Porsche unveils 2.1 MWh Megapack charging station

Porsche has unveiled a stunning mobile charging system

Porsche unveils 2.1 MWh Megapack charging station

Manufacturers of the premium concern Porsche presented a modern mobile charging system for electrified vehicles a system called Megapack.
Porsche unveils 2.1 MWh Megapack charging station

Porsche has introduced a mobile charging solution consisting of a 2.1 MWh Megapack battery system in a trailer that can charge 10 electric vehicles simultaneously.

The system from Porsche is equipped with 2.1 MWh batteries, capable of providing 30 full charges. The electric car industry is still trying to figure out all the details of the charging infrastructure needed to support electrification. For remote locations and events, some are working on interesting mobile charging solutions.


Audi has folding containers with batteries and chargers.

Tesla built the trailer with a Megacharger, its large energy storage, and several mini

Supercharger charging stations connect to the trailer.

The automaker used it to increase capacity at some Supercharger stations when it was

needed, and most recently they made it available for the Tesla Corsa track.

Porsche unveils 2.1 MWh Megapack charging station

Ragnar Schulte, Porsche’s Director of experimental marketing, commented: “To date,

we have used these trucks at numerous events across Europe and have completed about 5,000 charging operations – sometimes in extreme temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees.

So their performance checked and tested.” Porsche indicates that it has several trucks equipped with a battery and charging system.

Porsche developers assure that they are not going to stop on the achieved results and
in the near future they are preparing to present even more a powerful station that can
simultaneously charge up to 10 devices at once taycan models.

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