In General:

LAND ROVER vehicles can be identified from the following data carriers

Vehicle identification number – depending on the model, on the engine compartment bulkhead, at the front or the back in the right wheel housing, behind the spare wheel well, or on the right-hand longeron
– on the type plate
– on the left beneath the windscreen (Visible VIN)
Engine Number – stamped onto the engine block
Gearbox Number – stamped or needle-punched onto the gearbox, or on a metal plate on the gearbox
– sticker on the gearbox (not all models)
Radio / CD changer / Navigation unit number – on the unit housing
– on a separate sticker on the housing


1. Vehicle Identification Number:

The  characters are stamped on and also ‘needle-stamped’ on the FREELANDER 1 and RANGE ROVER. The VIN has an asterisk at both ends.
The VIN is stamped or written in dot form in a straight line, with equal spaces between each character.

1.1 Locations of the VIN


In the right hand wheel housing, at the front, on the longeron in front of the front wheel above the towing eye.
Stamped in the middle of the rear engine bulkhead
FREELANDER 2 (from MY 2007)
On the longeron in the right, rear wheel housing
(white factory piece raise)
DISCOVERY (until MY 2004)
On the longeron in the right, rear wheel housing
DISCOVERY (from 2005)
On the right longeron beneath the front passenger’s door. The VIN is easily visible in the metal. It is protected from dirt by a transparent foil
RANGE ROVER (until MY 2001)
On the longeron in the right, rear wheel housing. The VIN has been produced with a delicate needle stamp and is difficult to make out under dirt or undersealing
In the engine compartment, on the right suspension strut dome
covered with transparent foil
Under the sill moulding and the right-hand longeron, level with the A-pillar

1.2 Stamped / dotted VIN lettering




FREELANDER from 2004
Needle stamped/ partly covered by rubber difficult to read
FREELANDER 2 from 2007
The VIN is etched on and covered with a transparent foil



The problem with all Landrover car vehicles on which the VIN can be found in the region of the longeron is that the VIN is normally covered with a thick coat of undersealing (not Discovery 3).

DISCOVERY and Range Rover Sport (from MY 2005)

VIN is scribe-marked; a transparent foil is taped over the VIN; there may be air inclusions under the foil.
Example Defender model year 2008
(VIN shed needles and, in addition, with protective foil covered)

1.3 VIN breakdown

2. Visible VIN:

2.1 Locations and lettering

The visible VIN is always behind the windscreen on the left side, as viewed from the driver’s seat.
(riveted behind the front windscreen)
(glued behind the front windscreen)
FREELANDER from 2004
(riveted behind the front windscreen on the left hand side The lettering is nedle-punched onto a small metal plate)
(riveted behind the front windscreen)
FREELANDER 2 from 2007
(Sticker behind the front windscreen with honeycomb-shaped built-in break points)
(glued on behind the front windscreen)
(attached behind the windscreen), different typography

3. Type Plate:

3.1 Location and Appearance of the Type Plate

In the engine compartment, riveted behind the main brake cylinder
Aluminium plate
FREELANDER 1 (old and new versions)
Lasered foil plate gglued onto the B-spar of the driver’s door
This is a foil plate stuck low down on the B-spar of the driver’s door, with honeycomb-shaped built-in break points. The text is applied by laser
Riveted to the radiator yoke aluminium plate
DISCOVERY 3 (from 2005)
A sticker with lasered script on the radiator yoke
DISCOVERY 4 (from MY 2010)
Adhesive type plate with predetermined breaking points (hexagonal) attached to the right side of the radiator cross member;
glued to the radiator yoke, on the left a foil plate with lasered lettering
RANGE ROVER LM (from MY 2002)
The type plate is stuck on in front of the left suspension strut dome, a foil plate with lasered lettering
adhesive type plate with predetermined breaking points (hexagonal) attached to the right side of the radiator cross member;

3.2 Apearance and Content of the Type Plate

Attention: The type plates are not resistant to chemical solvents (e.g. acetone)

Examples of type plates: Freelander 1 (old and new versions)

A = Vehicle identification number
B = Total weight
C = Winch load
D = Front axle load
E = Rear axle load
F = Colour code (see the following code table)
G = Fittings code (see Fittings Codes)


Type plates (USA and Canada)

The type plate contains the following information: A = VIN B = VIN-Barcode

Appearance and contents of the suitable sticker for Canada (VIN/Ripe filling pressure – Sticker):

This ripe filling pressure sign contains the following information:
B = Model

Example of a type plate: Freelander 2

The type sign of the Freelander 2 exists of a foil with trained honeycombs-shaped break places, so that the sign is destroyed while drawing off. In addition to the duty data the color code-group is given in the last line.

