Resurrects Model Harley Davidson Nightster

Harley Davidson Nightster

Brands with a glorious historical heritage quite often “resurrect” the names under which motorcycles of the past were produced.

That’s Harley davidson decided to turn to history and name the Nightster at least one of the next generation Sportster versions.

Harley Davidson Nightster

The company has filed applications for registration of the Nightster trademark with several patent offices around the world, including the UK, USA, Australia and the European Union. Such an organized approach is rarely seen, and it suggests that the company seriously intends to use the name Nightster for some or some of the following models. At first glance, this should be a 1250cc water-cooled cruiser, which is expected to replace the Sportster family, which has been discontinued due to incompatibility with Euro 5 econo- mies.

The name Nightster is not new to the Milwaukee company. A motorcycle with this name already existed in the Harley lineup from 2007 to 2012 – it was a variant of the Sportster 1200 in a more stripped form, with clipped fenders, a low handlebar, a middle arrangement of footpegs and a minimum of chrome – including its wheels painted black .

Harley recently released images of the new 1250cc motorcycle, promising it would be on sale soon, but not giving the name. This bike bears a fair amount of similarity to the Nightster, with a rather low handlebar, chunky fenders, black wheels, and even the 1250’s white and black paint job in 2018 teaser images recalls the Nightster colors, among others. And recently, at the Pan America presentation in its final form, another teaser for the 1250 motorcycle was shown in black and closer to the production form. Black paint is another characteristic Nightster paint scheme .

Despite owning the rights to the Nightster trademark as of 2012, Harley subsequently allowed the rights to expire, so they were forced to reapply. It is possible, of course, that they decided to reserve this name for some other future model, but it fits the expected 1250cc motorcycle perfectly. Harley Davidson also recently registered (and has not yet applied) the Bareknuckle trademark – along with the Bronx name for the streetfighter project, which has already been closed, and in addition, the Sportster name was released.

Despite similar visual motives and almost the same cubic capacity, the performance of the new model will differ significantly from the old 1200cc Nightster. The stunted air vent of the old XL1200N Nightster barely produced about 50hp, and the new 1250 Revolution X motor, also installed on the recently introduced Pan America touring vehicle, produces significantly more power, as much as 150hp at 8750rpm.And its technology is far from the old Sportster: two overhead camshafts in each head, variable timing, 60-degree V-shaped instead of 45-degree, plus 30-degree crank offset, which ensured the order of flashes of a balanced 90-degree V-twin. Two spark plugs per cylinder ensure efficient ignition and cleaner combustion, while two balance shafts, one in the block and one in the front cylinder head, dampen vibrations almost completely.

Pan America is expected to go on sale in the US next month, and the 1250cc cruiser that replaces the HD Sportster lineup is likely to be the company’s next major release.

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