Skoda vehicles can be identified from the following numbers: 

Location . Vehicle identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate– production adhesive– on a small plate behind the windscreen (visible from the exterior)– from model year 2005 the Octavia an from model year 2007 the Roomster, both habe an abbreviated VIN on all windowsEngine Number– on the engine block . Production identification number– located inside the vehicle . Gearbox Number– on the gearbox . Radio and CD changer serial numbers– on the radio and CD changer


Vehicle Identification Number:

Location of the VIN

At the front, on the right, near the suspension strut dome
VIN is at the front, on the right, near the suspension strut dome /the type plate is at the front, on the left, on the inside of the wing
Octavia I till MY 2005 and Superb I
The VIN is stamped onto the middle of the bulkhead between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment. The location and appearance of the VIN are identical with those of the VW Passat.
Octavia II, Superb II, Octavia Scout from MY 2005 and Yeti
Placed on the right suspension strut dome, under a plastic covering.

Roomster and Praktik from MY 2007
The VIN is at the front, on the right, near the suspension strut dome
VIN behind the windscreen (Visible VIN)
On the Fabia, Superb, Octavia, Fabia II and Roomster a VIN is also located behind the windscreen. It is on a black adhesive foil with white lettering. The style and material are identical with those of the type sticker.
Examplle: Visible VIN Fabia II
Exammple: Visible VIN Roomster

VIN Lettering

Fabiia until MY 2005
Fabbia MY 2005 to MY 2006
Faabia II from MY 2007
Octavia till MY 2005 and Superb
Octavia (from MY 2005)
Roomster (from MY 2007)
Superb II

 VIN breakdown


Attention: Felicia has one a little bit other classification VIN like the newer models.

Exception: The VIN: WV1 ZZZ 9UZ1T 001019

is produced by Skoda for the Caddy, produced under licence for VW.

 Other models

Fabia                          Fabia II                     Fabia II Facelift MY 2011

Octavia I                  Octavia II                    Superb

Superb II                 Roomster / Praktik           Roomster  Facelift MY 2011


 TMB D H 0 1U 8 Y 8  123456
 1  2  3 4  5  6  7 8 9


Attention: To MY became 1999, only with the Octavia, in 4. to 6-th place of her FIN the filling figures ZZZ like in VW and Audi uses!!!!

1- World Manufacturer Identifier Code (WMI)

2= Superstructure and fittings

3 = Engine
4= Number of the air bags
5= Type
6 = Check digit
7 = Model Year
8 = Production Plant
9 = Serial Number

Factory Plate:

Possible factory plate locations

Felicia  Riveted to the front crossmember

Fabbia MY 2005 to MY 2006      In the engine compartment – on the inside of the wing, in front of the headlight, on the left

Fabiaa until MY 2005        In the engine compartment on the left suspension strut dome

Faabia II from MY 2007
On the B-spar, front passenger’s side
Octavia until MY 2005
In the engine compartment on the left suspension strut dome
Octavia / Octavia Scout from MY 2005 / Superb II from MY 2008 (with pre-determined break points)
On the B-spar, driver’s side
In the engine compartment on the right suspension strut dome
Roomster / Praktik / Yeti
On the B-spar, front passenger’s side

 Appearance of the factory plate

Fabia MY 2005 – 2006
Faabia II from MY 2007 (with built-in break points)

It consists of a black upper foil on a white underfoil. The Close-up views are burned on with a laser. The impressions, which can be felt, allow the white underfoil to appear as lettering. The identity plate does not contain a production identification number. Its appearance and the way it is attached are identical to those on other VAG vehicles.

There is occasionally a number on the right edge on some of the older models, which is not a production identification number. It is not usable for identification purposes.

In the following enlargements of three vehicle identification plate remark are represented, which could be determined until MY 2009. These differ by the individual funktion of the laser. An inspection with optical aids is recommended.

1st Variation

2nd Variation

3rd Variation


Roomster from MY 2007 (matt finish on the surface)
Roomster from MY 2007 (matt finish on the surface)
Type plate with engine identification letters
e.g. Superb II, Yeti.

Production Identification Number – PKN:


The production identification number is an internal control number stamped onto the body shell before it leaves the assembly line.

