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In General:

Kia Motors vehicles can be identified from the following numbers:

Vehicle identification number – in the vehicle stamped/punched
– on the type plate
– in some cases visible VIN behind the front windscreen
Engine Number – on the engine block
Gearbox Number – on the bell housing


Engine and gearbox numbers can only be traced via the above-mentioned address and possibly dealers. Information on engine and transmission identification numbers can only be requested at the afore-mentioned address or, possibly, at car dealerships.

1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

The VIN on Kia Motors  vehicles may be found in various places. The VIN on most and on newer models is on the crossmember in front of the front passenger’s seat. On larger models and on cross-country vehicles the VIN is on the engine compartment bulkhead in the engine compartment or else on the crossmember above the headlights.

in front of the passenger seat
(Pull the tray right out)
on the engine compartment bulkhead
  the crossmember above the headlights

On some models it may be difficult to identify the VIN as the imprint is very shallow!

1.2 VIN Lettering

The VIN is placed in a straight line. The VIN on all models always has a – (minus sign) at both ends. All characters on a VIN are the same size and the same distance apart. The VINs on different models are placed on in different ways and in different styles.

Some examples of VINs:


1.3 Breakdown of the VIN

2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate

The type plate can normally be found on the B-spar on either the driver’s or the front passenger’s side. On some models the type plate is also placed near the VIN in the engine compartment bulkhead.

2.2 Composition and appearance of the type plates

They have black type plate stickers. Some sticker plates were made with an inbuilt ‘break-off grain’ (see image), which should make it impossible to remove a plate without destroying it.



If a type plate is removed or damaged in an accident or similar event, a replacement metal plate from the manufacturer is riveted on. Meanwhile, the manufacturer delivers replacement VIN plates (as specified beforehand). However, it has to be proved by sufficient documentation and pictures why the plate was destroyed.

Replacement Type Plate

3. Engine Number:

3.1 Location of the engine number of the Kia Motors

The engine number on all engines is generally stamped or punched on a smoothly ground spot on the top of the engine housing. The engine covering makes it difficult to read off the engine number.

3.2 Appearance of the engine number

The engine number on all engines is generally stamped or punched on a smoothly ground spot on the top of the engine housing. It is often extremely difficult to read the engine number because of its position on the engine and everything else on top of the engine.


The engine number on the Ceed

The manufacturer can provide a decode of the engine number.

4. Gearbox number:

4.1 Location of the gearbox number

The gearbox number is stamped onto a smoothly ground spot on the bell housing.

Bell housing with gearbox number

4.2 Appearance of the gearbox number 

Gearbox Number
Transmission type

The manufacturer can provide a decode of the gearbox number.?


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