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Today i will explain Aston Martin identification numbers is a British company maker  new producing top-end   cars.
Output has risen in recent used low  years and currently stands new  at roughly 6000 vehicles a year.
Lagonda is a 100% aston  -Martin-  brand. Aston Martin  vehicles just new  The Series I – IV saloon was the most recent model produced under the Lagonda visit  name (1976 – 1989). A new edition is taken into consideration for 2012 low car  company .

Aston Martin   can be identified aston  used from the  just  Aston Martin car  visit following numbers:

Vehicle identification   numbers – stamped/etched onto the vehicle
– on the type plate car
– beneath the used  front windscreen comes  (visible VIN)
Aston Martin Engine Number – on the engine block comes car
Gearbox Number – on the gearbox

Importers and dealerships can only conduct searches using the Vehicle identification number or VIN but can use get  this to  car identify the engine number.
Further searches have to be conducted used  find  aston get  via the   Martin plant.

Images Model cars of Aston Martin:

Vehicle Identification Number Aston:

Locations of the identification serial number

Letter Model Locations
A – Aston Martin  4 /5/6/S(67-72)

  • aston Martin V8 /  sports V8  certified  (model years early 1970s)
On the front crossmember on the left side underneath bamford  the screw connection
B -Aston Martin  V8 / V8   (model years: late 1970s) vehicles bamford On the right british  interior wing sports
  • aston Martin latest  V8 / V8  (model years: 1980s)
  • Virage price sales

– Car Aston Martin V8   (1990s)

–   Martin Lagonda latest

On the side latest  member in the front right wheel case
  • Aston Martin Martincar Vanquish   vehicles bamford


Located next to the right bamford  front seat along the side sill in the floor panel  sports vehicles used  bond built
E -Aston Martin D B7 / 7     + Volante vehicles

  • Aston Martin  V8  built   (from 2004)    + Volante sales used
  • Aston Martin  D B9   + Volante/S C  + Volante/One-77-Martins Rapide sales
Located longitudinally sports  in the right footwell under the carpet (in more recent models underneath a removable foamed cover) decarie  vehicles  england .


F All kinds car aston  oct used vehicles There is also  sales sports another decarie  visible VIN on a plate at the top left of the dashboard used pre  price oct  england .
This can be seen through sales  the windscreen sales
Location of the VIN Aston Martin
On the front pre  crossmember on the left side underneath the screw connection sports 
Location of the VIN Aston Martin
On the right interior pre   new wing
Location of the VIN Aston Martin
On the side member in the front right wheel case vehicles 
Location of the VIN Aston Martin
Located next to the right front seat along the side
In the front passenger’s footwell, range  underneath the carpet beneath a removable foam plastic covering
martin Visible VIN

Visible VIN for   Martins cars :

The visible Vehicle Aston Martin  identification range  sale owned   luxury  current  number new  on Martin (used for the first time in the DB7) is owned sports  Aston Martin   located on a latest  piece of sheet metal visible on the bottom left side of the windscreen through a recess. sale brand   It does not replace the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) located in the car range  chassis.
In the Aston current  brand DB7  prices  discover and Vanquish models sale , the VINembers was applied by pin-marking (needle-punching), range  in the more recent models by scribe-marking prices sep .

visible VIN Aston Martin

visible VIN Aston Martin
Visible VINembers before the windscreen is  owned mounted.
visible VIN Aston Martin
martin   car D B7 owned brand  discover   lineup 




visible VIN Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Martin V8  lineup  make 
  martin  V8  Volante  make  brand  latest
VIN Aston Martin V8 Vantage V12 Vantage from MY 2010
Martin V12  sale   from MY 2010 (A)
Aston Martin D B9 brand lineup 
Aston D B 9 Volante latest 
Aston Martin car D B 9 Volante
Martin  D BS latest 
Aston Rapide

Every in the A/Martin car luxury   specials   , new  the visible Vehicle identification number is somewhat hidden by the wiper arm latest .

visible VIN is somewhat aston martin

VIN Lettering Aston martin

In every early models Aston Martin  luxury specials comes   sale latest  high (Aston DB4 – 6, early s, new  early Martin V8/V8  , Aston Lagonda, Virage, V8 Coupe/ ), british  the Vehicle identification number was punched in by hand. make

visible VIN aston martin
Aston Martin D B4 – D B6, early s (here: 5 Convertible, right-hand drive)
visible VIN aston martin Lagonda
Aston Martin Lagonda high  latest 
VIN Lettering V8 Vantage
Martin V8   (from 1990s)

In the martin DB7 and Vanquish  built sale british  luxury  series, the aston aartin cars  Vehicle identification number or VIN were applied by  offers pin-marking price .
Whereas the area around the VIN in make  the Aston find DB7 model Correctly (six cylinders) may be painted (steel body), the VIN of the price certified   british Vanquish is applied to the unpainted aluminium bodyshell (TUB) and therefore non specials  new offers  painted find specials best used   .

VIN Lettering DB7
Martin D B7
VIN Lettering DB7 Volante
Aston D B7 Volante (pin-marked VIN, offers  corroded under the influence of water) price  production 
VIN Lettering DB7 Vanquish
Aston Martin Vanquish british 

VIN Lettering DB7 Vanquish VIN Lettering DB7 Vanquish

In the more recent  kinds, the VIN cars new  is linearly applied by scribe-marking and is enclosed on the left and right find bond latest  explore   sides luxury  by a horizontal stroke.
All characters of the VIN are dbs  the same cars  find    size and  bond the same distance apart.

