The main things about MAN truck

In general MAN truck lorries can be identified from the following numbers:

 Location. MAN truck identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate (factory plate).Vehicle number (Ident number)– until 01.07.1999 it was contained in the VIN– on the type plate (factory plate)– on the vehicle number plate. MAN truck Engine Number– on the engine block.Gearbox Number– on the gear unit


MAN truck identification number:

Location of the MAN truck VIN

The stamped, 17 character VIN is on the longeron at the front right, in the area of the front axle suspension.

  the 2000-Series it is behind the front axle = A

In the TGA it is before the front axle = B

On newer models (LE) it is also placed in front of the axle = B
On the TGL / TGM it is placed in the middle, over the axle = C

MAN truck

 Form and appearance of the vin in MAN truck

VIN Example

MAN truck

MAN truck

The MAN truck vin has an asterisk on its left and right extremities.

MAN truck vin decoder

 until MY 1999

from MY 2000

Type Plate of MAN truck:

Location of the MAN truck type plate

Man tgx
TGA / TGL / TGM man tgx
Front passenger entry, on the left
MAN truck
L 2000
On the inside of the front passenger’s door, above the lock

On RHD vehicles the type plate is on the left-hand side

 Form and appearance of the factory plate in MAN truck

Man tgx
Metal plate – riveted:
Man tgx 2020
Adhesive plate: from 01.07.1999
Man tgx 2020
Adhesive plate from the middle of 2008
Man tgs 2020
Other type plates can also be stuck on by carriagework manufacturers or fitters. The example below was added by the Toni Maurer company after fitting a fifth axle.
These extra plates may contain slightly different entries from the original plates.

MAN truck Number:

 Location of the MAN truck number

Man tgx 18.440
On the type plate of man tgx 18.440
Man tgx 2021
On the type plate
Man topused
  the vehicle number plate
Man topused
In newer vehicles also with a white background
Man topused

The vehicle number plate is on the longeron at the front rightbehindthe front axle (TGA) or right above the VIN (L2000).

The MAN truck 2020 number is broken down as follows

10X  = Vehicle type 

0273  = Serial number

MAN truck engine number:

 Location of the engine number

The D08 and E08 family of engines

New man tgx
  engine plate is placed on the front right in man lorry
New man tgx
  D20 family of engines
The engine plate is placed on the front left
Man diesel truck

The D28, E28 and G28 family of engines
The engine plate is placed on the front left man diesel truck

Man diesel truck

The D28-V family of engines
The engine plate is placed on the rear leftThe engine number  stampe  onto a plate riveted onto the engine block. (extremely bad quality)

The engine number   only stampe  onto the engine block if specially commissioned

In-line engine: On the engine block, front left
V engine: On the engine block, front right
Underfloor engine: on the cylinder block, right rear

Location for MY 2005

Breakdown of the engine number

The engine number has 14 characters.

The engine number breaks down into:

– Type code number (3 characters)

– Assembly day (4 characters)

– Position in the assembly sequence (consecutive number on the assembly day) (3 characters)

– Fly wheel (1 character)

– Injection pump/Setting (1 character)

– Air compressor (1 character)

– Special editions, such as auxiliary drive, special generator, etc. (1 character)

Engine variants

MAN truck gearbox number:

 Location of the gearbox number in MAN truck

The gearbox number can   fInd on a plate fixed to the upper side of the gearbox, or on the right (as seen in the direction of travel).

Engine number plate:

The breakdown of the gearbox number will not  explaine  further as due to the manufacturers involved it would be too long-winded.

Gearbox manufacturers for MAN lorries are:

– ZF
– Eaton
– Voith
– Renk