the Fiat Panda 4×4
fiat Panda Cross
car Fiat 500
CARS Fiat Seicento
MODEL Fiat Idea
1 Fiat Punto
2 Fiat Grande Punto
3 Fiat Bravo
4 Fiat Stilo
5 Fiat Stilo Break
6 Fiat Barchetta
7 Fiat Sedici
 8 Fiat Multipla
9 Fiat Multipla (nouvelle)
0  Fiat Croma
11 Fiat Ulysse
12 Fiat Fiorino (à partir de 2008)
13 Fiat Ducato (2002-2006)
14 Fiat Ducato (a/c de 2006)

In General:

FIAT vehicles can be identified from the following data:

Vehicle identification number – stamped on the vehicle
– on the type plate
– behind the windscreen (Ducato 250)
Engine Number – on the engine block
Gearbox Number – on the gear unit


1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

A = On the right-hand suspension strut dome
B = On the right, in front of the front passenger’s seat, (on the Palio under the seat)
C = On the right-hand side of the boot, next to the spare wheel well
D = Under the front windscreen, in the middle
(on the Fiat Sedici it is towards the middle of the bulkhead separating the engine and the passenger compartments)
E = An additional (visible) VIN is located on the dashboard behind the windscreen
Model Designation Location Model Designation Location
141 Panda (old) A 185 Marea A
146 Uno A 186 Multipla B
154 Croma A 187 Seicento C
159 Tempra A 188 Punto B
160 Tipo A 192 Stilo B
169 Panda (new) C 194 Croma B
170 Cinquecento C 198 Bravo B
175 Coupé A 199 Grande Punto B
176 Punto (old) B 220 Scudo A
178 Palio B 223 Doblo (until 2009) B
179 Ulysse D 225 Fiorino/Qubo B
182 Bravo/Brava A 263 Doblo (from 2009) B
FY Sedici D 312 500 C
183 Barchetta B 350 Idea B
FIAT Ulysse (old): 22 on the front right hand side of the inner wing
FIAT Ducato: 280/290 (old) passenger door access
230/250 (new) on the wheel housing, passenger door access
Fiat Ducato 230/250 – Location of the VIN
Close-up view Ducato 230
Fiat Ducato 250 – Location of the VIN
There is a second VIN stamped on the longeron beneath the headlight in the area of the left front wheel well on the new Fiat Ducato. (Only visible when the wheel well cladding has been removed)
Close-up view Ducato 250
Fiat Doblo (from 2009) – Location of the VIN
Close-view Fiat Doblo (from 2009)
Fiat Ulysse – Location of the VIN
(beneath the windscreen wiper)
Close-up view Ulysse
Fiat Doblo (from 2009) – Location of the visible VIN
(beneath the windscreen wiper)
Close-view Fiat Doblo


Vehicles produced for the American market have a check number at the 9th character of the VIN, a chassis number plate on the driver’s side, behind the windscreen and various concealed, self-destructing stickers, with either the whole VIN or parts of the VIN.

N.B.: for right-hand drive vehicles:

Right hand drive vehicles also have a chassis number plate behind the windscreen on the driver’s side.

1.2 VIN Lettering

The VIN is stamped in two parts. The first section (1st – 9th characters) consists of the manufacturer’s code and the model designation. The 2nd section consists of the production serial number. Both sections are separated by an ” * ” at each end. The lettering can either be in point form or produced as a cohesive line.

In General, the following arrangements exist but differ according to the vehicle type:





The VIN can also be separated by construction elements, such as screws – see photograph.
The VIN for the models Punto, Grande Punto, Coupe, Barchetta, Palio, Croma (new), Multipla, Fiorino/Qubo etc.
(in front of the front passenger’s seat, concealed by a plastic flap)
VIN for the Doblo – needle-stamped
(in front of the front passenger’s seat, concealed by a plastic flap)
Cinquecento, 500 and Seicento VIN in the boot, applied with an electro marker
or needle-stamped:
New: The VIN on the “Sedici” is made by MAGYAR SUZUKI

The VIN on vehicles produced in Poland and Brazil (Cinquecento and Uno) looks different (see the section on type plates). The VIN on the Cinquecento and Uno can be stamped in differing ways, as the part of the number up to the actual serial number is stamped on earlier. (It is thus frequently stamped with differing pressure, crooked etc.).