Example of typography prices  of the figures explore  applied by the scribe-marking process
On closer inspection metal chips find  can be detected around the VIN. james  prices 
On closer inspection bond  cars  metal chips can be detected around the VIN.
VIN Lettering ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage Coupe
Aston/M V8    bond Coupe search 
VIN Lettering ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage Volante
A/Martin V8  james Volante
VIN Lettering ASTON MARTIN DB9 Volante
Aston/M D B9 Volante collection 
VIN Lettering ASTON MARTIN Rapide
VIN Lettering ASTON MARTIN One-77

In the Aston Martin One-77, search iconic  cars   the Vehicle new  identification cars  number is engraved in a black aluminium luxury plate and coated pre  with transparent lacquer cars .
This metal plate is glued to the usual position in the carbon monocoque.
In addition to the VIN, total  the month luxury spy   cars  and year iconic new of manufacture are engraved underneath.

Breakdown of the VIN Numbers Aston Martin


The small car Cygnet search still lineup james  amazing  (at present still  news a prototype) form unique is manufactured in cooperation with Toyota; due to its multiple type approval, this production it has collection  the Vehicle  identification number structure cars  of the lineup  Toyota iQ news james amazing  search  sep

Type Plate:

Location of the type plate Aston/M car

The type plate cars  is usually installed  lot from uniquein news  today  high search  james  the engine compartment located inside the car’s chassis cars .
In older   it is riveted, in more sep  today news high  recent special  vehicles new  it is glued.

type plate ASTON MARTIN
Aston/M D B2
(on the right side in the engine offers  compartment, as viewed from the drivers’s seat, behind the jack)
type plate ASTON MARTIN DB4 - DB6
A/Martin D B4 – D B6 rs 
(on the right interior wing)
type plate ASTON MARTIN V8 / V8 Vantage (1972 – 1990)
V8 / V8   (1972 – 1990)
(on the right interior wing, sometimes also on the left interior wing) rs 
type plate Lagonda Serie I - IV
Aston Martin Lagonda Serie I – IV
(on the right interior wing) rs 
type plate Virage and V8 Vantage
Virage and V8   (1993 – 2000)
(on the right interior wing)
Virage and V8 Vantage
V8   LeMans manufacturer (a total of 40 vehicles)
(on the left interior wing)
D B7
(o n the right interior wing; manufacturer may be enclosed by a plastic cover)
D B7  
(on the right interior wing)

V12 Vanquish ride form cars   (on the rs  new cross reviews  manufacturer  cars  member  rs near the bonnet ride  fastening)

V8  , V12   cars  new rs reviews read form  famous  (on the side on the right suspension  famous strut dome)

car D B9, D BS, Rapide

(behind the famous cars vantage   front plastic form  cars reviews read  available cladding more or less in the middle under the cross  see member including which is beneath choose  vantage famous  it)

Composition and appearance of the type plates

Older models results :

In the early free luxury models car choose start  prior to reviews  the D B7 series, the numbers and signed plaques were made of brass available
and  including were attached to  following the vehicle  free cars with copper rivets.
The data were punched in including choice  luxury  .

Composition and appearance of the type plates DB2
car DB2
Composition and appearance of the type plates DB 4 - DB6
car DB 4 – dB6
Composition and appearance of the type plates V8 / V8 Vantage
car V8 / V8 Aston Martin   (1972-1990)
Composition and appearance of the type plates Lagonda Serie I - IV
car Lagonda Serie I – IV
Composition and appearance of the type plates Virage and V8 Vantag
car Virage and V8   (1993 – 2000)
Composition and appearance of the type plates V8 Vantag LeMans
car V8  LeMans

Aston Martin Vanquish

In the Vanquish dbx ,  sale  will an crore  cars suv  available  unpolished and no colour aluminium plate with pin-marked (neddle-punched) figures was used car dbx  results  .

Composition and appearance of the type plates Vanquish
Vanquish  available 
Composition and appearance of the type plates Vanquish
Vanquish +  inventory Vanquish S
(new e11 number and weight data)
Composition and appearance of the type plates Vanquish
Close-up view of a needle-punched entry

V8 Vantage, DB9, DBS, Rapide

The type plates  spy of the easy  cars  more suv  recent mod els are uniform. The data are engraved in a polished aluminium platelet. The logo, including sale  manufacturer electric sales   available  cars the written name “Aston Martin Lagonda Limited“ and the black frame are always printed thereon spy  latest 

Composition and appearance of the type plates DBS
Aston cars  D BS
Composition and appearance of the type plates Rapide
Rapide including 
Composition and appearance of the type plates Rapide
Close-up view of an etched entry

Type plates for the North American market every
Vehicles for the U.S./Canadian inventory collection   market cars selection   have glued, laser-marked type plates with  selection  use data according to U.S. cars  regulations. The plates are usually glued to the drivers’s door. production  drive
(picture: Rapide) choice  looking .

Composition and appearance of the type plates ASTON MARTIN Composition and appearance of the type plates ASTON MARTIN

The typography of  cars the looking  VIN  inventory on the U.S- VIN plate of the Rapide corresponds to the engraved VIN of the choice  electric   (the letters are not always completely depicted, see F, H, A).

Composition and appearance of the type plates ASTON MARTIN

Car body plate from Superleggera

The car bodies and chassis of the cars  dealership  D B4 – D B6 mod els were manufactured by Superleggera cars  in Milan/Italy, among others inventory , which is indicated by a special plate near the VIN plate in the engine compartment.  electric
It is a brass plate with choice  punched-in data  dealership  crore cars .

Car body plate from Superleggera
Next to the type plate in the engine compartment.
Car body plate from Superleggera
Close-up view

The body number  crore corresponds  cars to the VIN and has to be identical to the VIN on the type plate.

Car body plate from Superleggera
Car body plate                  Type Plate crore 


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