What are the models of Mercedes benz truck ?

In general Mercedes Benz truck can be identified from the following numbers:

Location Mercedes Benz truck identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate (factory plate) Production Number– on the body shell/type plate engine of Mercedes Benz truck. Number– stamped onto the engine block– on the engine controller with a sticker mercedes benz truck gearbox number– stamped on the vehicle– on the engine controller with a sticker axle number– on the axles radio number (when fitted at the plant)– on the radioNavigation apparatus number– on the navigation apparatus


Mercedes Benz truck  Identification Number:

 Location of the Mercedes Benz truck vin

V-Class / Vito(until MY 2003)

Mercedes Benz truck
Stamped on the right, near the passenger seat, beneath the seat’s storage pocket

Mercedes Benz truck

Mercedes Benz truck
Vito /Viano (from MY 2004)
The VIN is on the frame, on the left. To locate it remove the covering beneath the passenger seat.

Starting in MY 2004, for reasons connected with production, various different sets of lettering or processes were used. In any case in point, the exact method used to apply the Mercedes Benz truck  VIN can be identified through the manufacturer or Daimler Chrysler establishments (not dealerships).

Mercedes Benz truck

Mercedes Benz truck
Vito / Viano from 01.09.2004
The VIN is centrally placed, beneath the windscreen, concealed by a plastic cover.

Mercedes-Benz truck

Mercedes actros
Sprinter until the 2005 version
Stamped onto Mercedes actros the frame behind the right front wheel

Mercedes-Benz actros

Mercedes-Benz actros
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter  (2006 version)

Extras 2020

Mercedes-Benz actros
Atego / Axor / Mercedes-Benz Actros
The VIN is applied vertically, located on the frame, behind the right front wheel

Matches MP3 Actros MP3

Appearance and dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz truck VIN

Since 1972, the Mercedes Benz star has always appeared at both ends of the Mercedes brand VIN. One point of the star always points towards the top. In the VIN sequence there are never any filler characters.

 Mercedes-Benz truck vin decoder

Vito                              Vito / Viano                               Sprinter until the 2005 version

Sprinter from the 2006 version onwards                    Atego / Axor / Actros

Mercedes-Benz truck vin decoder for vehicles exported to: USA, China, Canada, Mexico

Mercedes-Benz truck type plate:

 Location and Appearance of the Mercedes-Benz truck type plate.

Mercedes-Benz zetros
Mercedes-Benz zetros
or in the engine compartment, in front of the air filter in Mercedes-Benz zetros
Mercedes-Benz unimog
Vito / Viano (from MY 2004)
on the left B-pillar

Appearance of the type plate of Mercedes-Benz truck

Vito (until MY 2003)
Vehicles which require a replacement Mercedes-Benz truck plate are issued with a next generation plate (see following image).
New actros
Vito / Viano until 04.03.2004,
Mercedes-Benz truck Model type 639.601 to 639.705
Vehicles which require a replacement plate are issued with a next generation plate (see following image).
Unimog u5000
Vito / Viano until 04.03.2004,
Model type 639.601 to 639.705
(up to VIN …043467) with the wording DaimlerChrysler AG and WDF as the world Mercedes econic manufacturer identifier code
Zetros 6×6
Vito/Vianofrom 04.03.2004
Model type 639.601 to 639.705
(from VIN: …043468, black adhesive plates are used (In their form and appearance they correspond to passenger vehicle plates)
The Mercedes zetros 6×6 star and the wording “Mercedes Benz” can be seen in slanting light in the adhesive foil
Sprinter until the 2005 version

more recent vehicles
Sprinter from the 2006 version onwards
Atego / Axor / Actros
On the right B-pillar
The wording “ Mercedes Benz Truck ” and a truck symbol can be made out in slanting light

Mercedes  Benz engine number

Vito / Viano

The engine number has been “needle punched” into the engine block.


 Location of the engine number in Mercedes Benz truck

Diesel engine
On the left, as seen in the direction of travel, visible from above
Petrol engine
On the right, as seen in the direction of travel, in front of the bell housing
Engine and production identification number stickers
( Viano / Vito from MY 2004) on the valve cover

Breakdown of the engine number of Mercedes Benz truck

112976 3 1 887997
1 2 3 4

1 = Mercedes Benz truck Engine type number (must correspond to the type of engine)

2 Steering and engine plant codes

0 = Has nothing to do with the type of steering
1 = LHD
2 = RHD
3 = Untertürkheim engine plant
4 = Berlin engine plant
5 = Mannheim engine plant

3 Transmission codes

Only introduced if the steering is encoded under 2 that is, if the codes 0 – 2 are entered. If that is the case, then

0 = Manual gearbox with normal clutch
1 = Manual gearbox with hydraulic clutch.
2 = Automatic transmission

If the engine number has been encoded under 2, the eighth digit of the

engine number forms part of the running serial number

4 Serial number

There are sometimes variations from the above scheme on part and replacement engines.