Stamping processes for the chassis numbers:

Chassis numbers are applied by different production plants and on different models in different ways. If the normal stamping process fails (break-down of a stamping machine, etc.) a so-called ”back-up system” is used. The different processes are set out in the table below.

Assembly Plant Model VIN locations Normal application procedure Back-up application procedure
Mirafiori Punto Floor, front passenger’s side Spherical head system Hand carrier
Panda right suspension strut dome hydraulic daiisy wheel Hydraulic apparatus
Multipla Floor, front passenger’s side an hydraulic daisy wheel stamped by hand


right suspension strut dome

Floor, front passenger’s side

Hyydraulic daisy wheel

Hhydraulic dAaisy wheel

Hydraulic daisy wheel


Melfi Punto Floor, front passenger’s side Spherical head system Hand carrier
Termini Punto Floor, front passenger’s side Spherical head system Hand carrier
Cassino Bravo/Brava right suspension strut dome Haydraulic daisy wheel Hydraulic apparatus
Marea right suspension strut dome Heydraulic Daisy wheel Hydraulic apparatus
Stilo Floor, front passenger’s side Rotating pen technique stamped by hand
Bravo (new) Floor, front passenger’s side Hiydraulic Daisy wheel
Sevel Ducato Wheel housing, front passenger’s side
France Scudo Right wing, inside
Valenciennes (F) Ulysse under the front windscreen, in the middle
Turkey Doblo Floor, front passenger’s side Needle-stamped
Poland Seicento

Panda (new), 500

Floor of the boot, on the right

Floor of the boot, on the right



Hungary Sedici Middle of the engine compartment bulkhead Rollered


1.3 VIN behind the windscreen

Located on the left, in the direction of travel

Fiat Ducato 250 (new)

1.4 VIN breakdown

ZFA 176000 01234567
1 2 3
1 = ZFA (World Manufacturer Identifier Code)
2 = 176000 (176 = Model, 000 = Filler)

-Exception: Panda, in this case A00-

3 = 01234567 (consecutive serial number)


The model designation can be broken down as follows:

Certification Type

4th-6th characters of the VIN

Trade Designation Certification Type

4th-6th characters of the VIN

Trade Designation
124CS Spider (Coupe/Roadster) 178 Palio/Strada (Pickup)
126 Bambino 179 Ulysse
127 Fiorino 182 Bravo/Brava
128 Berlinetta Coupe 183 Barchetta
128 Tourismo Saloon 185 Marea
128AS X 1/9 186 Multipla
131 Mirafiori/Panorama 187 Seicento
132 Argenta 188 Punto
138 Ritmo/Regata 192 Stilo
141A Panda (old) 194 Croma
146 Uno/Duna 198 Bravo (new)
146L/146P Fiorino 199 Grande Punto
147 Fiorino 220 Ulysse (old)
154 Croma 220P Scudo
159 Tempra/Marengo 223 Doblo (until 2009)
160 Tipo 225 Fiorino
169 Panda (new) 263 Doblo (from 2009)
170 Cinquecento 280/290/298 Ducato/Talento (old)
175/FA Coupé 230 Ducato
176 Punto (old) 250 Ducato (new)
176C Punto Convertible 312 500
FY Sedici 350 Idea


