Seat VAG Engines Number

Seat VAG Engines refer to engines manufactured by Volkswagen AG, a German multinational automotive manufacturing company. The Seat brand is owned by Volkswagen AG, and thus, many of its vehicles are equipped with VAG engines. The engine number for VAG engines is typically located in the same general area as other engines.

Location of the Seat VAG Engines Number

One of the most common locations for the engine number on VAG engines is on the front of the engine block, just below the cylinder head. This location allows for easy access and visibility of the number. However, the exact location may vary depending on the specific engine model and year.

Another location for the engine number on VAG engines is on the engine block near the transmission bell housing. This location is typically on the side of the engine block, and the number is often stamped into the metal.

Replacement engines

The entire original engine number on replacement engines (replacement = replacement of the engine block, crankshaft, pistons and cylinder head) is filed down at the main works in Kassel, removed, and replaced with a new number.

An example of the procedures followed on a replacement engine is given below.

1. Engine overhaul date (Example: 259 = the 25th calendar week 1999)
2. Original engine identification letters (stamped on by the works in Kassel)
3. The VAG replacement sign (stamped on by the works in Kassel)
4. Before the engine is reinstalled, the authorised workshop itself stamps the original engine number (serial number) onto this area of the engine.

Seat VAG Engines Number