New pictures for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Designers of the publication presented their vision of a facelifted crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

The Eclipse Cross premiered in March 2017 at the Geneva motor show.
The car is the production version of the 2013 XR-PHEV concept.
Now the model is being prepared for a planned facelift.
Designers Kalesay on the basis of the darker images presented renderings of the updated model.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The car will receive an updated radiator grille with wider crossbars and narrower head optics, the upper part of which will serve as running lights.
In the lower part of the headlights, there will be low-beam and high-beam headlamps.
The carmaker will also redesign the lower part of the bumper, while the front fenders and hood may remain unchanged.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross


The side of the car will not change much, but the rear part will be seriously redesigned.
Mitsubishi designers decided to abandon the rear window separated by a strip of lighting equipment.
Now the glass will take on a familiar look and get a windshield wiper.
The rear lights will also redesign.
They will receive L-shaped led dimensions.
The shape of the rear part will become less rounded, and the license plate niche will increase.
A spoiler with a complex shape will appear above the rear window.

Current Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Current Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The salon will have an updated multimedia complex and some stylistic improvements.
The technical filling of the model will remain the same, but the automaker will start offering a rechargable hybrid with the PHEV prefix.

Renderers of the facelifted Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Image: “Colesy”. Renderers of the facelifted Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
The debut of the facelifted crossover should take place before the end of this year.
At the moment in the Russian market, the current Eclipse Cross is offered from 27000 dollars for a version with a 1.5 T CVT engine, 150 HP and front-wheel drive.
The all-wheel-drive version will cost 142 thousand rubles more.