in Europe.

Company Enterprise

Enterprise rental car

Founded in 1957 in St. think Louis, Missouri is one of the most important and best car rental companies in America and the most famous in general, and in 2008 she was on the Forbes list, usaa enterprise ranked 21st largest private company in America.

It has the largest range of car rental diverse in the world with 5400 branch around the world, and exactly about the market and provide the proper auto is not, so they are the choice of many in the countries of the world.

Company Hertz

hertz rental car

Is a subsidiary of Hertz International Holding Company and is the largest car rental company of America in terms of sales, was established Hertz Usaa in 1918 by Walter Jacob, who started a car rental for the first time in Chicago ten cars T-Ford based Austero, Florida and its affiliates 145 countries around the world.

Company Budget

budget rental car

Is an American company founded in 1958 in Los Angeles, California by Morris Mirkin in 10 cars, and in addition to the 1800’s branch and licensed for sale under the name of the company the Badger, there is a 150 a branch of the company which is a selection of favorite and artists of Americans of many of the offers and discounts on film and television programs.

Company Avis

avis rental car

It’s one of the most famous global brands that have earned the trust of customers and has more than 6000 branches, and are owned and agencies. Founded in 1946 by Warren Ives has grown and grown quickly thanks to the constant renewal and creative ideas that exist in the world of car rental where was the first car is leased through airports, the first to provide its services through agencies and airlines. Which saves the customer a lot of time and has the largest customer base in this area.

Company Alamo


It’s the third largest car rental agency in the United States, headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, and was founded in 1974, and has more than 171 as a form of self-service and 63 branches in the United States, and has Miles program Global Unlimited, which means that the tenant can travel in his will for free. It’s the car rental agency official to buy Disneyland World & resorts, and most of their policies are General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and Volvo.