Smart VIN Number

If you are a Smart owner or potential buyer, you may have heard of the term VIN number. But what is a VIN number, and why is it important? In this article, we will discuss the Smart VIN number, its significance, and how it works.

What is a Smart VIN Number?

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique 17-digit code assigned to every vehicle manufactured after 1981. The code contains information about the vehicle’s manufacturer, model, and production details. It is used by various agencies, including insurance companies and government agencies, to identify and track vehicles.

The Smart VIN number is a specific type of VIN number that is assigned to Smart Roadster vehicles. It contains specific information about the Smart model, including the engine type, body type, and transmission.

 Location of the Smart VIN Number

The Smart VIN number is a 17-digit code that is unique to each Smart Roadster vehicle. It is typically located in several different places on the vehicle, and knowing where to look can help you quickly identify and verify the VIN number.

Here are some common locations where you can find the Smart VIN number:

  1. Dashboard: The most common location for the VIN number is on the dashboard, near the base of the windshield on the driver’s side. It is usually visible through the windshield, so you don’t need to physically access the vehicle to find it.
  2. Driver’s side door jamb: Another common location for the VIN number is on the driver’s side door jamb. You may need to open the door to see it, but it should be easily visible on a metal plate or sticker.
  3. Engine block: Some Smart vehicles have the VIN number stamped directly onto the engine block. This location can be more challenging to access, but it is a reliable way to verify the VIN number if other locations are missing or illegible.
  4. Vehicle registration documents: The Smart VIN number is also typically included on the vehicle registration documents that you receive when you purchase or register a Smart . If you have access to these documents, you can quickly verify the VIN number without needing to physically access the vehicle.

It’s worth noting that the Smart VIN number should be consistent across all locations. If you notice discrepancies or missing numbers, it’s possible that the vehicle has been tampered with or that there is an error in the documentation. In these cases, it’s best to seek professional assistance to verify the authenticity of the vehicle.

Series 450 until production period September 2001 (City Coupe and City Convertible):

The Smart VIN Number is stamped onto the floor on the front passenger’s side on the footrest in front of the battery well. To remove the footrest it is necessary to take up the carpet beforehand. The footrest is fastened with two fixing plates. The battery is located under the footrest.

Smart VIN Number
Smart VIN Number
Smart VIN Number
Smart VIN Number
Smart VIN Number

Series 450 from production period September 2001 and Series 451:

(City-Coupe, Convertible, Crossblade and Fortwo)

The Smart VIN Number is located in the boot, at the front, on the right. It is etched under the carpet in the boot, behind the front passenger’s seat (DaimlerChrysler script).

Smart VIN Number
Smart VIN Number

Series 452 (Roadster and Roadster Coupe):

The VIN is in boot behind the engine space-flap on the right.

Smart VIN Number
Smart VIN Number

Series 453 (Fortwo Coupe and Forfour Saloon):

The Smart VIN Number is located under a carpet flap in the right passenger footwell, in front of the right seat.

Example Fortwo

Smart VIN Number

Example Forfour

Smart Forfour VIN Number

Series 454 Forfour:

The Smart VIN Number is under the front passenger’s seat. It is stamped onto the floor of the vehicle, under the carpet.

Appearance of the Smart VIN Number

The manner of writing is sequentially, without space or arrangement signs. The Smart VIN Number has an asterisk on its left and right extremities.

Lettering VIN Fortwo (451 from 2007)

The manner of writing is sequentially, without space or arrangement signs.

Appearance of the Smart VIN Number
Appearance of the Smart VIN Number
Appearance of the Smart VIN Number

The Smart VIN Number is covered with a self-adhesive transparent foil to protect it from corrosion.

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Appearance of the Smart VIN Number

Lettering VIN Fortwo (453 from 2015)

Lettering VIN Smart Fortwo

 Visible of the Smart VIN Number

A sticker, at the front, on the left, behind the windscreen

Example 451

 Visible of the Smart VIN Number

Example 453 Forfour

 Visible of the Smart Forfour VIN Number

N.B: At the delivery of the 453 Fortwo into the most European states a visible VIN is not available. The visible of the Smart VIN Number is only located in vehicles, which are delivered in states, where it is a regulation.