The VIN on the Fiat SEDICI

TSM FY A21S 0 1234567
1 2 3 4 5
1 = TSM(World Manufacturer Identifier Code)  Suzuki Magyar Corporation
2 = FY(model designation = Sedici)
3 = A21S(Variant)
4 = Standard = 0 (Optionally a model year code)
5 = 1234567(consecutive serial number)
Variant Explanation
A21S 4-door, M16A Engine, 2 WD
B21S 4-door, M16A Engine, 4 WD
A61S 4-door, D19AA Engine, 2 WD
B61S 4-door, D19AA Engine, 4 WD


2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate

Model model the model a model moodel Mooodel Modeel
146 145 L/P 154 141A 178 179 169
159 160 FY 183 187
170 175 185 199
176 182 230  312
188 192
194 198
220 250
280 290
350 263


FIAT Seicento + Grande Punto: In the boot, to the left of the spare wheel well
FIAT Ulysse (old) In the engine compartment, on the front right of the longeron
FIAT Ulysse (old) On the B-Pillar, on the right
FIAT Multipla: In the engine compartment in the middle of the cross member beneath the windscreen
FIAT Fiorino/Qubo: in the boot, on the right in castes

FIAT Barchetta
In the engine compartment, on the inner side of the wheel well, viewed in the direction of travel
Grande Punto
In the boot, on the left near the spare wheel well
in the boot, on the right in castes
Doblo (from 2009)
in the engine space

2.2 Composition of the type plate (identification plate)

Type plate new (from Fiat Fiorino)

Colour: silver, with black script (offset printing)

Rivets: until the beginning of the 1990s rivets were one piece light or black coloured constructions,
then two-piece black constructions consisting of a pin and head

Exception: The Polish Cinquecento has large rivets; 
Ducato 250 – only silver coloured – different rivets (metal and plastic)
Fiorino (metal rivets)
The lettering on the identification plates may differ. The data relating to the manufacturer, certification and engine may be stamped or printed.

The VIN may either be completely stamped, or the 1st to 9th characters printed and the rest stamped.

The weight may either be completely printed, or stamped.

The following data appear on the factory plate:

– Name of the manufacturer

– The EU or ABE [Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis – general road circulation certificate] approval number, where applicable


– Maximum authorised weight

– Total mass of the vehicle combination (vehicle + Trailer)

– Authorised axle load, front axle

– Authorised axle load, rear axle

– Engine type

– Version

– Spare part code

– Exhaust norms

As a rule, the characters on the manufacturer’s plate are embossed.

The “1” has a “foot”; the “4” is open at the top.

Further exceptions:

Uno vehicles produced in Brazil have the symbols stamped on, the type plates are of poor quality, the numbers and letters are stamped on

CinquecentoThe Cinquecento is produced in Italy as well as in Poland, poor quality type plates (Polish plant), large rivets, the VIN is applied with an electro marker and is located in the boot

Ulysse, Ducato and Scudo – these have a type sticker

Fiat Ulysse, Ducato and Scudo

Ducato – This has a silver coloured type plate (identification plate) without a template.
Fiat with a “Magyar Suzuki Corporation” type plate

Vehicle checks possible using the type plate:

Using the type plate it is possible to check for the presence of falsifications or complete forgeries, as the chassis number, engine number and the version listed on the plate correspond with one another.


  • The model designation indicated by A and C (in the picture type 223 – Fiat Doblo) must always agree.
  • The entry under B indicates the engine type, in this case, 1910 cc Diesel.
  • The entry indicated by C i.e. 223WXB1A contains the following information:
223 = Type code
W  = Body shell
XB = Type code for the engine (must agree with the engine type shown B)
1 = Driving and steering axles
A = Transmission type


  • Die ” The identifications of the different versions (C) are found in their own tables, which can be called up via the following tables .
  • The entry D found under 1A indicates the version and can be definitively matched to the variant by using the tables.
Variant: 223 A XB 1 A 01B
(Fiat Doblo) 1 2 3 4 5   6


