Neoplan bus the best way to travel

Neoplan bus can be identified from the following numbers:

Location , Neoplan bus identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the Neoplan bus type plate (factory plate) Vehicle Number– on the crossmenber at the front . Engine Number– on the engine block Gearbox Number– on the gear unit


Neoplan bus identification number:

Location of Neoplan bus

The stamped, 17-character VIN is located on the crossmember at the front, behind the front skirt.
The skirt must be unclipped in order to see the number. To do so, operate the release lever, which on older vehicles, depending on the model, may be either low down on the driver’s side or low down in the entry on the front right. This releases the skirt, which may then be opened.

Neoplan bus

Neoplan bus

On newer vehicles the skirt can be released from the outside.

Neoplan bus
1. The middle part has to be pulled down by hand
Neoplan bus
2. The retaining dowel removed
3. At the same time, the release lever should be pulled towards the middle.
Neoplan bus
4. Then the entire front skirt falls forward (it is supported by retaining cords)

 Form and appearance of Neoplan bus  vin :

Neoplan bus
from 1990
Neoplan bus
from construction year 2003 onwards an asterisk was placed at both ends
Height of the characters: 10mm

Where the number may be found

Trendliner / Cityliner
Neoplan Starliner
Neoplan Skyliner

Neoplan bus  VIN breakdown

from construction year 1990

from construction year 2003

Neoplan bus Type Plate:

Location of Neoplan bus type plate

Depending of the type and fittings, the Neoplan bus plate may be either on the right or the left, in the front entry

Neoplan controliner Neoplan controliner

 Form and appearance of the factory plate

from 1990 metal sign (G. Auwärter GmbH) size: 140 x 100mm
Neoplan Skyliner 2020
Application date from 1997, size: 140 x 80 x 1 mm

from 2001 metal sign, riveted, size: 140 x 80 x 1 mm
Height of letters on the VIN: 4mm
Height of letters on the axle loads 3.5mm

from model 2003 sign like on top, however, size: 140 x 80 x 2 mm
For vehicles produced in Turkey
Jetliner bus
From about the middle of 2007 they changed to a sticker plate (here still using the MAN model)
Adhesive plate from the middle of 2008

Neoplan bus Number:

Other than on the Neoplan Skyliner, Neoplan vehicles are issued with a vehicle number which can be used to trace the VIN.

Location of the Neoplan bus number

The Neoplan bus number is located on the crossmember behind the front skirt, on the left as seen in the direction of travel.

Neoplan bus engine number:


 Location of Neoplan bus engine number

As a rule the vehicles are fitted with truck engines. It is normally extremely difficult or even impossible to read the stamped Neoplan bus engine number or the engine data plate once the engine has been fitted because of all the other aggregate fittings and the way the engine is installed.

In-line engine:

On the engine block, front left

V engine:

On the engine block, front right

Underfloor engine:

on the cylinder block, right rear

The D08 and E08 family of engines
The engine plate   placed on the front right
The D20 family of engines
The Neoplan bus  engine plate   placed on the front left

The D28, E28 and G28 family of engines
The engine plate   placed on the front left

The D28-V family of engines
The engine plate  placed on the rear left
The engine number  stamped onto a plate riveted onto the engine block.

 Neoplan bus gearbox number:

Location of Neoplan bus gearbox number

The gearbox number of Neoplan bus can   found on a plate fixed to the upper side of the gearbox, or on the right (as seen in the direction of travel).

Neoplan an400 Neoplan an400