You should have the Schmitz trailer

Schmitz  trailer  Cargoboll can be identified from the following numbers:

Location , Vehicle identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate (factory plate) . Axle number– on the axles


Schmitz trailer identification number:

Location of the VIN in Schmitz trailer

Semi trailer

The stamped 17-character VIN is located on the front end on the right, or, alternatively on the rear right on the longeron (spar)

Schmitz trailer

Schmitz trailer
Level with the first axle

Schmitz trailer with a central axle

Schmitz trailer

Schmitz trailer vin  Lettering

Schmitz trailer
Onn newer vehicles the VIN has the company logo (an elephant) at both ends
Schmitz trailer
On older vehicles the VIN is often framed in white with a stylised asterisk at both ends
Schmitz trailer
On this example the works code is shown in front of the VIN

Schmitz trailer vin breakdown

Breakdown of the first kind of VIN in Schmitz trailer

 Breakdown of the second kind of vin in Schmitz trailer 

Schmitz trailer type plate:

Location of the type plate in Schmitz trailer

At the front end, on the right

 Composition and appearance of the type plate of Schmitz trailer

Metal plate – fixed on with screws:
Adhesive label from MY 2007

Schmitz trailer axle number:

Location of the axle number of Schmitz trailer

On an adhesive plate or a metal plate on the axle tube

On the suspension support

Composition and appearance of the axle plates

BPW – Axle (from 09/1999)

Composition of the axle numbers on SAF axles.

Example: Serial No: 171 05 3 169

171 = Day produced
05 = Year of manufacture
3 = Assembly number
169 = Serial number of 



 Composition of the axle numbers on BPW axles in schmitz cargobull login

Example Serial number 01 39 4 0140

01 = Year of manufacture
39 = Week
4 = Day
0140 = Serial number