Suzuki VIN Number

Suzuki vehicles can be identified from the following numbers :

Suzuki VIN Number – in the vehicle stamped/punched
– on the type plate
Suzuki Engine Number – stamped in the engine block
Suzuki Gearbox Number – on the bell housing

Suzuki VIN Number

Suzuki VIN Number Location


On the engine compartment bulkhead

Suzuki VIN Number Location


In the right rear wheel housing, on the frame

Suzuki VIN Number Location

COn the right suspension strut dome
(under a removable plastic covering)

Suzuki VIN Number Location

DSuzuki Visible VIN
(not all models)

Suzuki VIN Number Location

Suziki VIN Number Visible: The visible VIN is found on a metal strip which can be seen behind the front windscreen on the driver’s side. This is not a substitute for the Suzuki VIN Number stamped onto the metalwork.

Suzuki VIN Lettering

The Suzuki VIN Number is placed in a straight line. The Suzuki VIN Number on all models is always bordered on the left and the right by an X with brackets at the top and bottom. All characters of the VIN are the same size and the same distance apart.

Some examples of VINs:


Suzuki Ignis VIN Number


Suzuki Jimny VIN Number


Suzuki Swift VIN Number



Suzuki Kizashi VIN Number

Swift (NZ, FZ)

Suzuki Swift NZ VIN Number

Vitara (LY)

Suzuki Vitara VIN Number

Suzuki VIN Number Decoder

VSE ET V02C 0 0100001
1 2 3 4 5

Breakdown of the VIN

 Suzuki Factory Plate

 Suzuki Factory Plate Location

The type plate is always in the engine compartment, either on the bulkhead or riveted on to one side.

 Suzuki Factory Plate Location  Suzuki Factory Plate Location
 Suzuki Factory Plate Location

Exceptions: The Suzuki factory plates on the Swift, Vitara (LY), Celerio and the Splash are riveted onto the B-spar on the driver’s side and on the B-spar on the front passenger’s side on the Kizashi and Alto.

 Suzuki Factory Plate Location

Composition and appearance of the Suzuki Factory plates

The composition of the Suzuki factory plates varies depending on which country or works they were produced in and according to the different models.

Plate produced in HungarySuzuki Factory Plate Plate produced in SpainSuzuki Factory Plate
Plate produced in JapanSuzuki Factory Plate Plate produced in IndiaSuzuki Factory Plate
Produced in Japan (Kizashi)Suzuki Kizashi Factory Plate Plate produced in HungarySuzuki Factory Plate

A metal type plate is riveted onto the bodywork at both ends. At newer models the Suzuki factory plate is made of self-adhesive aluminium foil

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Suzuki Engine Number

Suzuki Engine Number Location

The Suzuki engine number is normally stamped onto the engine block. The position can vary depending on the type of engine

Suzuki Engine Number Location

The Suzuki engine number is hardly accessible in a normal control only very much, because it is obstructed in the vehicle partially by other parts.

 Suzuki Engine Number Appearance

The Suzuki engine number is needle punched or stamped onto a smoothly ground spot on the engine block. On some engine types there is also a barcode sticker with the engine number on the engine block, on the valve cove and on the toothed belt covering.


 Suzuki Engine Number Appearance  Suzuki Engine Number Appearance

Suzuki Gearbox number

Suzuki Gearbox number Location

The Suzuki gearbox number is located on the bell housing. There  also a sticker with the gearbox number attached to the gearbox.

Example of a bell housing with a stamped gearbox number and Suzuki sticker

Suzuki Gearbox number Location

Appearance of the Suzuki Gearbox Number

Appearance of the Suzuki Gearbox Number

According to Suzuki Germany, the VIN Number can be researched with the engine and gearbox numbers via the respective home plant. Engine and gearbox numbers are researchable at Suzuki for vehicles, depending on the models, from MY 2000. They can be associated with a VIN.