Vehicle Identification Number

Aston Martin VIN Number

aston martin

Aston Martin is a British car maker producing top-end sports cars. From the foundation year 1913 until the second world war only a few hundred vehicles were manufactured, to 2003 a total of about 16.000 vehicles. Output has risen in recent years and currently stands at roughly 5000 vehicles a year. Lagonda is a 100% […]

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Porsche VIN Number

If you own a Porsche, you may have heard the term “VIN number” thrown around. But what exactly is a Porsche VIN number, and why is it important? In this article, we will dive into the details of Porsche VIN numbers, what they mean, and why they matter. What is a Porsche VIN Number? A

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Volvo In General:   In the absence of binding legal provisions in volvo  there is no unified system of designation and placement of identification numbers and data plates! Since nearly all manufacturers produce machines worldwide, this can, depending on the machines involved, lead to variations in these descriptions. In case of doubt, contact the manufacturer!

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Liebherr In General: Liebherr construction machines can be identified from the following numbers: Location (short description) Vehicle identification number – stamped onto the front part of the vehicle/superstructure, on the right, as seen in the direction of travel – on the type plate Type/Production plate – there are glued and riveted VIN plates; location thereof is

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