All information you need to know about DAF truck

In general DAF truck can be identified from the following numbers:

Location vehicle identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate– on the check plate for the EC control unit (tachograph). Engine Number– on the engine block– on the type plate (not the LF Series)Gearbox number (only for transmissions with riveted plates)– on the gear unit

DAF truck Identification Number:

Location of DAF truck vin

The stamped, 17-character VIN is on the right, towards the front, in the area of the front axle suspension.

On vehicles with leaf suspension it is in front of the front axle = A

On vehicles with pneumatic suspension it is behind the axle = B

DAF truck vinLettering:

Etched: from the end of 2005

 DAF truck vin breakdown

DAF truck type plate:

Location of the DAF truck type plate

LF Series
Driver’s side entry
65, 75, 85, 95, CF & XF Series
On the B-pillar, passenger door

Composition and appearance of the type plate in DAF truck

Metal plate – riveted:
Type plate for 45, 55 and LF series
TYype plate for 45, 55 and LF series
Type plate for the 65, 75, 85, 95, CF and XF Series


1= The fields showing the authorised weight in the country where the vehicle is used
2= The fields showing the authorised weight from the factory
3= Engine number

The amount of entries on a DAF truck type plate and their typography can vary strongly. This is due to the fact that the importers or dealers can put their own entries on the plates because of the possibility of increasing or changing the authorised weight loads. (These can also be stamped on).

DAF truck engine number:

Always on the left-hand side of the engine

 Location of the engine number in DAF truck

Stamped engine number (painted over)
Additional engine data plate (on the right-hand side)
Engine data plate
12.6 litre engine
1 = Engine data plate
2 = Stamped engine number:
9.2 litre engine
1 = Engine data plate
2 = Stamped engine number:
Close-up view
Engine data plate

DAF truck gearbox number:

 Location of the DAF truck gearbox number

The gearbox number is on a plate which is fixed to the left-hand side of the gearbox.

DAF truck gearbox sign

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