All details and information about Volvo bus

In general Volvo bus can be identified from the following numbers:  Location of volvo bus identification number- stamped on the vehicle- on the factory plate . Production Number- on the production data plate . Volvo bus Engine Number- on the engine blockGearbox Number- on the gearbox , Volvo bus booking .

Volvo bus identification number:

 Location of the Volvo bus vin : 

Volvo bus
The stamped, 17 character VIN is on the longeron at the front right, in the area of the wheel housing.
Volvo bus
On the 7700 behind the axle

Volvo bus

Form and appearance of the Volvo bus vin 

Volvo bus
The volvo  vin has an asterisk at both ends and is stamped on in two lines.

Volvo bus vin decoder

until MY 2002

 MY 2003 and 2004

From MY 2005

Volvo Factory Plate:

Location of the Volvo type plate

Volvo bus
In the entry, at the front, on the left

 Form and appearance of the Volvo type plate

The production serial number is on the production data plate.
It is near the factory plate in the entry at the front.

Production Number of Volvo bus:


Volvo bus Engine Number:

As a rule the vehicles are fitted with truck engines. It is normally very difficult or even impossible to read the stamped engine number or the once the engine has been fitted because of all the other aggregate fittings and the way the engine is installed.

4.1 D 7 Engines
At the front, on the left, in the direction of travel

4.2 D 9 / D10 / D 13 Engines
At the back, on the right, in the direction of travel

4.3 D 12 Engines
At the front, on the right, in the direction of travel

On horizontally installed engines the engine number is normally on the bottom side and almost impossible to see.

Volvo bus Gearbox number:

The gearbox number can be found on a plate fixed to the upper side of the gearbox, or on the right (as seen in the direction of travel).


The plate can vary in appearance depending on the manufacturer.