Audi engine number

Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Audi engine number

 Audi engine number:

in this part we will see the audi engine number used  information vin  .

  Form and appearance of the engine number 

Audi engine number
Engine number  feb stamped by takes number dot-matrix committed 
Audi engine number
engine Cold stamped engine number system car  takes online 
Close-up view of the barcode  number  feb sticker gather  online looking  with engine number (BUG 002916)

Location of the engine number

a) 4 and 5-cylinder: In the used middle car  takes  of the engine   block (on the left, looking in the direction    of travel)  gather
b) 6-cylinder: behind the   number  system toothed two  belt guard,new privacy  on the right  gather vin
c) 8-cylinder (V8): Under the first outlet elbow engine ,world used  seriously new   privacy on the left (seen codes used  from the direction  one  feb of travel) gather car find vin


Engines – photos

 Breakdown of the engine number

In AUDI vehicles, the engine number system need  power manufacturer gather online   range  i  privacy  is an 8 or 9-character engine  code     car committed  world  find vin .

a) engine 2 letters / 6 numbers PT 021409
b) engine 1 number / 1 letter / 6   1 Z 594703
c) engine 3 letters / 6 numbers system AFB 109610
d) engine 3 letters / 1 letter / 5 numbers specific  vin  BKC A 06928
e) engine 3 letters / 7 numbers vin  manufacturer  ADU 1203452
engine (only on the Audi 80 Avant RS 2)


The engine number sometimes system manufacturer  will  has information  an asterisk on both sides; sometimes none at the beginning, and sometimes none at all.
There can also be spaces between individual blocks  engine gather .
The engine   of “V8” and vin manufacturer   new “V6” online seriously will system  committed   engines are engraved in two rows badges .

PT212 321.The engine   of new  committed badges get   seriously new  privacy gather   types    models have vin  no asterisks and no spaces search tell


The engine number is normally stamped  engine world badges range number  gather will new  types online by needle,  privacy using an NC   vin   (numerically controlled) machine and the dot-matrix process badges .

If the needle point breaks off, gather models badges  skoda   safeguarding range engine  the unfinished number is ground out and the number    stamped by hand vin .
Since 1983 engine    committed seriously system  types  and online  chassis models   committed  visit numbers have code  book  models been identical.

Engine numbers form  models previous vin front  engine number gathernew models find  visitors construction privacy code      can only be identified  book  safeguarding by a search for which a charge will be levied vin .
After the engine allocation find committed list the privacy skoda  new engine identity   letters 4 are digit (from code  CABA  safeguarding front  vin  ).

The last letter however visit privacy safeguarding vin  committed new range  gather  online  safeguarding  merely code front   types  stands for i  set   the performance level.
This letter is not  visitors stamped onto the engine block.
(e.g.,   engine identity letters CABAmodels  find really transmission  types  stamped = CAB 123456)

Audi engines – Engine attribution code  lists visit  driver 

Sorted by engine front  iden tification models  tdi  code transmission  size    gather  set  visitors find  types privacy  letters:

1Y- 7A  








Sorted by kW tdi :

29 – 89

92 – 108

110 – 120

121 – 147

150 – 426


Production Ident ification Number (PKN):

The production code   ident ification number tdi  size  traffic  is an  takes  internal    control number stamped onto seriously  the body shell before its leaves the assembly line.

It     be found in a number online group   seriously gather traffic near    of different places audi  inside the vehicle:

–  the type plat e   until  online 2003 please vw  connect   takes seriously

– on the technical  brand  takes vehicle  vw  every   seriously  gather committed  service sticker privacy

–  separate data carriers takes  please collect plant   vehicle  brand    privacy

The production ident ification near  group pre vehicle  vw every    sportback connect numbers gather inside the vehicle must  all be identical! need

Breakdown of the Production Ident ification Number 

The production identi fication committed  number gather  online privacy  contains 7 audi  characters broken  brand   group down seriously  need  dealer   as follows:


32     =       Week of the year

4       =       Day of the week

2461  =       Serial Number

Now and then still  please connect  plant output  vehicle  a 8-th place online  gather  takes  which stand so-called   privacy find aug   test figure can behind the PKN committed please.
The  real PKN door  the production audi  online work can be still predone 2-figure want  (e.g., 37=Bratislava) and takes  the seriously collect   production gather  year 2-or 4-tellig, see Q7 or TT from 2007 please near group door  output  ag  committed  aug apr  .

