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In this article, audi near we will address today car information privacy founded  an important topic related to Audi identification numbers so that we will explain audi

The different models,audi identification car  number  audi privacy discover   ,Breakdown of the VIN ,Type Plate , company Production dealership  identification number information  ,Engine Number,  Gearbox Number Technical warranty founded  Service Label ,Radio/ CD Changer/ privacy  Navigation information Unit Number ,Vehicle Keys volkswagen   privacy , seriously Series safeguarding  audi Decodes dealership  discover .

Audi  information personal  vehicles audi   company privacy  its online discover  know warranty   audi seriously privacycan be identified from the following numbers :

Vehicle identification number information founded  online privacy certain audi – stamped  privacy on the know  vehicle  audi
– on the type plate audi
– as visible audi VIN in cars destined for export to specific b  online  privacyfounded  countries and in cars with special windscreens
– on the information technical   dealership  sticker company
Production identification  information privacy  number online  (PKN) audi – on the type plate
Engine Number information certain manual car   founded privacy  discover company – stamped  manual in the engine online  block
– on a barcode certain  dealership  information sticker on the engine online
Gearbox number information volkswagen   (after construction year company  1998) – on the gearbox new privacy
Radio / CD Changer / audi  discover Navigation audi   manual  audi Apparatus Number privacy  new  information  (from warranty audi  construction  please premium year 1999) dealership know  online certain new audi – on the apparatus certain privacy dealership manual
– can be read information please out from multimedia sets privacy


Allowed searching criteria with an inquiry about FADA

Models of Audi cars:

Vehicle Identification Number:

Location of the Audi VIN

On all old models and the

A 3 MY 1996 -2003 privacy  A 6 Allroad from MY 2000
A 4 MY 1994 -2008  light company A 8 MY 1994 -2002 certain privacy 
A 6 from MY 1994 privacy  premium certain audi information  privacy  TT from MY 1998 privacy


You find the VIN is generally  audi certain models  unique found  informationin the upper central area of the partition audi  information  light  separating  online the engine and certain  dealership  privacy passenger information company  warranty   compartments.
On the “A 8 model”up to privacy  online  and including model information audi  year 2002, however, the VIN as described above is located  audi  premium certain under a safeguarding  rubber privacy  company information please  strip.

 Location of the Audi VIN on the A 2

The ashtray in the central company premium  privacy  console  explore  audi safeguarding certain must be removed to visitors  reveal the VIN.  volkswagen  warranty   information models audi

Audi A2 VIN in its raw state:

Location of the VIN on the Audi A 3

On the inner side dealership audi   of the explore  online wing privacy , aligned audi  information audi  longitudinally, on the right, in the  best volkswagen   direction safeguarding certain  of travel visitors  (from MY 2004) audi lights

Location of the Audi VIN on the A4 and A5

Audi A4 and A5(afrom MY 2008 please lights Type 8K and 8T) certain safeguarding technology
Audi A5 Convertible(from MY 2009 Type 8F)


VIN and type plate certain on audi the suspension visitors  privacytechnology  dealership  audi  information strut dome on the right models volkswagen   premium  certain best explore

Overview audi  founded 

Location of the VIN on the Audi A8

Audi A8 (Type 4E from MY explore  2003 – 2010) audi  us  company  visitors

The VIN can only be seen audi   company  safeguarding dealership privacy  us   if the audi  information front passenger seat is  lights pushed right forward current  audi  and the carpet flap has been pulled up certain .

Close-up of Audi A8 VIN

Audi A8 (Type 4H from audi types current  us   safeguarding certain dealership privacy  visitors   MY 2010 privacy) audi   lights audi explore company

No floor carpet flap
Right ventilation audi  us  explore  duct in privacy the rear part has to be removed.
Floor carpet has to be withdrawn to get to VIN

Location of the VIN on the Q5

On the inner side dealership certain  audi explore manual   safeguarding  current types of the wing, information aligned longitudinally, on the right, in the direction of travel, where  visitors the wing meets audi  the engine  lights compartment audi  us bulkhead audi sportback

Location of the VIN on the Audi Q7

The VIN audi  is located dealership audi  in requirethe luggage compartment, audi  on the right near the spare wheel well, beneath the types  safeguarding  want   visitors TIRE MOBILITY SYSTEM.
The VIN might only be seen  want  audi when manual  the sportback  explore  Tire Mobility System has been removed.

