Recognize Lexus Sports Cars in the Era of Electric Cars

Lexus Sports Cars in the Era of Electric Cars

On March 30, Lexus unveiled the LF-Z Electrified concept crossover, shedding light on the future Japanese premium car line.

The bet is on high-performance crossovers, which has raised questions among journalists and brand fans about the sport line’s future. We hasten to reassure the future of sports cars Lexus has.

Lexus will not abandon sports cars even in the electric car era

Lexus infrequently pampered its customers and fans with sports novelties; indeed, a cult can only name one model – a 10-year-old LFA coupe with a high-end atmospheric V10, which today is one of the most expensive and rare Japanese cars. The most recent example is the February Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance, the only one in its class with an atmospheric V8.

Lexus will not abandon sports cars
Lexus LFA

The modern line also has RC (coupe) and Lexus LC coupe and convertible models. The primary market for them, as for all Lexus, is the United States: LC last year, according to the manufacturer, sold 1,325 units. The more straightforward and more accessible RC is 3808 pp. For comparison, Chevrolet Corvette in 2020 attracted 21,626 American clients, Porsche 911 – 8840, «8-ball» BMW – 7737, Mercedes-AMG GT – 3491.

Lexus sports cars
Lexus LC

In general, as we can see, Lexus sports cars models are not the most running, and in light of the gradual transition to electric cars in the future, there were doubts that Lexus would continue to produce sports cars. Still, the British Autocar magazine with Hiroo Togashi’s lips (Hiroo Togashi), Lexus General Manager, dispelled those doubts.

Togashi stated that after 2025 electric sports cars would be included in the Lexus line-up, it is still early to say that RC and LC’s current owners will not have to replace them from other brands; Lexus will create a worthy replacement.

Lexus sports cars even in the electric car era
Lexus RC

Lexus Sports Cars Prices

Meanwhile, sales of Lexus sports models in Eastern Europe have almost dried up: Only the Lexus flagship coupe was advertised on the local consumer website at a price of US $123096.77, equivalent to €104669.67, but no copies were sold last year. The RC model is now not official in some countries of the world. The last three versions were sold in 2019.