Skoda Engine Number

Skoda Engine Number

Skoda is a popular car brand known for its reliable and efficient engines. As a Skoda owner, it’s important to understand the various aspects of your vehicle, including the engine number. In this article, we’ll explore what a Skoda engine number is, why it’s important, where to find it, how to decode it, and tips for maintaining your Skoda engine.

What is a Skoda Engine Number?

A Skoda engine number is a unique identification code that is assigned to each Skoda engine during the manufacturing process. This code helps to identify the engine and its specifications, such as the engine type, displacement, and model year.

 Location of the Skoda Engine Number

The Skoda engine number can be found in a few different locations, depending on the specific model and year of your vehicle. Here are some of the most common locations where you can find your Skoda engine number:

  1. Engine Block: The Skoda engine number is typically stamped directly onto the engine block or cylinder head. To find it, you will need to open the hood of your vehicle and locate the engine block. The engine number is usually located on the side of the engine block or the top of the cylinder head.
  2. Sticker or Plate: On some newer Skoda models, the engine number may be located on a sticker or plate under the hood. Look for a sticker or plate that contains a series of letters and numbers, which should be the engine number.
  3. Vehicle Documentation: If you’re unable to locate the engine number on the engine itself, you can also find it in the vehicle documentation. The Skoda engine number will typically be listed in the owner’s manual or registration papers.

Breakdown of the Skoda Engine Number

The Skoda engine number is a unique identifier that provides important information about your vehicle’s engine, including the manufacturing location, engine type, and production date. Understanding how to decode your Skoda engine number can help you identify key information about your engine and ensure that you have the correct replacement parts and maintenance records. Here is a breakdown of what each section of the Skoda engine number represents:

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  1. Manufacturer Code: The first three digits of the Skoda engine number represent the manufacturer code, which identifies the company that produced the engine. For Skoda engines, the manufacturer code is typically “SKD.”
  2. Engine Code: The next three digits of the Skoda engine number represent the engine code, which identifies the specific type of engine. The engine code can provide information about the engine’s size, horsepower, and other features. For example, the engine code “1.4 TSI” indicates that the engine is a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine.
  3. Serial Number: The remaining digits of the Skoda engine number represent the engine’s serial number, which is a unique identifier that distinguishes the engine from others produced by the same manufacturer and engine code. The serial number can provide information about the engine’s production date and other specific features.

As a matter of course, Skoda vehicles are built using VW engines. In these vehicles, the engine number is also an 8 or 9-character code.

a) 2 letters / 6 numbers e.g.: PT021409
b) 1 number / 1 letter / 6 numbers e.g: 1Z594703
c) 3 letters / 6 numbers e.g: AFB109610
d) 3 letters / 1 letter / 5 numbers e.g.: ALH M42174

The Skoda engine number sometimes has an asterisk on both sides; sometimes none at the beginning, and sometimes none at all. There can also be spaces between individual blocks.

!!!!The engine numbers of new models have no asterisks and no spaces!!!!!

N.B: The Skoda engine number is normally stamped by needle, using an NC (numerically controlled) machine and the dot-matrix process. If the needle point breaks off, the unfinished number is ground out and the number stamped by hand.

According to the engine attribution list, the new engine identification letters have 4 characters (starting with CAXA). The last letter however merely stands for the performance level. This letter does appear on the newer type plates but is not stamped onto the engine block. (e.g., engine identification letters CAXA; what is actually stamped on = CAX 123456)

Newer engines also have a sticker with the corresponding engine number (here: BMD 048 466)..

Skoda engine number

List of current Skoda engines with engine identification letters

Sorted by engine identification letter

Sorted by kW output

List of the Skoda engine identification letters 2015:

Why is the Skoda Engine Number Important?

The Skoda engine number is important for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps to verify the authenticity of the engine, ensuring that it was manufactured by Skoda and not a counterfeit or imitation. Additionally, the engine number is necessary for registration and insurance purposes, as it serves as a means of identification for the vehicle. Finally, the engine number can also help with the maintenance and repair of the engine, as it provides information on the engine’s specifications and history.