In General:

Porsche vehicles can be identified from the following numbers:

Vehicle identification number stamped onto the vehicle, etched on or burned on with a laser
on the type plate
on the vehicle data plate
Thatcham sticker, only in Panamera and Cayenne 92A models
Production Number stamped onto 1 or 2 places in the vehicle (From MY 2000 no longer placed on the bodywork)
on the production number plate
on various data carriers
Engine Number On the engine block and Thatcham sticker
Gearbox number (not 4-cylinder) on the gearbox
Radio number (on new vehicles) placed on one of the sides of the radio

1. Vehicle Identification Number:

1.1 Location of the VIN

Porsche 924 / 944 / 968

General view of the engine compartment
The VIN can sometimes be obscured by a plastic cover

Porsche 928

Boot with carpet

Porsche 911 / 964 / 993

Boot carpet removed:
The petrol tank is above the VIN, the spare wheel is below

Porsche 996 / 986 Boxster

The VIN is beneath the plastic covering
As on the 996/986, but the somewhat large plastic covering must be removed first

Porsche 997 / 987 Boxster / Cayman

VIN finds itself under the right cover
General view of the boot

Cayenne 9PA

Vehicle floor, in front of the right front seat, under plastic cover

Cayenne 92A

VIN under the right front seat, under plastic cover

Porsche Panamera 970

On the floor, underneath the front passenger’s seat
Close-up: The metal plate with the VIN is glued onto the carbon monocoque.

Carrera GT

On the Porsche Carrera GT (980) the VIN is also stored on a chip which is located in the area of the driver’s entry sill in the monocoque. This chip can only be read out at the works using a special reader.

Specific features:


On vehicles with an American VIN, the stamped or laser engraved VIN corresponded to the VINs on vehicles for the rest of the world until model year 1991. However the US version is applied to the A-pillar (visible VIN).


Starting in model year 1992, the visible VIN corresponded to the stamped or laser engraved VIN. This change was introduced without hiccoughs into production in model year 1992.


A handwritten VIN can be present in the driver’s door on the Porsche 928.


There have been cases on the older 911 series, where the VIN had not been stamped at the proper location. Porsche could not explain why this was so.


Porsches which have been delivered to Sweden have an additional VIN:


– 911 on a metal strip on the bonnet

– 924, 928 on a metal strip on the right, in front of the spare wheel in the boot

1.2 VIN Lettering

1.2.1 The stamped VIN

Examples of the lettering of a stamped VIN
Type 928:

1.2.2 VIN applied with a laser

The changeover to laser engraving from stamping took place for

4-cylinder vehicles: 944 S2/Cabrio/Turbo and 968/Cabrio/CS from 01.10.1992

6-cylinder vehicles: all versions of the 911 from 01.12.1992

8-cylinder vehicles: 928 S4/GT/GTS from 01.10.1992

The changeover to laser engraving from stamping took place for.

Type 968:
Type 993:

1.2.3 Etching

The changeover from lasered VINs to etched VINs took place from MY 2000 (Y).
Some vehicles produced during the first 14 days of that model year changeover may still have a lasered VIN.

Type 993:
Type 996:
VINs on the Type 996 / 997 / 987 are protected against corrosion by a transparent film
Type 980 (here: the US version)
Type Cayenne 9PA
Cayenne USA-VIN Type 9PA
Type Cayenne 92A

Cayenne 92A
Type 970 ( Panamera)
Type 970 (Panamera, USA-VIN)

1.2.4 Change of the original vehicle identification number in the Porsche work

In case of the improper and wrong stamp of a VIN this becomes complete with – sign crossed “X”. The former figures and letters must remain readable.

The right VIN is smashed about or under with crossed wrong VIN.

Beside the corrected VIN the manufacturer’s code is smashed.

1.2.5 Visible VIN

Since February 1992, an additional VIN, visible from outside the vehicle, has been applied to the left A-pillar.On newer models (the 964 from 9/92 and more recent models), the VIN is on the left over the dashboard and is also visible from outside the vehicle.

When a new car is handed over, the keys are on a key hanger which has a sticker with the last 8 characters of the VIN. The sticker is made of the same material as the type plate and visible VIN sticker in the vehicle and the content is put on in the same way. This key hanger is sometimes still on the key ring.

1.2.6 Thatcham sticker with VIN and engine number

In Panamera (970) and Cayenne models, Thatcham stickers are attached to the vehicles. These stickers comprise the VIN and the engine number. The sticker is made of the same foil as the adhesive type plate.

Thatcham sticker on the right side of the hood,
Cayenne 92A
Thatcham sticker on the right side of the hood,
Thatcham sticker in the right sealing channel,
Thatcham sticker in the right sealing channel,

1.3 Breakdown of the VIN

Model 1965 to inclusive 1967                   Model 1968                        Model 1969
Model 1970 to inclusive 1979                   Model 1980                        from Model 1981


2. Type Plate:

2.1 Location of the type plate


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