1= Type 223
2= Body A = Multifunction 4-door +1
Z = Transporter 2 opp. 3 opp. 4 +1
W = Transporter 2 opp. 3 opp. 4  +1 (800 kg)
3= Engines XA = 223A5000 1242 cc 8 Valve MPI
XB = 223A6000 1910 cc Diesel
XC = not yet in production 1242 cc 16 Valve
XD = 182B6000 1580 cc MPI 16 Valve Torque
XE = 182B9000 1910 cc UNIJET
XF = 223A7000 1910 cc Unijet

105 PS

XG = 188A9000 1248 cc JTD
4= Drive axles / Steering axles 1 = 1 Drive Axle 1 Steering axle
5= Transmission A = Manual
6= Version


Variant: Version: Engine: Remarks:
223AXA1A 00 223A5000
223AXA1A 00B 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXB1A 01 223A6000 Close ratio
223AXB1A 01B Wide ratio
223AXB1A 01C Close ratio T.A.
223AXB1A 01D Close ratio 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXB1A 01E Wide ratio 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXB1A 01F Close ratio T.A. 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXE1A 02 182B9000
223AXE1A 02B T.A.
223AXE1A 02C 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXE1A 02D T.A. 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXD1A 03 182B6000
223AXD1A 03B T.A.
223AXD1A 03C BIPOWER Euro 3
223AXD1A 03D 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXD1A 03E T.A. 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXD1A 03F BIPOWER Euro 3 – 00/8-00/4-01/92
223AXF1A 04 223A7000 with OBD
223AXF1A 04B T.A. (with OBD)
Approval Italy OM54709
223ZXA1A 1A 223A5000 Payload 600 kg
223ZXA1A 2A  



The data tables produced for each model can be seen via the following links.

3. Engine Number:

The engine number is either stamped or else etched with a needle stamp on the engine block, on a smoothly ground surface.

Depending on the engine type, the number is located:

– CLOSE TO  the oil filter

– near the cylinder head gasket

– near the clutch

3.1 Location of the engine number

Where it is located:

Appearance of the engine
1,9 Turbo Diesel
2200 M.P.I. 16V (Croma)
1.9 JTD (192A8000) – e.g. Stilo
1.2 8V (199A4000) – Grande Punto
1.3 Multijet (199A2000 + 199A3000) – Grande Punto
Ducato 2.3 JTD (Iveco F1)
Ducato 3.0 Multijet SOFIM

3.1 Breakdown of the engine number

Die The engine number has 15 characters;

Exception on modell Ulysse: 10-characters.

e.g. 176B4.000 * 6271022* Ulysse: RFU * 3000001)

1st part: Engine model

2nd part: Numbering in the numerical sequence of production

Only the final 7 numbers are required to effect an identification, but one must also give the model.

3.2 Additional engine number locations

When the engine is produced, stickers bearing the engine number are attached in two additional positions. In time these may be obscured by dirt or can become detached.



4. Gearbox number:

Since about. 1999 gearbox numbers have been issued during production and can be attributed to individual vehicles. This can only be done through the manufacturer.

Special production gears (if wished by the customer) do not have serial numbers.

4.1 Location of the gearbox number

The engine number is stamped onto the gear unit, on a smoothly ground surface. The number on 6-speed gearboxes is applied using a template and blue paint.

In addition, the gear number on a shield in the gear case is evident.

With the automatic gear the gear number is contained merely on a shield.

Where it is located:

5-speed gearbox
Close-up view ofA(stamped gearbox number)
Close-up view of B (plate with gearbox number)
6-speed gearbox
Close-up view ofA(gearbox number)
Close-up view of B (plate with gearbox number)
Automatic transmission(ZF Gears)

4.2 Breakdown of the gearbox number

Gearbox numbers have varying numbers of characters. They generally have two parts.

18.14 – 8327130

18.14 = Variant
8327130 = consecutiv Serial number

For enquiries the whole gearbox number is required (i.e. variant and serial number).



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