Most important information about Mercedes bus

In general Mercedes bus  can be identified from the following numbers:

 Location :  Mercedes bus identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate (factory plate) . Engine Number– on the engine data plate– on the engine controller with a sticker . Gearbox Number– on the transmission data plate


Mercedes bus identification number:

Vin Location in Mercedes bus  

The front hatch has to be pulled down to gain access to the VIN. The release lever is in the right-hand entry but, depending on the model, if present, it may be in the entry by the driver’s door.

Mercedes bus

Mercedes bus


Mercedes bus
At the front, on the right, on a spar in the spare wheel container
Mercedes bus
depending on the type of frame used, on a crossmember behind the front hatch


VIN breakdown of Mercedes bus


WEB 629011 1 3 520101
1 2 3 4 5

1 =   World Manufacturer Identifier Code (WMI)

WDB = Mercedes Benz AG, for buses until June 1996
WEB = EvoBus GMBH Germany, from July 1996 (only for MB buses)
VF9 = EvoBus France S.A.S., France – Ligny en Barrois
VS9 = EvoBus Iberica S.A., Spain – Samano
NMB = Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Turkey – Istanbul
XTF = Russia, Golaz

2   =   Variant/Version  (see variant table)
3   =  Steering

1 = LHD
2 = RHD

4   =   Vehicle type

1 = Chassis of Mercedes bus
3 = Complete vehicle


5   =  Mercedes bus Serial number of the series


Mercedes bus type plate:

 Location and Appearance of the Type Plate in Mercedes bus

Depending on the interior, either on the left or the right of the front entry

Mercedes citaro Mercedes citaro

Appearance of the Mercedes bus type plates starting with the 1999 model

Mercedes torismo
The type plate is imprinted onto an aluminium plate
Width = 148 mm, Height = 115 mm
Thickness: 1.5 mm

Stuck on, underneath, is the speed regulator check plate and next to it on the right is the check plate for the tachograph


The typeplate itself has the following measurements: 97 mm x 55.1 mm


Mercedes omnibus produced in Germany are indicated by: EVOBUS GMBH

Mercedes citaro produced in Germany are indicated by: EVOBUS FRANCE S.A.S.

Vehicles produced in Germany are indicated by: EvoBus Iberica S.A.

Location and appearance of the type plate of Mercedes bus

On USA specification vehicles
behind the driver’s seat

Mercedes Benz citaro Mercedes bus price

Engine number of Mercedes bus:

Location of the engine number in Mercedes bus

Because of the way the engine is installed and all the other aggregate fittings it is normally not possible once the engine is fully installed to read the stamped number.

Various types and the lettering:

8-cylinder V
In front of the cam shaft cover
6-cylinder V
Stamped onto a metal plate and painted over
6-cylinder in-line

Breakdown of the engine number in Mercedes bus

447.958 1 0 056 472
1 2 3 4

1   =  Mercedes bus engine model number
´2   =   Steering and engine codes

0 = Has nothing to do with the type of steering Fully installed
1 = LHD Fully installed
2 = RHD Fully installed
4 = Has nothing to do with the type of steering Dismounted
5 = LHD Dismounted
6 = RHD

3   =   Transmission codes of Mercedes bus

0 = Manual gearbox with normal clutch
1 = Manual gearbox with hydraulic automatic clutch
2 = Automatic transmission
4 = Replacement engine, rear engine
5 = Replacement engine, installed at the works
6 = Replacement engine, complete engine

4   =   Serial Number


Mercedes bus gearbox number:

Location of the gearbox number in Mercedes bus

On metal plate, on the right, as seen in the direction of travel

Mercedes bus van