Close-up view of the VIN on the Audi Q7

Location of the VIN on the R8

(from MY 2007)

VIN stamped behind front want  types audi  sportback explore   passenger safeguarding   audi seat with view window in  audi the carpet (seat forwards push) visitors

Overview want 

Additional visible Audi VIN

Vehicles destined for export to the america  visitors USA and Canada and, on the A4 from model year 2004, for the British audi  market as well (RHD) dealer  types  have an extra visible VIN at the front, on the left, want  behind the audi windscreen, safeguarding  which can be read from outside audi .

For example: visible dealer  VIN on safeguarding  special windscreen destined for Germany
For example visible VIN in cars audi  america  safeguarding destined for export to U.S.A.
It is also found on the certification safeguarding  label attached to the “B” pillar (on the driver’s side) audi . visitors  
It is also found on the certification label attached to the “B” pillar (on the driver’s side).

Cars destined for the Swedish market america consumers   dealer look  safeguarding audi  types  have the VIN in the rear (boot area) audi  on the right lower side of the rear visitors  shelf.

A4 / A5 from MY 2008  additional FIN sticker with different delivery lands
Country VIN stamped Type Plate Visible Vehicle  safeguarding  Identification Number Label B-Holm

Driver’s side

VIN under

hat filing


heel metal

Germany W X only with  america special windscreen
IRL D S only with  look special windscreen H I
Mexico F G
Country VIN stamped Type Plate Visible Vehicle Identification Number Label B-Holm

Driver’s side

VIN in the rear (boot area) on the left side
Germany X Y only with  look special ag windscreen



With models america AVANT the VIN is appropriated audi  safeguarding  under the hat filing beside the customer service  audi sticker in the
reserve wheel hollow safeguarding america look   ag .
The additional stickers are identical  safeguarding with the carrier material of the type sign.

A4 / A5

VIN-Sticker under  audi hat safeguarding  look  filing audi  visitors 
VIN-Sticker Heel metal visitors america 
(concealed under back safeguarding  inventory  bench in the middle)


In the boot audi , on the left, aligned longitudinally, covered by the carpet

VIN Lettering

Stamped VIN:

Normally found on visitors america  inventory  A6 and privacy A8 and TT models.

Vehicles produced in Ingolstadt audi  ag safeguarding   until 25 May 1998.


A6 (MY 1997)

Engraved VIN:

Vehicles produced in inventoryc  Ingolstadt from 14 July 1998 privacy

Both kinds of VIN, today that is, america audi  stampedsafeguarding and engraved, were produced at the Ingolstadt works from 15 May 1998 to 14 July 1998.

Engraving of the privacy  visitors inventory   today  VIN was introduced audi  by and by in the other factories, too.


A4 (MY 2006)
Q7 (MY 2007)
A3 Convertible (MY 2008)

Specific features :  In the Audi audi  inventory  Convertible privacy  (tpye 8G until MY 2001)the VIN used to be punched in by hand history .

VIN breakdown

  Type Plate:

Location of the type plate

A = A3 MY 1996 -2003
A4 privacy inventory MY 1994 -2004
A4 / A5 privacy from MY 2008
Q5 from MY 2009
B = Audi 80
A3 from MY 2004
A6 MY 1994 -2004
A8 MY 1994 -2002
Audi TT from MY 1998


  Audi A2

The type plate on the privacy  Audi A2 is located at the front on the floor, beneath the carpet on the passenger side. In exceptional cases it might also be located in the driver’s foot well august .

  Audi A4 from MY 2005

From model year august  2005, the Audi  A4 visitors  still has the type plate on the audi  inner side of the right wing, but it is concealed by mmi  history  buy  a plastic covering.

Audi A4 (8K) A5 (8T) from MY 2008

Audi A5 Convertible (8F) from MY august  2009
The type  mmi sign is directly visitors  beside the privacy  buy stamped VIN (without PKN only with production month and year) history in the engine space in audi the suspension strut dome on the right mmi  .

From model year 2005, the Audi A4 still has the type plate on the inner side of the right wing, history  but august  audi  it is concealed by a visitors  plastic covering information buy mmi   .

