New Land Rover Defender V8 engine

New Land Rover Defender V8 engine

A year after entering the market, the new Land Rover Defender acquired another edition a top-end gasoline V8 engine , for which the developers had to seriously shake up the SUVS chassis.

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, more or less stable sales of the newfangled Land Rover Defender began only in the second half of 2020 ago, and it immediately became clear that it was taking away buyers from Discoverys.
Official data on sales of Land Rover in the fourth quarter of last Y/R ago around the world show that Rover Defender became the fourth most popular model of the brand and bypassed the flagship Range Rover: 16 286 units were sold and 12 385 pcs respectively Land Rover Discovery sold 4,831 units in the same period the reason is the horsepower of its engine.

Land Rover dealership managers say without hesitation that the new Defender engine V8 should have been called the Discoverys – large, “boxy”, practical, roomy, expensive and comfortable.
Former owners of Land Rover Discov vehicles 3-4 today are replacing it with the Defender new , and not the modern “remnant” Discoverys.

And the Land Rover series new still does not have a V8 engine 5.0 litre, although it was in the last generation.

Engines power Land Rover Defender V8

Let’s start with that Land Rover Defender 8 engines, It’s 5.0 litre compressor V eight engine original of the Land série It’s the only engine offered in the Defender with not cylinder all in a straight line, we recall, in 2020 completely lost its connection with Ford – the assembly of this engine was transferred to the JLR plant in Wolverhampton.
The supercharged 5.0-liter engine offers 518 Hellcat-powered and 461 pound-feet of torque, and can propel the 4X4 to 60 mph a full second quicker than the fastest Defender currently on sale.
Under the hood, the big Land Rover Defender AJ-V8 engine produces a max 525 hp and 625 Nm.

Engines power Land Defender V8
Photo the Engine or motor for Defender 5.0 litre

The short-wheelbase version of the Land Rover Defender 90 with it gains the initially “hundred” in 5.2 s, the five-door with an index of 110 – in 5.4 s.
The maximum rapidity in both cases is limited to 240 km / hours.
The gearbox (transmission) for Land diesel is only an 8-speed hydromechanical engines “automatic” ZF, tuned in a special way according to the technical features of this models.

Land rover v8-interior

These features include the Terrain Response system’s Dynamic Cross Mode (which allows you to drive over rough terrain at high speeds) and an electronically controlled active rear differential.
In the suspension for Land Rover Defender works V8 engine , the characteristics of the air struts were revised, thicker anti-roll bars and more rigid silent blocks were installed.

Differences the Land Rover Defender V8 engine

The visual differences between the Defender works V8 diesel engines and the less powerful versions boil for tdi down to a four-barrel exhaust with tuned sound, blue brake calipers, semi-matt protective film of the body that protects it from scratches, and twenty two-inch wheels, although 20-inch wheels can be chosen.
Inside, there is an Alcanatra-padded steering wheel, additional chrome trim and an 11.4-inch screen for the Pivi Pro multimedia system instead of a 10-inch one.

The new Defender V8 price

Orders for the  Defender V8 are already taking place in the UK available now, with a 3-door starting at £ 95,505 and a 5-doors starting at £ 101,105.
The novo Land Rover Defender appeared at french dealers only in ago hours Jul last Y/R, when the first six-teen 4X4 were sold, 235 units were sold in ago hours Dec Discover has attracted only 250 buyers in french for the entire hours ago last Y/R.

In apr or aug of this 2021, the latter will be obtained in the Algerian market for vehicles Land V8 Engine de 395 horse-power.

We add that the vintage frame Defender has an ideological successor in the person of the Ineos Grenadier SUV , with the creators of which Jaguar Land Rover tried to sue, but played .
JLRS itself periodically production small batches of the classic Defender for collectors – these cars are also supplied with a petrol V8 engine (motor) , but atmospheric.
In turn, JLRS-owned Bowler Motors is developing the Bowler CSP 575 sports utility vehicle with a compressor V8 petrol engine and vintage Defender looks.

Last fall hours, the Jeep Wrangler of the current generation JL got a V8 engine .

I think Land Rover Sport P400 (I6) is 4,870 pounds and Range Rover Sport V8 Motor is 5,100. Maybe the 600 pound gain is compared to a non-MHEV four-cylinders versions? But the same I6 to the same V8 Engines is 230 pounds on a vehicles that has a similar chassis.

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