Another Skoda Octavia increased wheelbase and “sport” for everyone

skoda octavia pro 2021

The Czech brand has announced a new generation of car liftback estate for China. Especially for this country, the model was “stretched”, in addition, such a “5-doors” has its own design listings .
Today In Europe, you find the Skoda Octavia car of the fourth generation debuted in the fall of 2019 and used a year ago the octavia skoda cars available in the UK market with best price .
But estate in the Celestial Empire, the octavia skoda models is only preparing for the premiere.
The joint venture free SAIC golf Volkswagen and great skoda octavia , which is responsible for book drive the release of the local version quality hybrid number , Octavia Skoda iv has so far distributed three sketches of the novelty. However, the Scoda Octavia characteristics are also known, you can find as well when you looking for “live” photos, because the Octavia Skoda models has trusted already been used and added to the database of the local Ministry of Industry So Skoda Octavia ii turned out car that buy with good prices such a liftback is huge different from the global one range models dealerships . No, and used the previous chinese Skoda Octavia diesel had its own characteristics, but this time the difference is even more vw (volkswagen) noticeable specs.

Another Skoda Octavia increased wheelbase and "sport" for everyone
Skoda Octavia Pro for China

The driving on the hand way, in the Celestial top Empire, always offers the new versions black skoda model as well acquired a prefix to the name – Pro. Skoda Octavia Pro make for China So, the first review of diagram online “5 doors” for the PRC is larger than the “world” one: the length is 4753 mm against 4689 mm for kw our Skoda Octavia mk , and the wheelbase is increased by 44 mm to 2730 mm. ii The bumpers of the Chinese standard liftback are almost the same as those of the “hot” Skoda Octavia estate RS cars bumper . And even if there are no separate strips of auto running lights in the drive front, but you find at the stern, like in the “charged” version, two test trapezoidal exhaust pipes flaunt power (however, it is possible that the “Chinese” is just an imitation).
In addition, the taillights in Škoda Octavia were slightly long retouched tdi .

Another Skoda Octavia
Skoda Octavia Pro for China

When you search Inside the skoda Octavia Pro there is a “truncated” three-spoke steering wheel (again, like the used skoda octavia RS lengthy scala ), the great touchscreen of the engine multimedia system of skoda Octavia rear seems proffer to be larger than that of the days “world” liftback, and under the tablet there is a row of touch buttons in school .
Škoda Octavia shares (the global models has ordinary buttons) … In addition, dr the mk front panel of get the Chinese deals “five-door” has an insert “under the carbon”.
The deal small joystick of the “automatic machine” – like the cars for getting other markets, the “celestial” liftback got a virtual “tidy” fuse ( Škoda Octavia vrs and fabia moreover has this in other countries and uk ).
According to preliminary data audit , next in China at the start of sales, the new models will be available for sale with a 1.4 TSI petrol turbo four with a capacity of 150 hp, With Elite-Auto, making the purchase of a best Skoda Octavia vrs brand car thanks to leasing with option to purchase.
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According to previously published information saloon engines on the road , the length of the Skoda Octavia Pro is 4753 mm with a wheelbase of 2730 mm.
The width of the car reaches 1788 mm, seconds the height is 1469 mm.
The Czechian liftback will retain at least the base 1.4-liter box turbocharged engine that produces no more than 150 horsepower used Skoda Superb for sale.
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Complete with this motors, they ‘ll offer a 7-speed robotic manual gearbox, supplemented by a double clutch.
The exact launch date for the new Octavia Pro has yet to be announced.
The Czechian liftback is expected to enter the market plug since the second half of 2021 The clever Škoda Octavia car stock locator tool allows you to find your new Škoda family , with all the possible parameters feb to be as close as possible to your needs: Models, Price, automatics or non gearbox, motor , color , but moreover other region and even the distributor of your right choice.
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