In General:

MAZDA passenger vehicle can be identified from the following numbers:

Location of Number:
Vehicle identification number – stamped on the vehicle
– on the type plate
Engine Number – on the engine block


Customised vehicles can be identified with the aid of the engine number. These enquires must be forwarded to Japan. It can take 2 – 3 weeks to receive an answer.

1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

Passenger vehicle

Mazda Demio, Mazda 323, Mazda 3, Mazda 5, Mazda 626, Mazda MX-3, Mazda MX-5, Mazda RX-7, Mazda RX-8, Mazda MPV, Xedos 6, Xedos 9
Engine splash plate, in the middle
Mazda 2
Right hand suspension strut dome
A = Mazda Premacy
B = Mazda 121, Mazda 6, Mazda CX 7, Mazda 2 (from 2007)
In the footwell on the front passenger’s side
Mazda MX -5 new
Engine hose wall on the right

Mazda E 2000/2200
The VIN can be found in the passenger compartment underneath the front passenger’s seat when it is tipped forward.
All Terrain Vehicles

Mazda Tribute
Engine hose wall on the right
Mazda B 2500 (Pickup)
On the right longeron, behind the right front wheel
Mazda BT 50
On the right longeron, behind the right front wheel.

1.2 VIN Lettering

Mazda 2 (with an asterisk at each end)
Close-up view of the end asterisk on the Mazda 2
1Mazda 3
2Mazda 6
3Mazda MPV
4Mazda MX-5,5 Mazda MX5 new
6Mazda Premacy
7Mazda Tribute (with an asterisk)
8Mazda B 2500 (Pickup)
9Mazda 5
11Mazda BT 50 (Pickup)
12Mazda 2 (from MY 2007)
Mazda CX7

1.3 VIN behind the windscreen

Located on the left, in the direction of travel:

Mazda Tribute

1.4 VIN breakdown

The breakdown of Mazda VINs varies strongly depending on which model is concerned. Only the first three characters of the VIN are ever identical, as they always designate the world manufacturer identifier code (WMI).
World Manufacturer:

JMZ = Mazda Japan

JM1 = Mazda USA

YCM= Mazda Motor Europe S.A./N.V.

1YZ = Mazda Motor Corporation (USA-Production)

A detailed breakdown of the corresponding VIN can be found by clicking on each different model:

Mazda 121                    Mazda 2                       Mazda 2 (MY 2007)

Maazda 323                    Mazzda 3                       Mazdda 5

Mazzda 6                        Mazdda 6 (MY 2007)       Mazdaa 626

Mazdda Premacy              Mazdaa MPV                  Mazda VEHICLE  Demio

Mazda MX-3                   Mazda VEHICLE MX-5                 Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX-8                    Mazda CX-7                 Xedos 6

Xedos 9                          Mazda Tribute              Mazda B 2500

Mazda E 2000/2200          Mazda BT 50

2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate

A = 1MazdAa 323
2MazdDa 626Mazda Demio
3MazdAAa MPV
4Mazda MX 3
5Mazda MX 5 (until MY 2005)
6Mazda RX 7
7Mazda RX 8
Xedos 6
Xedos 9
B = 2MazZda 6 (right suspension strut dome)
3MaAzda Premacy (on the wing, inside)
C = Mazda 121

Mazda E 2000/2200

The type plate is riveted on to the B-pillar on the front passenger’s side

Mazda 2, Mazzda 3, Mazdaa 5 and Mazda MX-5 (MY 2006 -)
The type plate is stuck on to the B-pillar on the front passenger’s side

Mazzda 2, Maazda 3, Mmazda 5
Mazdaaa MX -5 new
Maazda Tribute
Mazdda B 2500 (Pickup)
Mazdaa BT 50 (Pickup)
Mazdda CX 7 and Mazda2 (from MY 2007)
1 = Type plate
2 = VIN

2.2 Composition of the type plate

Riveted metal plate (old version)
Mazzda 121, 323
Riveted metal plate
Mazzda MPV, Premacy, MX-5
Riveted metal plate
Mazdaa B 2500 (Pickup)
Sticker type plate with laser engraving
Mazda 2
Riveted metal plate
Mmazda BT 50 (Pickup)
Sticker with laser engraving without security
Mazdda 6 (from MY 2007)
Sticker type plate with laser engraving and matrix security
Mazdaa 3, Mazdda 5, Maazda MX-5 new, Mazzda 6, Mazda RX-8, Mazda CX 7
Detailed view of low-pressure
Printed sticker type plate
Mazda Trribute

MAZDA 121 Type ZQ – Type plate decode

Type splate sticked, with laser engraving and
Low-pressure protection as a writing
Mazzda 5 (from Construction year 2007), Mazda 2 (from Construction year 2007), possibly also with MX 5
Detailed view of low-pressure

3. Engine Number:

3.1 Location of the engine number

Mazda 2
and on engine type: FYJA (Ford-engine), Y6
Close-up view
Mazdda 3 (1,6 i, 77 Kw)
and on engine type: Z6, L3
Close-up view
Mazda MX5
A = 1,6 litre engine
B = 1.9 litre engine
Mazda MX 5 new
A= 1,8 litre engine
Engine number 2,0 litre see Maazda 6
Close-up view
Mazdda 6 + MX-5 new 2,0 litre engine
Maazda CX 7, Mazzda 2 (from MY 2007)
and on engine type: LF, MZR 2.0 DISI i-stop, L5, L8
Close-up view
Mazdaa RX 8 (Wankel engine)
Engine type: 13B
Close-up view

Close-up view
Mazdda VEHICLE3, Mazzda 5
on engine type: MZR CD, RF Turbo
driving directionw

3.2 Composition of the engine number

13 B 392247
1 2
1 = Engine type (2 or 3 character)
2 = Engine Number
LF 123456
1 2
1 = Engine type (see engine name with engine code in VIN breakdown)
2 = Engine Number
The Mazda VEHICLE  2 was fitted with Ford engines: (until MY 2007)
FYJA 3L 82411
1 2
1 = Engine type
2 = Engine number = last 7 digits of the VIN



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