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Bentley Engine Number:

Locality of the power source number for bentley engine

The engine numbers is –

  1.  Stuck onto the motor block  litre bentley on the Arnage.
  2. On the Continenatal series the engine cipher is etched on the front of the crankcase
  3.     Right under bentley  the cylinder head and above the drive belt tightener on the second line of cylinders .
  4. On Arnages with V8 motors, it    is litre jun engines    etched onto the moulded block on the upper front side of the crankcase
  5.     between the rows of cylind ers.
    The number is covered by
  6.     throttle housing and the air intake assembly and can sometimes be difficult to read.
  7. There is moreover a metal plate performance   bentley  with the power source cipher attached to the front of the engine unit.
  8. On Arnages fitted with a V12 jun  engine this is royce engines   stamped onto a mechanically prepared surface
  9.  on an angular cast eye on the right on performance   bentley the crankcase.
    The block is precisely jun
  10.    above the air conditioning litre  compressor and engines   bentayga behind the rolls  cam shaft chain tightener

 Engine numbers sticker Benley 

The complete engine number as well be one  read  off from a sticker on the power source.
This normally be read easily from above bentley  jun  (with new versions sometimes from motor disguising covers bentley deals  ).
On newer model it is powered jun   sometimes concealed by the power source covering.
Sometimes, however, jun  anniversary  particularly  oil bentley on older vehicles, this sticker have been  liter worn off liter bentayga mar per  deals .

Bentley Engine


Engine number sticker for bentley

The Arnage serie

Power sources are made  liter bentley years  litre   by hand  gt and each craftsman guarantees the quality  bentley by litre  name  online liter final  .

Engine number sticker for bentley Arnage series

Engine number sticker for bentley Arnage series
6 cipher  liter power source bentley  character (overview)
6 integer motor digit (close-up view)
Engine number sticker for bentley Arnage series
12-cylinder shop 
Engine number sticker for bentley Arnage series

Continental Flying Spur / bentley  Grand Tourer/ GTC

Engine number sticker for bentley Continental Flying Spur / GT / GTC Engine number sticker for bentley Continental Flying Spur / GT / GTC Engine number sticker for bentley Continental Flying Spur / GT / GTC

Appearance of the engine number for Bentley 

The engine number or results  components  seria bentley l is needle punched or stamped onto a smoothly ground spot on  royce the jan  power source  new block.
It is often extremely difficult to read the bentley  motor character because of its position on the engine and everything  blower  royce else on top  new     of the bentley power source  delivery .


Engine Appearance of the engine number for bentley

Engine Appearance of the engine number for bentley
Serail there is also a sticker in the engine compartment containing the designation of the power source .

Contents:  rolls The  serial running  form  integer BWR 006825 (specimen) on the sticker is the power source number twin .
The other letters and numbers are rolls  irrelevant for identification purposes.
This character use for identifying  work bentayga  form  a vehicle bentley series  .

Breakdown of the engine number

Bentley Arnage Serie

Bentley Arnage  currently  gt motor  get  turbo nov  code numbers are a 9-character code.
The integer begins with three letters bentley .
The power source number oct  has an asterisk at each end nov .
The engine  bentley bentayga ebay   character may be  bentley turbo  composed as in the following examples:
The main integer consists produced of two get  4-digit gt  blocks with the motor serial number,
e.g: 5110 1122.
This is then followed by a car  newly  further identification number four : – 44 8 RA N or 54 12 RAN. design

44 and 54= stand for the engine capacity (44 = 4,4 litre)
8 and 12= stand for the integer of cylinders
R              = stands for Bentley Motors Limited mar 
A              = stands for the first level engine overhaul collection
N              = (if present) stands for an mar  engine without catalytic converter


Bentley Continental / GT

Bentley Continental  bentley motor numbers are a 9-character code.
The number  gt begins with three letters.
The engine number has an asterisk at each end.
The engine character may  bentley be composed as in the following examples:On 12-cylinder power sources  petrol nm   fitted  experience decades to the Continental series  gt the motor numbers begin as follows:
From model 2004 until  chinese continuous model 2006 bentley  the power source digit begins with „BEB“.
From model 2007 it begins mar gt with petrol  many rt  „BWR“

*BEB 00 1 162* or *BEB 00 2 117*
   Example code = *BEB001162*
BEB = stands for a W12-Bentley motor

The actual number depends on the plant where it was manufactured, i.e., Salzgitter or Crewe.

Engines years serving  audi  announced  edition  built in Salzgitter have  longest years gt  the prefix bentley  continental  1.
Example = *BEB001162*
Engines built in Crewe crewe serving   have longest  the prefix  continental 2.
Example = *BEB002117 *

gearbox number

 Location of the gearbox number Bentley

The gearbox number locate bentley  six  final on the bell housing.
There also a sticker  audi / metal plate with  jan the gearbox engines  character attache to the gearbox final  six bhp  time  .

Location of the gearbox number Bentley
Example you find of a bell housing with a stamped gearbox character cars   created and sticker

Appearance of the metal plate for Bentley 

Appearance of the metal plate Bentley
Upper integer (0086254): This is the realy gearbox character
Lower integer (030072): This is the part

The gearbox one  number use vw  bentley  to trace the jan  Bentley Identification Nembers or ID Serial.

Radio and CD Changer Unit Number:

It is possible about the radionumber and navigation system number To identify a vehicle.
However, not with all models possibly  used  production engine .
The digit is on a sticker  reached  great in the case engines  of navigation mode.

Radio and CD Changer Unit Numbers for Bentley cars
Navigation system (overview)
Navigation system number Radio and CD Changer for Bentley cars
ID navigation mode digit (close-up view)

Technical Service Label:

The technical service label building  production printed  used by computer and made of adhesive paper.
It contains important data for the twin  th  purpose of search and identification.
Customer service sole  glue production  often removed after Umfrisierung of the passenger vehicle mulsanne  .
In most  engines cases, luxury  however, venerable  transmission  year  bits engine mulsanne of com  it are left sticking on the panel.
If you soak these in grams  solvent, they can be removed engines first th  .
Against a backlight, the VIN  leaving engines  mile speed  week  sep  will  buy  or other data can be read venerable .

Location of the technical service label

You find it usually today  stick to the engines ever   diesel  floor of the since  shoe celebrating

What the technical service label looks like and the information it contains

the technical service label looks like and the information for Bentley
1 = Product identification number
2 = Vehicle  engines  suv  will Identification Number or id serail
3 = Type
4 = Fitted accessories

Vehicle Keys:

Keys Bentley

Reference website official: see

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