Nissan is thinking about what a future Silvia would look like

Nissan is thinking about what a future Silvia would look lik

Nissan enthusiasts responded to their prayers this year when the youngest Nissan Z was unveiled and a long series of powerful Nissan coupes continued. But what about the Nissan Silvia? This sports coupe was called 200SX and later 240SX in the United States, but it came out of production two decades ago.

While electric restomodes are currently screaming, Matthew Weaver, vice president of Nissan Design Europe, was commissioned to reinvent the original Silvia CSP311 from the 1960s as an electric coupe for the future.

What came up with is something we’d like to see when Nissan really builds. The similarities between the original and modern Weaver design can be seen in the profiles of the two cars.

Both have a strong character line that runs through the body and a similar ceiling line. The dual headlight design of the original has also been adopted, but the EV version is much more futuristic. The lines have been cleaned and the original grid has been removed. The taillights are much thinner and the square wheel arches partially conceal the top of each wheel. The obscured A-pillars create the effect of a floating roof and, in general, is an electric vehicle with a lot of attraction.

Weaver also explained that packaging is different because the components of an electric vehicle are very different from those of an internal combustion engine, the packaging is different and allows more freedom to create new designs. Previously, designers had to work closely with engineers to find solutions for components such as exhaust pipes and radiators. Like the new Nissan Ariya, the Silvia imagined here is more spacious than its compact dimensions would make you think.

In addition, Nissan learns to give your electric vehicles a level of design that evokes the passion of sports cars in recent decades. It’s something you should admire.