In General:

Hummer vehicles can be identified from the following numbers:

Vehicle identification number – in the vehicle stamped/punched
– on the type plate


1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

Punched into the frame, readable from the right side

Visible VIN:

The visible VIN is found on a metal strip which can be seen behind the front windscreen on the driver’s side.

Example H3 Plant South Africa
Example H3 Plant Shreveport Louisiana / USA

1.2 VIN Lettering

Due to the fact that a large number of so-called „grey market imports“ have been registered, the VIN can also have 10 digits, depending on the intended country of destination. According to some dealers, there are also vehicles without punched-in VIN. Sometimes the VIN was subsequently punched in according to German regulations.

Some examples of VINs:

H3 (punched-in at the factory)

H2 (punched-in later)

1.3 VIN breakdown

1.3.3 Breakdown of the VIN H1

1.3.1 Breakdown of the VIN H2

1.3.2 Breakdown of the VIN H3


2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location and Appearance of the Type Plate

The VIN plate is a sticker located at the B-pillar on the driver side.

Example H3

In German vehicles, the VIN plate can be located on the right on the outside of the interior wing.
It can be issued and installed by any TÜV and DEKRA (technical inspection authorities) stations.

Example H3

Type plate for Europe

3. Engine Number:

No sufficient information available

4. Gearbox number:

No sufficient information available

5. Vehicle Keys:

Vehicle key, example H3


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