First Review Mercedes EQA 2021 Is Mercedes Still The Best ?

The Mercedes EQA 2021 is the cheapest fully electric Mercedes you can buy.
The compact SUV is based on the Mercedes GLA, but does everything it can to prove that it is a true EV.

What Is Striking About The Mercedes EQA 2021 ?

Every Mercedes EQA has a dense grille, a strip of light connecting the LED headlights and funky rear lights. This is how you distinguish the EQA from the GLA – the model on which it is based. With a basic price of 49,995 euros, they are almost as expensive. This is striking, because the fully electric version of a model is often thousands of euros more expensive. The BMW iX3, for example, costs 6,000 euros more than a regular X3.

The EQA is a bit pathetic, because it has no friends from Audi or BMW to play with. The aforementioned iX3 is larger and more expensive (from 67,500 euros) and the same applies to the E-Tron. Competitors for the Mercedes EQA are built by plaster brands such as Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen. Customers for a Mercedes EQA are also likely to consider the Volvo XC40 Recharge .

Mercedes Is Lagging Behind

Although Mercedes is more likely to market a compact electric SUV than Audi and BMW, it is still lagging behind. Models such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 , Nissan Ariya and Volkswagen ID.4 are on a brand new platform, specially designed for electric models. From day one, the large and heavy battery pack and the small electric motors have been taken into account. This creates cars with spacious cabins and futuristic dashboards. Gone are the space-consuming middle tunnels. Mercedes did not make that move for the EQA. That honor goes to the Mercedes EQS .

What’s Good About The Mercedes EQA?

Other manufacturers are seizing the arrival of their new electric model to introduce a futuristic dashboard. Mercedes already had that. It’s a rich feeling to look at the two widescreen displays, turbine-like air vents and shiny switches. It all feels expensive and chic.
The EQA 250 has one electric motor and is 190 hp and 373 Nm strong. Sprinting to 100 km/h it does in 8.9 seconds. Those are downright good numbers for an electric SUV. Yet the electric Mercedes is not a Pudding Tarzan. It accelerates smoothly and reacts strongly to the accelerator pedal in sport mode. The quiet cabin, comfortable seats and supple suspension provide a relaxed driving experience.
The navigation system has Electric Intelligence. After entering your destination, the system will start calculating. How far is the drive, how much power does it cost and where is the best place to stop to recharge. If you were to drive to Berlin, the navigation system will indicate where you need to charge and how long it will take. 24 minutes here, 19 minutes there. He always ensures that you arrive with at least 20 percent. That is a safe buffer.
The EQA charges quickly with 100 kW, says Mercedes. But that’s a lie. With us it went with 110 kW. You don’t often see that with an electric car: that the numbers turn out better in practice than in the folder. For example, fast charging from 10 to 80 percent takes only half an hour.


What Could Be Better About The Mercedes EQA ?

The battery is 66.5 kWh. Mercedes has a range of 424 kilometers there. We have conducted our own action range test of the EQA and at 100 km / h arrive at 342 kilometers. The range at 130 km / h is 250 kilometers.That’s acceptable, but not great.
Speaking of continuing: at 130 km / h, an annoying whistling of the wind can be heard around the otherwise quiet cabin. We heard it continuously, regardless of whether the wind came from the front, from behind or from side to side.
Also, the legroom in the rear is not great. The floor is so high that you have to pull your knees up. The main room is fine.

When Will The Mercedes EQA Arrive And What Is The Price ?

The Mercedes EQA 250 will be at the dealer in April for a price of 49,995 euros. The limited Edition 1 version with striking 20-inch wheels with copper-colored accents, light gray leather upholstery and blue trim is 6,667 euros more expensive.
Maybe that color combination is not to your taste, but you will pay extra for a package. Even if only for the Advanced package (2783 euros) that stretches the standard screens to the beautiful 10.25-inch displays. Then you also get blind spot warning and a parking aid.


If you can smash $ 50,000 on an electric SUV, this is your year. The range of new models is enormous. The Mercedes EQA 250 is a luxurious feeling, comfortable driving and smart EV that helpfully calculates where you need to fast charge while on the road and does so with the promised payload and faster. The dashboard is that of the GLA, so modern and familiar.
But if you make the switch to electric driving, is ‘familiar’ what you want? I would shop at the progressive brands. In this segment, these are not Mercedes, Audi and BMW, but Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Source: autowereld