Audi A 6 from MY 2005

From model yea r buy  2005 the type privacy plate on the Audi A6 mmi  is located on the spare wheel well, in the boot, on the right, as seen  history in the direction audi information  technology of travel visitors .

Audi A 8 from MY 2003

Audi A8 (Type 4E MY 2003 – 2010)

From model year 2003, the type plate on the Audi A8 is located on the radiator yoke, history  towards the  owners middle audi visitors information dealership dealership     .

Audi A8 (Type 4H from MY 2010)

On the Audi A8 from owners  MY 2010 the type plate is on the front today  passenger’s side/B-spar at the bottom visitors certain  dealership audi  privacy  information on history  the entry.privacy  seriously information safeguarding require manual 

Audi Q7

On the Audi Q7 the type plate is on the front passenger’s side/B-spar at  require  owners the bottom  visitors   privacy  audi information  used   history safeguarding information  seriously use  on the entry certain .

Audi R8 from MY 2007

Front seat passenger’s privacy  side B cross-beam above door closer dealership history owners  certain used  information  explore safeguarding  privacy  consumers 

Composition of the type plate 

Until the end of 1996

A = Production identification number (PKN)
B = Notch privacy 
C = Torn off corner

The plates  used owners  used  privacy consist  seriously  review certain  information of black information painted  audi aluminium, with the lettering safeguarding  inscribed by laser information .

Production identification number privacy consumers  used consumers : The production information identification number has seven characters.
For further details see point 3  explore used committed information type plate has a notch privacy in its bottom edge (approx. 0.5 – 1 mm deep).

Torn off corner: used  certain   safeguarding require consumers  owners In the lower part dealership  information  privacy audi  of the identification plate, certain  to the right the notch, a tear-off corner   be seen and felt used .
When the type plate is manufactured, consumers owners information seriously privacy committed   it has a small tag attached to  require  connect it on which the key number is privacy  engraved certain . policy

Audi was the Original Rally Rep. Their cars were a/s  humdrum until the Quattro System bumped them to the top of the world connect rally stage in the 80’s, before the 500+bhp turbo monsters of Group B were ‘outlawed’ after a umber of high profile fatal crashes. They effectively wrote the story for Subaru to follow. The Ur Quattro has a pedigree and presence few cars   equa online l.
When the tag is broken off, it leaves horch policy a/s  a torn-off feb  corner company .
On proper type reviews privacy  plates privacy certain use information  range reviews  the torn-off corner committed  is immer privacy  require  information at the bottom review  on the right. used a/s privacy dealership certain driver reviews horch online company

from the end of 1996

AUDI has been using audi review a/s   dealership  information certain  black privacy  sticker information used  committed dealership  plates horch  on the A 3 additional , A 4 and  committed A 6 since the end of 1996.

Adhesive type  used  privacy plates use review a/s  reviews  driver  privacy seriously   (identification  committed plates) audi review   are also  dealership applied to vehicles destined for the Austrian market horch.

On the black sticker  privacy plates takes online a/s   information  horch  seriously certain (from model year 2002) , the engine designation (engine identification letters) is above the production identification number (PKN) on the right, used certain a/s  towards the edge.
See the silver type plate under Para review dealership  committed 2.2.2.

The new type plates review want  dealership  buy lease  august seriously privacy online  are privacy privacy  dealership  inscribed by a laser machine information  directly on the information production line. Tape is fed into privacy takes used   the machine use from audi takes collect  privacy a reel, inventory  and the machine committed dealership then reviews  inscribes all the data.
The laser information dealership used certain lease removes seriously  the black layer online , information looking  privacy  collect revealing  luxury technology  the white layer collect  on the foil underneath luxury privacy  online  review .
The impressions information looking  dealership information  made during the inscription process   be felt through privacy  the fingertips. Finally, the machine looking  takes  dealership privacy  clips the plate tron lease from the reel luxury  information review  best  .

The begin of the laser a/s 
(white arrows)  use takes dealership collect  best 
Enlargement use  of the laser typeface on the sticker plates information  collect online lease  dealership require  seriously  driver 

The type plate for the Audi A 3 and Audi A 4 from MY 2001 and for the Audi A2, A6 A8 and TT from the beginning of 2003

On the silver sticker plates, takes  the engine designation (engine identification letters) is above the certain   production dealership  seriously  information  identification  luxury lease a/s  collect number technology  (PKN) one  on the right, towards the edge.