It can be found in various different places on a vehicle:

– on the technical service sticker

– separate data carriers

Breakdown of the Production Identification Number

The production identification number contains 7 characters broken down as follows:

  1. g.:   25   3   3751
25 = Week of year
3 = Day of the week
3751 = Serial number


Week of year:

The 1st and 2nd digits of the production identification number represent the week of the current year (not the week of the production year). The figures will normally range form 01 to 52.

Numbers higher than 52 are found on duplicate plates

Another difference is found in separately manufactured cars. In this case, the production identification number begins with 59

Day of the week

1 = Monday to

6 = Saturday

0 = Exact production day not given

7 = Vehicle planned at a later stage

Engine Number:


 Location of the engine number

Petrol engines                    Diesel engines                             Replacement engines

Breakdown of the engine number

As a matter of course, Skoda vehicles are built using VW engines. In these vehicles, the engine number is also an 8 or 9-character code.

a) 2 letters / 6 numbers e.g.: PT021409
b) 1 number / 1 letter / 6 numbers e.g: 1Z594703
c) 3 letters / 6 numbers e.g: AFB109610
d) 3 letters / 1 letter / 5 numbers e.g.: ALH M42174

The engine number sometimes has an asterisk on both sides; sometimes none at the beginning, and sometimes none at all. There can also be spaces between individual blocks.

!!!!The engine numbers of new models have no asterisks and no spaces!!!!!

The engine number is normally stamped by needle, using an NC (numerically controlled) machine and the dot-matrix process. If the needle point breaks off, the unfinished number is ground out and the number stamped by hand.

According to the engine attribution list, the new engine identification letters have 4 characters (starting with CAXA). The last letter however merely stands for the performance level. This letter does appear on the newer type plates but is not stamped onto the engine block. (e.g., engine identification letters CAXA; what is actually stamped on = CAX 123456)

Newer engines also have a sticker with the corresponding engine number (here: BMD 048 466)..

List of current Skoda engines with engine identification letters

Sorted by engine identification letter

Sorted by kW output

Gearbox number:

The gearbox number is composed of letters, numbers and letters, and the date of manufacture.
The gearbox code is composed of two or three letters, or a number and a letter. The five digits which follow merely comprise the date of manufacture.

Example: AAC28022

AAC = Transmission identification
28 = Day
02 = Month
2 = Year e.g. ’92

List of current Skoda gearboxes with gearbox identification letters

Sorted by gearbox identification numbers

Location of the gearbox number


Whole item:
Whole item:
Whole item:
Whole item:
Whole item:

 Technical Service Label:

The technical service label is printed by computer and made of adhesive paper. It contains important information for the identification of the vehicle.

The technical service label is often removed when a car is customised. In most cases, however, bits of it are left sticking on the panel. If you soak these in solvent, they can be removed. Against a backlight, the VIN or other data can be read.

 Location of the technical service label

In the area of the boot well
Close-up view with production identification number (02-2-4196) and VIN

What the technical service label looks like and the information it contains

The technical service label contains the production identification number, the engine and gearbox identification letters, and, in encoded form, all information relating to fittings packages.

Radio Number:

Broken down as on all VAG vehicles

Appearance and seat of the number see under VW Briefcase

SK Z 1 Z 3 0123456
 1  2  3  4  5 6  7


1 = Producer of the vehicle

SK = Skoda

2 = Filler

3 = Producer of the radio

1         Blaupunkt

2         Grundig

3         Sony

4         Delphi / Delco

5         Panasonic

6         Philips

9          Clarion

4 = Filler

5 = Radio model

1             Alpha

2            Beta

3            Gamma

4            Mini Disk

5            Gamma in-built CD changer

7           Large-screen navigation apparatus

8           CD changer / Single CD


2            Navigation apparatus with Beta radio

7            Premium

8            Sound 4000

6 = Year of manufacture

The letters correspond to the model year letters on the VIN, but begin again with ‘’A’’ from 2001

A = 2001

B = 2002

C = 2003

D = 2004

E = 2005

F = 2006

G = 2007

H = 2008

J = 2009

K = 2010

7 = Serial Number

Serial number given to the apparatus during production

Starting with the letter ‘’Y’’ (2000), the radio number can be checked in the VW works.

In the future there will no longer be an individual number on the apparatus (radio etc). It will be recorded in the apparatus itself and can be read off at a VW garage.

CD-Changer Number:


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