On the Mercedes Benz unimog V-Class, Viano and Vito new engines and engine designations came into use from MY 2004.

M112 E 32(6-cylinder V engine with electronic injection)

OM 646(4-cylinder in-line engine with turbocharger and intercooling, Common Rail direct injection)

The engine code is on the engine block.

Engine code Versions Engine Performance in kW
MC 1 Vito 109 CDI OM646 DE22LA 65
MC 2 Viano CDI 2.0 OM646 DE22LA 80
MC 2 Vito 111 CDI OM646 DE22LA 80
MC 3 Viano CDI 2,2 OM646 DE22LA 110
MC 3 Vito 115 CDI OM646 DE22LA 110
MC 8 Viano 3.0 M112 E32 rod. 140
MC 8 Vito 119 M112 E32 rod. 140
MC 7 Viano 3,2 M112 E32 160
MC 7 Vito 122 M112 E32 160

Mercedes Benz Sprinter (2006 version) Enggine Code

Engiine code Enginee Performance Type designation according to gross weight
[kW/HP] 3,000 kg 3,500 kg 4,600 kg 5,000 kg
MC1 0M646 DE 22 LA 65/88 209 CDI 309 CDI 509 CDI
MC2 0M646 DE 22 LA 80/109 211 CDI 311 CDI 411 CDI 511 CDI
MC3 0M646 DE 22 LA 110/150 215 CDI 315 CDI 415 CDI 515 CDI
MC4 0M642 DE 30 LA 135/184 218 CDI 318 CDI 418 CDI 518 CDI
MC9 M272 E35 180/245 224 324 424 524
MR2 0M646 DE 30 LA 95/129 213 CDI 313 CDI 413 CDI 513 CDI

The engine number on the Mercedes Benz Atego / Axor / Actros

Various types and the lettering:

8-cylinder V
In front of the cam shaft cover
6-cylinder V
Stamped onto a metal plate and painted over
4 and 6-cylinder In-line

Engine number on the Sprinter

The location on all models:

On the left, on a smooth surface at the transition to the transmission

Gearbox number of Mercedes Benz truck :

Location of the gearbox number on the Mercedes Benz truck Vito / Viano / Sprinter

Manual transmission

On a smooth spot on the right side of the gearbox
On automatic transmissions it is on a smooth spot on the left side
Manual gearbox:
On a metal plate on the left side
“Sprint Shift” transmission:
On the right side

Breakdown of the gearbox number of Mercedes Benz truck

170 260 00 00 717.460 0 7112708
Parts Number Model Number Serial number


The engines on the V-Class, Viano and Vito will have transmission systems which have been especially matched to the engines from MY 2004.

Enginne Euronorm Engiine code Transmission designation
OM646 DE22LA Euro3 MC 1 NSG 250-6
OM646 DE22LA Euro3 MC 2 NSG 370-6
OM646 DE22LA Euro3 MC 3 NSG 370-6
OM646 DE22LA Euro3Gr3 MC 1 NSG 250-6
OM646 DE22LA Euro3Gr3 MC 2 NSG 250-6
OM646 DE22LA Euro3Gr3 MC 3 NSG 370-6
M112 E32 rod. Euro4Gr1 MC 8 NAG W5A380
M112 E32 EuroGr1 MC 7 NAG W5A380

Location of the gearbox number on the Atego / Axor / Mercedes Benz actros

 Actros On a metal plate on the right, or on the top of the gearbox

Mercedes Benz truck Radios, CD Changers, Navigation Apparatus:

Original Daimler radios, CD changers and navigation apparatus have more than one set of numbers on each apparatus.

Lasered onto the housing (only visible in slanting light)
Stickers (at least two)

During business hours it is also possible to make searches for original apparatus installed at source, Mercedes Benz actros and first users (owners) on the Daimler Data System (FDOK) available at any Daimler establishment (but not dealerships).

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