vehicle registration document of Ireland


Vehicle registration document – old version
Point Explanations:
1 Date of issue
2 Date of first registration
4 Vehicle Identification Number
5 Engine Number
UV Photograph
Micro lettering
Watermark: See image
Document number: Not in letterpress printing
Reaction to UV light: The paper remains dark, green and yellow grain appears » see image
Print quality: Background matrix, micro lettering (bottom left) » see image  


Document Number

“C05” in plain printing – “1697717” in letterpress printing
UV Photograph of the outside pages
UV Photographof the inside pages

Protective pattern on the front page in iris printing
and with integrated lettering
The back page has micro lettering lines (red arrows)


Watermark: Lozenge pattern – see image
Document number: 1 letter and 2 digits (here: “C05”) in plain printing and 7 digits in letterpress printing – see images
Reaction to UV light: The paper remains dark, there are yellow and blue grains and various yellow imprints on the outer pages. The entire original document text on the outer pages becomes fluorescent and yellow
Print quality: Iris printing on the outer and inner pages, micro lettering lines on the back page – see images