In General:


NEUSON construction machinery does not have a chassis number in the accepted sense of the word; the closest thing to a VIN is the Equipment Serial Number.

All numbers are hand stamped, except some numbers already put on by suppliers.

All numbers are always stored in the manufacturers EDV systems.

The Equipment Serial Number has been recorded in the EDP systems since about 2003. The engine number and the Equipment Serial Number have been kept in the records since production began, i.e. for 25 years (and stored in the EDP systems since 2003!)
For dates prior to 2003 the numbers must be matched by hand – very time consuming (Engine number and Equipment serial number)

Equipment serial number – stamped onto the vehicle
– on the type plate (factory plate)
Type plate – on the superstructure
Engine Number – Riveted aluminium plate or sticker


1. Equipment Serial Number:

1.1 Location of the equipment serial number

The 7-character equipment serial number is either at the point where the boom is mounted on the superstructure, on the chassis or under the battery

The equipment serial number was earlier always hand stamped, since approx. 2008 it is appropriated with the models DUMPER mechanically.

Equipment serial number in the area of the slewing cylinder receiver

Equipment serial number in the engine compartment

Another possibility: location of the equipment serial number under the battery
(can be seen when the battery is removed)

1.2 Equipment serial number lettering

Hand stamped (no boundary)

Hand stamped (boundary)
appropriated mechanically.

1.3 The equipment serial number is broken down as follows

The equipment serial number has 7 characters

A G 0 1 2 2 3
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 = The letter A, always the same
2 = Consecutive lettering ABC…
3-7 = Serial number


The equipment serial number does not reveal any other information.

2. Type Plate:

2.1 Form and Appearance of NEUSON type plates

Aluminium type plates are used
Aluminium plate – riveted

2.2 Cabin type plate

(Cabin serial number)
Sticker in the driver’s cab (LUGSTEIN cabins)

Sticker in the driver’s cab (SKF cabins)

3.  :

Engine from ‘YANMAR’, ‘DEUTZ’ or ‘JOHN DEERE’ are used.

From May, 2008 engines of the manufacturer “JOHN DEERE”  inserted only in the model 12002

3.1 Location of the engine number

Visible from above behind the air filter3.2 Engine number plate

Riveted metal plate with engraved number (YANMAR)
‘DEUTZ’ sticker

4. Manufacturers’ Details on the Production Period:

Just as with car glass manufacturers, these glass panes too have the production date on them

(7….. = August 2007)
Water hose (40th week 2007=Beginning of October)
Pneumatic damper (284th day 2007=Beginning of October)

5. Vehicle Keys:

Unity keys (for all vehicles the same mechanical part) are used, hence, no allocation is possible to a FIN.

Supposedly such keys / locks  inserted in 90% of all construction machines and tractors.

These are always three keys for each construction machine; they close all locks. (There also a transponder if an immobiliser was ordered).
1 master + 2 other keys Replacement keys can only be programmed with the master key.?