Work codes:
21 = Ingolstadt

22 = Neckarsulm connect 

26 = Györ/Hungary

37 = Bratislava/Slowakia takes 

38 = Karman/Rheine

46 = Brussels

68 = Uitenhage/South Africa 

Week of year:

The 1st and 2nd  connect engine aug apr group digits of the online  privacy  production audi   ident ification number represent the week of committed the current   (not the week of the production  ) aug .

In general there stand today aug  seriously  getprivacy collect sales   the figures  online of 01 – 52.


Numbers higher than committed  takes  traffic  series sales  car seriously  online gather    privacy   52 are found on takes  duplicate plates.

Substitutes of types adhesive signs have audi engine aug  a seriously  PKN with gather   privacy   8 …… group style   begins committed want takes additional   .

Day of the week:

1     =     Monday

2     =     Tuesday

3     =     etc.

6     =     Saturday

7     =     postplanned vehicle sales aug  takes or also  traffic seriously connect  Sunday

0     =     precise production group  style day is not certain seriously

Important:  The  car  online  takes committed car gather   n of construction privacy  cannot be deduced    from the production identification number.

By on-line queries about   privacy  the PKN the  engine   gather audi  of the construction   car system online  connect find  takes   committed  (calendar ) is absolutelyengine  necessary world number  feb  additional engine  tfsi  .


  Gearbox number:

Location of the gearbox number

On the bell housing gather find visit light location  tfsi driver set number   (either stamped   committed  types  engine   privacy  model  on or attached as a visitors  barcode safeguarding codes  ).

Audi engine number

Stamped number on the Q7

Close-up view of the 6-character types gather engine   number And of the three-letter  identification code audi engine
(The first digit (0) is a filler driver number  )
Example of a complete  number  latest  light find KJZ 200802 KJZ 200802

Breakdown of the gearbox number

The audi   number make sep   types tron  comprises  model visit will the   committed  visitors  gearbox code privacy liter  (3 letters) and a six digit number gather lightnumber   driver make  engine tron   .


GNU 008337 engine 

A = audi 9-digit  number engine technology model  gather  types (the first  privacy ‘0’ after the three  letters is a filler) visit engine
B = audi Production date latest  number 03 = 2003; 02 = February; 26 = Day engine
C = 6-digit  serial number with engine a ‘0’ at the beginning committed  again


In some, rare, committed light  exceptional will  sep cases,way  audi  types  privacy  visitors   committed  the  number can consist of a 10 character alphanumeric series.

Example for online/FADA committed help  way  traces type : visitors will  cars visit light engine

The  number is sometimes recorded as liter  a 17-character sequence. In such cases the first 10 characters engine  are the actual gather  latest engine   types will engine  visitors  number. E.g.: JMK4193030Z060609

Example: DMU4M0PRA3

Audi  – audi   Gearbox attribution lists  :

 Technical Service Label:

The technical diesel  audi  service types label type  v  engine gather  is printed by  policy  visitors   computer and made of adhesive paper.
It contains  policy important data engine cyl   for the purpose visitors  of search and identi fication.

One part committed type is affixed help audi   engine  policy to the vehicle safeguarding  types  while the second  light part  anyone   is stuck into the technical service log book.

Customer service glue is types  vt type audi  engine  like engine audi  gather tdi   often removed after Umfrisierung of the passenger car.
In most cases, committed  visitors policy light  visit however, safeguarding committed  bits of it are left sticking on alongside   manufacturer diesel the panel  vt  audi also  engine .

If you soak these engine  in solvent, gather cars  audi they can be  removed. The VIN or other data can often be read against identifier  a backlight types engine alongside  anyone  .

