What is the price of the MAN bus nowadays ?



In general , MAN bus can be identified from the following numbers:

 Location : MAN bus identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate of MAN bus (factory plate) . Vehicle Number– stamped on the vehicle. Engine Number– on the engine block– on the engine controller .MAN bus Gearbox Number– on the gearbox


MAN bus identification number:

Location of the vin in MAN bus

The stamped, 17-character MAN bus vin is located on the crossmember at the front, behind the front skirt.

The skirt must be unclipped in order to see the number. To do so, operate the release lever, which may be either low down on the driver’s side or low down in the entry on the front right. This releases the skirt, which may then be opened.

MAN bus

MAN bus

MAN bus
On newer vehicles the skirt can be raised by hand from outside

 Form and appearance of the MAN bus identification number 

MAN bus 2020
Height of the characters: 10 mm
The VIN has an asterisk on its left and right extremities.
MAN tge bus
Finding places overview:

MAN bus decoder of the vin 

 until MY 1999

from MY 2000

From MY 2003

MAN bus type plate:

Location of  MAN bus type plate 

Depending of the type and fittings, the plate may be either on the right or the left, in the front entry

Form and appearance of MAN bus type plate until the middle of 2008

Electric bus

MAN bus
For vehicles produced in Turkey

MAN bus number:

 Location of the MAN bus number

on the type plate

The vehicle number is broken down as follows

R 14 = 3-character vehicle type code (see type code)
0008 = 4 characters

MAN bus engine number:

 Location of MAN bus engine number

As a rule the MAN bus are fitted with truck engines. It is normally very difficult or even impossible to read the stamped engine number or the engine data plate of MAN bus once the engine has been fitted because of all the other aggregate fittings and the way the engine is installed.

The MAN bus engine controller has a sticker with the engine number. This can be seen by raising the rear right engine access flap.

In addition, the vehicle number is given here.

The D08 and E08 family of engines
The engine plate is placed on the front rightg
The D20 family of engines
The MAN bus engine plate is placed on the front left
The D28, E28 and G28 family of engines
The  MAN bus engine plate is placed on the front left
The D28-V family of engines
The engine plate is placed on the rear left

The MAN bus engine number   stamped onto a plate riveted onto the engine block. (extremely bad quality)

The engine number  only stamped onto the engine block if specially commissioned

In-line engine: On the engine block, front left
V engine: On the engine block, front right
Underfloor engine: on the cylinder block, right rear

Finding place model year 2005


 Breakdown of the engine number of MAN bus 

The MAN bus engine number has 14 characters. The engine number breaks down into:

– Type code number (3 characters)

– Assembly day (4 characters)

– Position in the assembly sequence (consecutive number on the assembly day) (3 characters)

– Fly wheel (1 character)

– Injection pump/Setting (1 character)

– Air compressor (1 character)

– Special editions, such as auxiliary drive, special generator, etc. (1 character)

Engine variants


MAN bus gearbox number:

Location of the MAN bus gearbox number

The gearbox number  of MAN bus can  found on a plate fixed to the upper side of the gearbox, or on the right (as seen in the direction of travel).