That’s why the Scania bus is the best .

In general, Scania buse can be identified from the following numbers:

Location Vehicle identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate (factory plate) Engine Number– on the engine block Gearbox Number– on the gearbox


Scania bus identification number:

 Location of the Scania bus vin

Scania bus
On the frame, at the front, on the right, in the wheel housing.
Scania bus
Above the upper, rear transverse arm

Scania bus vin Lettering

The Scania bus vin is stamped in capital letters. The letters are at least 7 mm high.

The Scania bus vin  can have one or two rows and has a ‘+’ sign at the end.

Different works may use different fonts

Scania bus Scania bus

Scania bus vin breakdown

Scania type plate:

Location of the Scania bus type plate

Scania bus
In the entry, at the front, on the right scania k 410

 Composition and appearance of the Scania bus type plates

Scania bus price
Normally buses have the same kind of plates as lorries
Older version of the type plate
Scania bus price
Newer version type plate (when the change occurred is not known exactly)

Scania bus engine number:

Scania bus engines used by capacity / performance:

Cubic capacity Performance (HP)
9 litre 230, 270, 310
12 litre 340, 380, 420, 470, 480

Images of the engines:

New 9 litre engine
Old 9 litre engine
12 litre engine

 Location of the Scania bus engine number

Normally Scania bus are fitted with the same engines as Scania lorries, but the numbers are extremely difficult to read off because of all the external attachments. This is particularly true of horizontally mounted engines.

12 litre engine
Scania citywide
New 9 litre engine, appearance and VIN location
Scania touring
12 litre engine, appearance and VIN location

Gearbox Number:

Location of the gearbox number

The gearbox number is on a plate either on the upper side or on the left side of the gearbox.
For each gearbox it shows the type, the transmission, the development stage and the serial number. These are presented in one line.

Example: GRS 920R 1234567

Scania omnicity
New Plate
Old Plate

Location of Number:

Scania omnilink
On top of the gearbox (can only be seen by opening the flap in the floor of the passenger compartment).


or on the left, viewed in the direction of travel (near the oil filter)