Mercedes Benz Radio Number

Mercedes Benz radio number

If you own a Mercedes Benz, you know that the car’s audio system is an important component of your driving experience. However, what happens if you need to replace the radio or have it repaired? This is where the Mercedes Benz radio number comes into play. In this article, we will discuss what a Mercedes Benz radio number is, how to find it, and why it matters.

What is a Mercedes Benz Radio Number?

The Mercedes Benz radio number is a unique identifier that is assigned to each car radio unit manufactured by the company. It is also known as a radio code or a serial number. The radio number is used to identify the radio unit in case of repairs, replacement, or theft. It is a security measure that helps to prevent theft and unauthorized use of the radio unit.

Mercedes Benz Command System Number

If a radio or ‘comand’ system was originally installed at the works, this number can be used to identify the VIN. Unlike radios, command systems can be identified on the central screen. Versions depend on the year and model.

Since MY 2014 (MY letter “E”) the radio number isn`t recorded in the system on many models!

Exceptions: Instead of the usual 14 characters on ‘Comand’ system individual numbers, there was a period around the year 2000 which Daimler AG has not specified more precisely when for technical reasons only 8 characters (0 + the 7 last characters) of individual numbers were recorded in Mercedes-Benz’s own EDP system called ‘VEDOC’. It is in principle therefore not possible to identify a given vehicle with any certainty using the numbers from these control unit numbers as a starting point.

Daimler AG can only make up the number to the complete 14 characters if in addition the parts number and the date of production are provided. These can be read out electronically.

For these reasons, any trace requests submitted to search aids should also include a request to check the last 7 characters preceded by a 0, in addition to the request with the 14 characters found on the unit.

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Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Number
C 209 command system (2003)
Mercedes Benz Radio Number
C 171 command system (2005)

Location of the Mercedes Benz Radio Number

There are several ways to find the radio number of your Mercedes Benz. The easiest and most common method is to check the car’s user manual or service history. The radio number is usually listed in these documents. If you do not have access to these documents, you can also try the following methods:

  • Check the radio unit itself: The radio number may be printed on the unit’s label or engraved on the metal casing.
  • Contact a Mercedes Benz dealer: A dealership can use your car’s Mercedes Benz VIN number to retrieve the radio code from their database.
  • Use an online radio code retrieval service: There are several online services that can retrieve the radio code for you, but be cautious as some may charge a fee.

Radio/command system numbers are located on a Mercedes Benz sticker on the housing.

Their appearances vary depending on the manufacturer.

On some models, particularly on radios, the number may also be present in the metal housing.

Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Number
Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Number
Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Number
Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Number

Mercedes Benz Radio Number Decoder

Radio numbers always have 14 characters. Frequently however, especially on apparatus built by the Becker company, there can be two different stickers with slightly different radio numbers on the radio/‘comand’ system placed on the same apparatus.

Stuck on top of the unit:

Mercedes Benz Radio Number Decoder
Mercedes Benz Radio Number Decoder

Stuck on to the right side of the unit:

Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Decoder
Mercedes Benz Radio/Command System Decoder
Mercedes Benz Radio Number Decoder

1 Manufacturers’ codes

AL = Alpine

BE = Becker

BO = Bosch

BP = Blaupunkt / Bosch

PA = Panasonic

ME = Mitsubishi Electronic Corporation (Melco)

2 Model code

3 Additional, manufacturer’s internal data

This includes among other things a code for the manufacturing plant. It does not form part of the actual radio number and is therefore also not listed in DaimlerChrysler’s own VEDOC data system. Therefore do not use these 3 characters for carrying out radio number checks!

4 Year codes (calendar years)

Mercedes Benz Radio Year codes

5 Serial number

6 Radio number check number

The check number for radio numbers no longer belongs to the actual radio number.

The corresponding serial number, production data and the manufacturer can be read out by activating various function buttons (they vary according to the radio type).

As each radio manufacturer uses a different approach, it is not possible here to give a detailed description. As each radio manufacturer uses a different approach, it is not possible here to give a detailed description. because  information on obtaining readouts can be obtained via the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership or from the above-mentioned contact persons for vehicle security.

Mercedes Tracking System

GPS-Geolocation via „Mercedes me“

Since September 2014 the Daimler AG offers the optional equipment “Remote online” as a part of the “Mercedes-me/Connect me” product range, for various Mercedes models

(starting in 09/14 with the W/S205, followed with the models W246, C218 since 11/2014, the W/S212 since 03/2015, the W/X166 since 06/2015 and since Fall 2015 in nearly all other models too).

At the moment this optional equipment can be ordered in the following countries: AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FR, GB, HU, IR, IT, LU, NL, PL, SK – more EU countries are in the planning stage.

Thereby a geolocation is in all above mentioned countries possible, in some cases beyond that. Oversea countries are currently excluded.

The necessary equipment for this is a communication module (Code 06U, since 2015 in the most models standard equipment) as well as “Remote-Online” (Code05U, delivered with the Command-Online-Generation NTG5, Code531).

With “Remote online” customers gain access via PC or Smartphone-App to their car and be able to request car status information (petrol, mileage, range, etc.), lock doors, activate of pre-heating, “Geofencing” (warning if vehicle enters/leaves a defined area) , above all else it is able to locate the vehicle (even with switched of engine) and can provide the possibility of Geolocation.


1.) The owner (Master-user) has to set an account at the Mercedes-me service website and register the vehicle.

2.) The vehicle has to be connected with this account at the local Mercedes dealer.

3.) The Geolocation option has to be activated in the Mercedes-me / Connect-me settings.

4.) The owner is able to localize his car all over Europe. In case of a car theft he has furthermore the possibility to localize the car by himself or via the Police.


– A Remote online accessible vehicle, which is not connected to a Mercedes-me/Connect-me account, can be connected to the account even after the theft. But it is mandatory that the vehicle is not locked in the manufacturers database via INVEX.

– The geo data transfer is not permanent, but only approximately every 2 minutes.

– The driver can see the possibility of the Geolocation as an icon in the navigation display, but doesn’t recognize if he is just being located.

Illustration of some possibilities of Mercedes-me / Connect-me / Remote online

Mercedes Tracking System

In conclusion, the Mercedes Benz radio number is an important identifier that helps to prevent theft and unauthorized use of the radio unit. It is also required for repairs, replacement, and selling the car. If you do not know your car’s radio number, it is recommended to find it and keep it in a safe place. This will save you time and money in case you need to replace or repair the radio unit in the future.