In General:

Minis can be identified from the following numbers:

Vehicle identification number – stamped on the vehicle
– on the type plate
Body shell number – stamped on the vehicle
Engine Number – on the engine block
Gearbox number (from construction year 1995) – on the gear unit
Radio serial number (14 characters) – on the back of the radio or above the display
– from 01.09.2008 can only be read out electronically and is no longer attached to the set


The locations can vary according to model. The locations are shown in the following pictures.

It is not possible to identify a vehicle using the locking system number.

1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

The VIN on all Minis is on the right suspension strut dome

1.2 VIN Lettering

The BMW symbol appears at both ends of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the Mini.

VIN on a MINI (until 2006)– engraved and covered with foil

VIN on a MINI (from 2007)– engraved and covered with foil

1.3 Breakdown of the VIN

From January 1989

WBA GG81 0 9 0 D F86990
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


1 = World Manufacturer Identifier Code (WMI)



MINI (all models)

2 = MINI type code


3 = Free number “0”

4 = Check digit

5 = Free number “0”


Sometimes the year identifier (X = 1999, Y = 2000, 1 = 2001 etc.) can be found at this position in vehicles delivered to certain countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Israel and Korea.

6 = Place of manufacture (plant)




7 = Serial number (1 letter + 5 digits) but 6 digits are possible from mid 2001!

2. Factory Plate:

2.1 Location of the factory plate (sticker)

On the outer side of the right wing

Series Model range Location
Mini until 2006 R50/52 /53 Arrow


Series Model range Location
Mini from 2006 R 56 Arrow
Convertible from 2009 R 57 Arrow


Series Model range Location
Clubman from 2007 R 55 Arrow
obviously after open Clubtor


2.2 Form of the factory plate

MINI until 2006
A variant with a barcode on the right
MINI from 2007

2.3 Structure of the factory plate

Like BMW sticker plates, the double-layered sticker plate is made with an inbuilt “break-off grain” (made by Schreiner), which should make it impossible to remove the plate without destroying it.

In addition, all other vehicle stickers, such as the fuel sticker, the tyre pressure sticker, colour code strip etc., also have an inbuilt break-off grain.

3. Body Shell Number:

3.1 Location of the body shell number

MINI – body shell number – left suspension strut dome

3.2 Composition and appearance of the body shell number

The body shell number has 8 characters and the BMW symbol normally appears on both sides.

The body shell number used to comprise 8 digits until model year 2003. Letters were introduced in 2003, beginning at the 5th digit. Example with the letter “A” on a MINI body shell number (see image below).

The number is stamped onto the body shell before painting and it is then painted.

1MINI body shell number until 2006
2MINI body shell number from 2007
MINI body shell number from 2009

4. Engine Number:

4.1 Location of the engine number

The engines installed in the various types of vehicle and the locations of the engine numbers can be selected via the table below.

Mini Mini 

(2002-2005 and 2006 -)


4.2 Form and appearance of the engine number

The engine number is stamped by machine. The engine number is composed of the 8-character engine code and the actual engine number (8 alphanumeric characters). It can be found on a smoothly ground surface. The engine code may be either above or below the engine number. On newer models everything may be all on one line. The engine code is identical with the engine designation on the factory plate (identification plate). Exchange engines of the manufacturer’s BMW are with a special one 8-figure engine number provide.

Brakdown of the engine marking

1 0 B 1 6 A B
Engine manufacturer Engine type Fuel cc Performance
N  = BMW

W = Foreign engine

e.g. Tritec,









B = Petrol

D = Diesel

             14 = 1.4 litre

16 = 1.6 litre






Gasoline engine

The engine number on MINIs also has 8 characters (but not on diesel engines). However there is a letter instead of a number at the first and fifth characters. For example, D227Q339

Diesel engines until 2006

The engine number on diesel engined Minis has 7 characters!!

In 2006 became no standard diesel models produces.

Diesel engine W 16

By the diesel engine from construction year In 2007 a 8-figure numerical engine number is right. From construction year In 2008 are at the first both places letters, e.g., AQ001694

Replacement engines

Exchange engines of the manufacturer’s BMW are with a special one 8-figure engine number provide.

With foreign manufacturers, e.g., Peugeot remains the available standard number of the suitable manufacturer in the engine block.

The number of the exchange engine is not investigateable in the BMW data bank.

0706 N or A 04    6
Serial number N= New part

A= Exchange

04    = Month

6  = Year


Exchange N14
Exchange N12

5. Gearbox number:

The gearbox number has 10 characters, 7 digits and 3 letters, e.g.


On some older automatic transmissions, the gearbox number may contain no letters.

Location on manual gearboxes:

Stamped onto the bottom of the bell housing
Close-up views:
Close-up views:

New Generation

Stamped in that Underside without letter (obviously from below after dismantling Subsoil)
On one cash code sticker 10-digit with letter (obviously with look in engine space from above)

Location on automatic gearboxes:

In paper sticker form
On more modern generations of vehicles it is stamped onto the gearbox on the left, in the direction of travel
A stamped gearbox number without the last three letters
On a sticker, on the gearbox itself, on the left, viewed in the direction of travel

6. Radio Number:

The radio number should have 14 characters and begins with 2 letters designating the manufacturer. MINIs are fitted at the works with radios from the following manufacturers:

BP = Blaupunkt

PH = Philips

BE = Becker

PI = Pioneer

On radios from the company Becker the serial number can be read aut from the display.

BMW Model Name company Becker Query mode
1BMW 2Reverse C32 B

3BMW 4Business C33B/C33MID

5BMW 6Professional C 34

7BMW 8Professional C 24 MID

9BMW 0Professional C 44 MID

1BE 3251

2BE 3350 and 3351

3BE 3455

4BE 2456

5BE 4450 and 6510

Device switch on and like m key so long press to in the display the device number, e.g., SN W1234567 is indicated


Announcement leave and switch off

11BMW Professional C 24 DIN

22BMW Bordmonitor Becker

BE 2455

BE 3457

Device switch on and immediately

Device switch on and gleichTP key so long press to in the display the device number, e.g., SN W1234567 is indicated.


Announcement leave and switch off


Important note:

The information in Display contains merely 10 last places of the whole ones 14-figure individual number. Around about the radio number them to find matching VIN, must go with radiomanufacturer Becker at first the complete number are determined. Nevertheless it is always possible to compare whether a radio number belongs to a particular VIN when asking for a Vehicle Data Working Group (FADA) trace, because a trace request with the VIN will also produce the complete radio number.

Attention: from September 2008 onwards car radio numbers have no longer been present on the radio sets and capable of being read off. The numbers can only be read out at an authorised dealer using an on-board diagnostic system.


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