Example of a type plate: Discovery 3 / 4 and Range Rover LM / Sport

The type plate contains the following information:
A = Blank
B = Engine description (not always)
C = Country (not always)
D = Diesel engine identifier (not always)
E = Blank
F = Colour code group
G = Headlight code / factory position – if given
H = Certification number – if given
J = Total weight
K = Permissible trailer weight
L = Front axle load
M = Rear axle load


Example of a type plate: Discovery until MY 2004 and Defender (metall-type plate)

4. Engine number:

On Landrover car vehicles the engine number is of limited use for identification purposes.

It is possible to have a search made on newer models by using the engine or gearbox number. This will be forwarded to the production plant via Landrover  car Germany. Enquires using the VIN will produce the engine number. Enquiries have to be directed to the Land Rover plant in England. Reply can be expected within 2 to 3 workdays. On more modern vehicles the engine numbers can often only be read when the engine is removed.


4.1 Locations and appearance

1,8 litre Petrol engine

2,0 litre Diesel engine

2,0 litre BMW-Diesel engine

Td 5 engine

V6 engine
4.0 litre V8 Petrol engine (the number is stamped onto a piece of metal between the 3rd and 5th cylinders)
2,7 litre V6 Diesel engine (Discovery 3)
+ 3,0 litre V6 Diesel engine (e.g. Discovery 4, RR Sport)
Diagram of a 2.7 litre V6 Diesel engine (LA)
4,0 litre V6 Petrol engine (Discovery 3)
4,4 litre V8-Petrol engine (Discovery 3)
(only the US market!)
4,4 litre V8 and 4,2 litre V8 SC
(Stamped onto the left side of the cylinder blocks)
TD V8 Diesel engine (Range Rover, on the right-hand side in the middle under the manifold, the serial number is on the second line)

3,2 litre 6-cylinder Petrol transverse engine (i6S; by Volvo)
(Stamped onto the right side (as seen in the direction of travel) of the cylinder block)
3.2 litre 6-cylinder Petrol transverse engine (i6S; by Volvo)
Diagrammatic representation
2.2 litre Common Rail Diesel engine
(TD4E; von Ford) (Freelander 2)
2,4 litre 4-cylinder Diesel engine (Defender, in the cylinder block on the exhaust side on Height of the 4-th cylinder; engine number and VIN !)

Additional engine number locations:

On some engines, in addition to the stamped engine number there is also a metal plate attached towards top and side of the engine with the number and a sticker on the top of the engine with the number.

Example Defender 2,4 litre Diesel engine
Sticker on the engine
(Engine type, production date, serial number)
Metal plate on the engine
(Serial number, engine type)

5. Gearbox number:

Landrover car Germany can not identify the VIN on the basis of the gearbox number, but it is supposed to be possible at the original factory.

5.1 Locations and appearance

Although Landrover car obtains its engines from a number of suppliers (including e.g. ZF, GM and BMW) the gearbox number is always on the left on the side of the gearbox. It can normally only be read from a position beneath the vehicle.

It can either be stamped or needle-punched directly onto a smooth spot on the gearbox housing or else there will be a metal plate especially fixed to the gearbox.

Examples: on the gearbox itself

Examples: on a metal plate attached to the gearbox

here: A gearbox supplied by GM for a V6 Diesel engine (Range Rover LM)
here: A gearbox supplied by ZFfor a V8 BMW engine.

Gearbox number sticker

There can, depending on the manufacturer, also be stickers with the gearbox number in addition to the actual gearbox number itself.

Actual gearbox number (ZF gearbox):
Sticker on the gearbox
Sticker on the gearbox

010430 (back-to-front date) 10765 (gearbox identifier) 1715902 (serial number)

Exception: Freelander 1 from 2004

Gearboxes and engines were installed transversally on Freelanders starting in the year 2004. For this reason it is possible to read off the gearbox number. It is beneath the battery on the gearbox on the left (seen in the direction of travel).

In this case the gearbox number was punched on, however, recently, a sticker with the last 7 digits of the gearbox number has been placed above the gearbox number

5.2 Breakdown of the gearbox number in landrover car 

The gearbox number consists of a model designation for the gearbox (various possibilities) and a 7-character consecutive number. The gearbox number plate can also have a parts number on it.

