What is the Nissan vin and where it located ?

Nissan vin lorries can be identified from the following data:

 Location , stamped on the vehicle– on the Nissan vin type plate (factory plate)– on the technical service sticker .  gearbox  Number– on the engine block– as a barcode sticker on the engine block . Gearbox Number– needle-punched onto a riveted plate

Customised Nissan vin can be identified with the aid of the engine number.

Enquiries using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be answered immediately.

Nissan dealers can also answer enquiries based on the VIN.

Nissan vin (Vehicle Identification Number):

 Location of the Nissan vin :


Nissan vin
The Nissan vin is located on the passenger entry. It is stamped on and is beneath a small plastic cover.
Nissan vin
The VIN is stamped onto the right hand longeron in front of the rear axle.
On the right-hand longeron behind the front wheel.

Nissan vin Lettering

Nissan vin
The VIN has a Renault sign on its left and right extremities.
Nissan vin
The VIN has a Nissan sign on its left and right extremities.
Nissan vin
MY 2008
Nissan vin
MY 2007

Nissan vin decoder 


The Interstar from MY 2004


Atleon from 1998

Nissan Type Plate:

Location of the Nissan type plate

Nissan vin decoder
The Nissan type plate sticker is on the B-spar, on the passenger’s side, at the level of the door lock.
Nissan vin decoder
The metal type plate is riveted onto the right B-spar at head height on the passenger side.

Cabstar (from MY 2006)
Sticker type plate on the left B-spar on the driver’s side

Nissan vin check Nissan vin check

Atleon (from MY 2006)
Sticker Nissan type plate under the front apron at the front

Nissan vin lookup Nissan vin lookup

Composition of the Nissan type plate

Nissan Type plate sticker

Nissan vin number
Imprinted, not lasered
Nissan vin number
From MY 2004

These Nissan type plates have been equipped with built-in break points, intended to prevent the stickers being removed.

Vin Nissan qashqai

1 Model
2 Equipment level
3 Limited series additional fittings
4 Special series additional fittings
5 Colour code
6 Trim code
7 Fittings code Interior fittings
9 Technical data
10 Most important options


Nissan chassis number check
Cabstar from MY 2006
Atleon (from MY 2006) Nissan chassis number check

Nissan engine number:

Location of the Nissan engine number


As the Nissan Interstar is essentially a Renault vehicle, the details concerning Renault engines also apply to this vehicle.

Nissan build sheet by vin
Nissan vin number lookup
YD25 Engine
Nissan Altima vin number

 Breakdown of the Nissan engine number


As on Renault vehicles, the engine number is a code with four groups of characters.

Nissan warranty check vin
Engine plate
Nissan vin search
Stamped engine number
1 = Engine type
2 = Engine approval number
3 = Renault engine designation
4 = Engine production identification number
Nissan leaf vin decoder
Barcode sticker in the engine compartment
BD30                                                                071836Y
Engine type (4 characters)                                Serial number-Nr.                                                                                                     (6-7 characters)

The barcode sticker with the complete engine number is located on the rear face of the engine.

ZD30 Engine

1 = Engine number 2 = Sticker with a part of the engine number

ISB4 Engine

printed sticker

Gearbox number:

Location of the gearbox number

Manual transmission

General view of a riveted palte
General view of a sticker