Smart VIN Number Decoder

Production up to and including MY 2002, only for the 450 Series.

From MY 2003 – Change of VIN composition

Decode of the VIN on US models

Here is an example of what the Smart Series 450 VIN number may look like:


Each of the 17 characters in the code represents a different piece of information about the vehicle. Here is a breakdown of what each character represents:

  1. Country of origin: The first three characters represent the country where the vehicle was manufactured. In the example above, “WME” indicates that the vehicle was made in Germany.
  2. Manufacturer: The next six characters identify the vehicle manufacturer. In this case, “450332” refers to Smart’s Series 450.
  3. Vehicle attributes: Characters 10 through 17 provide specific information about the vehicle, such as the model year, engine type, and production sequence number.

The Smart Series 450 VIN number is typically printed on a metal plate or sticker in one of the locations mentioned in the previous section. The code should be clear and legible, and any alterations or discrepancies in the code could indicate tampering or fraud.

It’s important to note that the VIN number is a critical component of every vehicle, and it is used for a variety of purposes such as tracking ownership, verifying vehicle history, and facilitating recalls or repairs. By understanding the appearance and significance of the Smart Series 450 VIN number, you can ensure that you are buying or selling a legitimate vehicle and protect yourself from potential legal or financial issues down the road.

 Radio Number:

The number of the radio installed when a car was made can be used to identify a particular vehicles

Locations in the vehicle

The radio number is on a sticker on the right-hand side of the radio. On older models it is also stamped onto the radio.

Radio on a 450 Series Smart fortwo


It is stamped onto the radio housing and is also found on the bar code strip.

Radio on a 451 Series Smart fortwo

Breakdown of the radio number

VM MUSN 8 0012060
1 2 3 4

1 = Code for the radio manufacturer

2 = Model code

3 Year codes (calendar years)

1998 W 2002 2 2006 6 2010 A
1999 X 2003 3 2007 7 2011 B
2000 Y 2004 4 2008 8 2012 C
2001 1 2005 5 2009 9 2013 D

4 = Serial number (7-digit)

Colour Code Table:

The colour code is on the type plate

A = Tridon Cell                                                         B = Body panel colour tone

Details of the colours can also be found on the optional part of the type plate using the Smart option code for the colour of the TRIDION cell and the original colour of the customised body panels (“CBS” parts).
The frame colour is entered onto the Certificate of Conformity papers. As the colour of the added on parts may vary, this is not noted in the document.
Breakdown of the Smart option code (Information cut off date 2009):

A = Tridon Cell

Smart option code Coolour according to smart Colour entered at the German vehicle licensing centre Colour group at the German vehicle licensing centre
EB1 Anthracite Black 9
EB2 Silver grey 7
EB3 Black Black 9
EB4 Silver grey 7
EB5 Titan grey 7
EB6 red red 3

B (Customised parts)

CODE Colour
EAA  Numeric blue
EAB  Aqua vanilla
EAC  Bay grey
EAD 450: River silver, 451: Silver metalic
EAE Scratch black
EAF Star blue
EAG  Jack Black
EAH  Spice red
EAI Glance grey
EAJ Champagne remix
EAK Champagner
EAL Bright yellow
EAM Jet black
EAN Ice white
EAO Graphite blue
EAP Flame red
EAQ Deep green
EAR  Melon green
EAS Starlight silver
EAT  Speed silver
EAU  Flare black
EAV Ruby red
EAW  Intensiv red
EAX Dolphin honeymilk
EAY  Sun red
EAZ  450: Frozen white, 451: Crystal white
ECA 450: Jet black, 451: Deep black
ECC 450:Diving blue, 451: Blue metalic
ECD Dark green
ECF Red metalic
ECG Grey metalic
EA1 Mad red
EA2 Lite white
EA3 Hello yellow
EA4 Jack black
EA5 Aqua green
EA6 True blue
EA7 Aqua orange
EA8 Phat red
EA9 Stream green

Model Designations:

Model Designations (Type)