Also the gearbox number consists if an individual number which is investigateable in the work shows.

6. Radio, CD Changer, Navigation Unit:

From a work become radiodevices and CD devices of the manufacturers Blaupunkt, Becker and Clarion and CAR-Navigationsgeräte from the manufacturer Alpine built-in.

Device number has hit in the device case and, in addition, with one Production sticker marked.

Landrover car Germany can do the smashed device number with the VIN as well as the device code are asked. From 2004 it is also possible, To assign single devices to vehicles and data (VIN, Engine-No, Gearbox-No) to let ascertain (with original installation ex works).

The navigation DVD device as well as unites other control devices are in Landrover car LM in the boot behind that left side disguising obstructs.

7. Paint and Fittings Code:

The 3-character paint code, and in some cases the fittings code (three letters on more recent vehicles) are shown on the type plate and can be compared with the tables below.

The paint and fittings codes have been stored in the Land-Rover data system and can be determined via a search dased on the VIN. In addition, Landrover car Germany can identify all vehicles with these codes delivered to Germany (with the VIN, engine number, distributor and gearbox number). If an individual vehicle can be identified, from 2004 on it is also possible to identify the first purchaser in Germany.

List of the colour codes up to MY 1987 to 2011
(for the last years if other colors with own color codes are possible)

N.B.: In more recent vehicles, the complete color code may start with the letters “LRC“. These letters do not include the vehicle equipment code.

Color code / Vehicle equipment code Designation of the Colour
224 Arles Blue (1990-1998)
390 Portofino Red (1987-1998)
456 Alpine White (1991-1998)
507 / JUT Caledonean Blue (1997-2007)
533 / UMQ Caprice (1995)
567 / MUM Zirconial Silver (1994-1999)
574 / LVD Charcoal Black (1995-2000)
601 / CAQ Nightfire 2 Red (1996-1999)
602 / JSJ Oxford Blue (1996-2000)
603 / NAL Chawton White solid (until 06/2007)
659 / LAL Bonatti Grey met. (2000-2006)
696 / CDX Alveston Red mic. (1999-2006)
697, 967 / PNF Java Black mic. (1999-2006)
731 / JZK Adriatic Blue mic. (2004-2005)
734 / HZB Giverny Green mic. (2004-2006)
737 / MVC Zambezi Silver met. (2002-2006)
748 / HZH Panama Green (2001-2002)
750 / CDW Bordeaux Red (2001-2003)
751 / HES Vienna/Moonstone Green (2002-2008)
752 / HZJ Amazon Green (2003)
756 / HZL Belize Green solid (2003-2006)
796 / JGJ Buckingham Blue met.(2006-2010)
797 / PBF Sumatra Black (until 10/2007)
798 / MBK Zermatt Silver met. (2006-2011)
799 Keswick Green solid
810 / EYR Tambora Flame (until 05/2007)
817 Tamar Blue solid
820 / PAB Santorini Black metallic (2008 -2011)
821 / HAC Galway Green met.(ab 2008-2011)
822 / AAD Bournville metallic (2008 -2011)
823 Bali Blue (from 2009)
824 / GAQ Ipanema Sand (2010-2011)
825 / AAJ Nara Bronze met. (2010-2011)
826 / JCK Marmaris Teal met. (replaces Lugano Teal as from the beginning of 2010)
843 / COG Carmen/Cherry Red (1993-2000)
846 Maya Gold metallic
849 / JEU Cairns Blue met. (2005-2008)
850 Martinique Blue
889 / CBK Rimini Red (2006-2011)
899 / JQW Midnight Blue (1991-1999)
904 / HFY Tonga Green pearlescent (2003-2008)
907 / LEL Stornoway Greymet. (2004-2008)
909 / NCL Alaska White solid (2008-2010)
910 Beluga/County Black (1989-1999)
911 Lago Grey
912 Baltic Blue
913 Biscay Blue (from 2009)
916 / NAU Atacama Sand met. (2006-2008)
919 Nazca Sand
920 / MWE Izmir Blue (10/2007 -2011)
921 / PVM Narvik Black solid (until 10/2007)
922 Whistler White solid
961 / HAF Epsom Green (1994-2005)
962 / MBH Arctic Frost mica (until 06/2007)
963 / JMB Lugano Teal (2006-2009)
966 Lucerne Green metallic


List of the interior fittings codes up to model year 2007 to 2010



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