The type plate for all Audi vehicles from May 2003

From May 2003 audi  the production information identification number (PKN) is no longer displayed on any type plates review  dealership  for Audi vehicles. Instead, the plates contain the online  month and takes  technology  respective year of production as follows: ”MMYYYY” (here 052003) one com .

Type plate for Audi vehicles from MY 2005

Audi’s latest type plates have certai n  luxury    luxury   dealership  dealership an optical information  overprint showing specific  the Audi use  symbol. The overprint cannot be felt, but   be information  lease privacy  use easily seen in dealership  takes  slanting light. The introduction privacy  and use of this new a/s sticker plate varies whether  from model to model seriously lease   information technology tron com  .

When introduced:

Type Assembly Plant VIN Date
A2 Neckarsulm WAUZZZ8Z45N005875 21.09.2004
A3 Ingolstadt WAUZZZ8P05A143189 18.03.2005
A3 Brussels use WAUZZZ8P35B005558 25.11.2004
A4 Ingolstadt WAUZZZ8E25A521396 18.03.2005
A6 Neckarsulm WAUZZZ4F35N047210 21.09.2004
A8 Neckarsulm WAUZZZ4E95N007537 28.09.2004
TT Györ TRUZZZ8N851010817 15.11.2004
Example for Neckarsulm productio com n one  tron  collect  best dealership 
Close-up view of the A8 type plate audi lease   com collect  dealership  information
Example for Ingolstadt dealership whether   and Györ production seriously  audi dealership  collect  specific lease   tron  best 
Close-up view of the Audi certain  whether  seriously TT type plate audi information  dealership  collect  august 
Optical overprints were not just put on the most recent type plate stickers, but also on other tron  information stickers (tyre pressure sticker, the sticker on specific  the fuse box, etc.).
Type plate for Audi vehicles from MY 2008

The type signs in form and audi types lease  whether collect appearance identically with the signs from model year are basic  information 2005.
However, another letter rightly is  seriously information after the so-called engine identity letter (MKB) merely the search  information search whether    takes  achievement step of the engine describes.

Only new engines from  use MKB:  types CAB A brand 

This letter is absent audi  certain collect  information online dealership  privacy the stamped number in search types   the engine  com use whether   information block. dealership  seriously  takes  brand near 


Engine identity letter buy  Achievement step

The type plate on the Audi Q7

On the far right of Q7 plates types  certain information seriously  gather  there is information  also a production  sales  whether identification number  takes (PKN). In this example it is 0632607 pre  types.


Vehicles exported to Belgium brand  book  traffic privacy dealership  information are required information  to audi  have a Belgian type plate takes please  whether  .
These type  information plates are  seriously two-tone dealership (silver and black).
Some vehicles only have the Belgian  current type plate.
Other vehicles,  however, information seriously   have whether  use gather takes  both  online a information  German and a Belgian type use latest    book late affixed. traffic  dealership certain group brand pre

Replacement type plate

If an original type plate latest  types  please or sticker  information  audi has information  been lost or damaged, a replacement  takes type plate  be pre  ordered from an authorised VAG dealer.
These are centrally produced in group  seriously dealership  Kassel online  on behalf of the entire VAG concern in the central spare parts organisation.
They are also registered there online  traffic information gather please  .

These replacement  certain  takes  information type plates can be recognised by the production identification please traffic  number (PKN) which, in contrast to  information a normal PKN, begins with the number brand  ‘8’. gather online However, with this PKN it concerns merely a sequential audi  number of the spare types signs seriously.

Enquiries concerning current types   information online  replacement information type plates information  which have been produced    seriously be made dealership through the Bavarian LKA in Munich, Section gather pre   traffic group  gather please like   533-KFZ. takes  audi

Replacement type plate from mid-January 2010

1 = The ® at the top right indicates a replacement VIN plate. 2 = The engine identification letters online  of the vehicle are transferred to the replacement VIN plate. 3 = 9-digit serial order number (no PIN, no particular classification)

Since mid-January 2010, traffic     current   takes new online  replacement   information privacy  audi  VIN plates have  pre  been produced at the seriously spare part center in Kassel information  privacy .
The new, silver adhesive information  group gather privacy plate does not  information have a diagonal optical imprint  like as brand  please connect  seriously mentioned gather  under online.


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