Location of the technical service label

– since Model  1983 / 84 audi  – audi  diesel  on the inner side of the boot lid engine 
– from Model 1990 audi  – audi  in the spare wheel well or near  engine 
– in the boot, on the left or policy engine   right hand of the rear audi
side wall inner side visitors  sales  engine 
– on the Audi A 2 help  – audi  in the boot, to the left of the battery
– on the Coupe engine  audi  vw –  the left-hand side  displacement of type check   the information boot, behind the trim
– on the Avant displacement  visitors  policy – audi  on the right hand engine  help  side of the boot behind the trim
– A4 (8K) / A5 (8T) from  engine  chassis Model Year 2008 – in the spare wheel well th  look check policy on the right visitors 
– A4 Avant (8K) from Model policy  Year 2008 visitors  engine  – in the spare wheel well types audi power  on the left
– Q5 (8R) from MY 2009 audi  need – In the boot, identifier  in the middle, look covered by the carpet turbo 


What the technical service label looks like and the information it contains audi 

A = Production identi   fication number visit  types 
= Sales code audi  turbo  vin  tfsi 
C = Vehicle ident ification number  power 
D = Type designation know audi 
E = Fitted accessories policy power 


 Radio / CD Changer / Navigation Apparatus Number

 An example of a 14 character radio number


Location of the radio serial number vin 

The audi radio   number is  on visit know history petrol replaced   power  a vin  sticker located audi  types  on the side of the radio seat  housing .

Breakdown of the radio serial number

AU Z1 Z3
Audi marking Manufacturer’s code audi  Type audi   time of manufacture
Z1 = Blaupunkt

Z2 = Grundig

Z3 = Heha

Z4 = Hitachi

Z5 = Panasonic

Z6 = Philips

Z7 = EEO tell

Z8 = Alpine forums

Z9 = Clarion

ZB = Aisin

Z1 = alpha / history  codes  petrol Navigation  replaced Plus visitors  / check  Navigation Low

Z2 = beta / Radio Chorus power

Z3 = gamma/c / know  sticker Radio Concert

Z4 = delta / Radio  know Symhonie visitors audi

Z5 = rear gamma forums  codes  check  CD

Z6 = heidelberg visit gamma CDUS

Z7 = heidelberg /engine  Navigation Plus (Aisin) jan

Z8 = CD-Changer rear  visitors tell

ZA = CD-Wechsler codes  registration  hi  know audi jan

 x = 1999

Y = 2000

A = 2001

B = 2002

C = 2003 / Aisin C = 2004

D = 2004 / Aisin D = 2005

E = 2005 / Aisin E = 2006

F = 2006 / Aisin F = 2007

G = 2007 / Alsin G = 2008

H = 2008 / Aisin H= 2009 registration
J = 2009 / Aisin J = 2010
K = 2010 / Aisin K hi  = 2011


N.B:On apparatus tt  with navigation systems manufactured by AISIN (AUDI
Navigation Plus) chassis rather   is during check  production year 2004 an unspecified number of
apparatus were allocated the power visitors engine types same   numbers (AUZB7C )   also audi com
2005 (AUZB7D…….).
The apparatus concerned   only be check  positively performance  identified by Audi AG (Service Technik Diebstahlschutz kw  chassis Identifizierung [Antitheft Systems know and Ident ification Service]) using the part numbers.
From production year 2006  visitors body data   (= E) there was  seat no more types  duplication  of serial numbers know power  top different   .

Multimedia set number

Instead  located  of a audi  radio  quattro higher  com  number chassis  because engine   knowof cars types newer vehicles its issued with a multimedia set number.
This number can only be read rather  out [electronically] located  from the audi  back  set/apparatus concerned.
Example of a reading out serial  types number PM6-00126.09.0507040042
It is possible to use this number  rs types audi   visitors  chassis  cars   located  for ident ification purposes know may quattro back  .

  Vehicle – Iden tification Number – Series:

for Audi – product vw program

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